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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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* This is a general reading. May not resonate with everyone.
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Hi air signs Jeremiah Libra and Aquarius Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out What's coming up for you within 24 hours And for those of you who like to book a Personal reading with me information is In the description box below and today Is the 16th of January 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 3 14 p.m now please bear in mind that This is a collective reading for air Signs and if you were Diwali guided to Watch this video this message is meant For you even if you're dealing with the Same air sign all right now let's get Your reading started I apologize if you Can hear all the Noises in the background I'm actually Outside I'm at a restaurant it's a Japanese restaurant and I just had lunch I was thinking you know why not just do A few readings while I'm outside for a Change yeah but anyway Let's get everything started okay Spirits and Angels please show me for Air signs Gemini Libra and Aquarius What's coming up for them within 24 Hours Thank you Four Pentacles at the bottom of the deck Okay so There are a couple of versions here as Science so state where it resonates with You for some of you you might suddenly

Hear from somebody Trying to borrow money from you Six of Pentacles it could be money Pentacles You know one two three cards here that Indicates pental goals money so for some Of you it's it may have something to do With the money and for some of you maybe It's help in some way shape or form okay Help support Advice And this is someone 10 of cups in my First Sorry about that what's shocking about This is that Um maybe you and this person are at this Harmony If not Um okay For some of you maybe this is somebody That sorry I'm actually this table is Under like a big tree or a few trees so There will be ants crawling around and And leaves a little stuff but yeah just Letting you know in advance in case You're wondering but But what's shocking is um the first Version I'm getting here is that maybe This is someone you wouldn't expect to Hear from because you and them are not In in such a good place okay Somebody that you know 10 of cups in my Verse maybe you're separated from this Person or you haven't heard from this Person in a while

Um But Um Another version could be that Someone Could be telling you that they are Homeless now or that they they're going To be homeless They're unhappy now and they need your Help like nobody is helping them not Even their friends or their family Um any of them are helping them at all So they're gonna reach out to you that's What I'm getting here that's the second Version and the third version I'm seeing Here is that with the page of Swords Your mothers if if nobody is coming up To you and asking you for money or Asking help from you Or vice versa if some of you it could be You especially if you are the air signs Who are a little bit you know [Music] Um If you're not doing too well financially You either may ask for help financially Or somebody may offer it to you knowing Your situation okay but the page of Souls in my voice is you so I see for Some of you too that you might find Something out about someone It could be a friend it could be a Family member Someone doing something that they're not

Supposed to you might see something Online or you might see them in person And you end up contemplating with the Hangman here whether to tell your person Or not Um tell your friend or tell whoever that You saw is being affected by this you're Going to wonder if you should or Shouldn't you're going to take some time To think about it and I feel like you're Gonna be quite Shocked to find that out okay and please Bear in mind that In in this reading there'll be a lot of Details and it's not going to apply to You from the beginning till the end so Please bear that in mind and also it Could go longer than 24 hours because When it comes to timing tarot it's not Very accurate okay got the hermit in my First five swords in my first year Within 24 hours or so I feel like some Of you a friend or somebody may ask you To go out Um because It feels urgent okay with the tower here Someone may either ask you to go out or Need your advice And says this is urgent I need to really Really talk to you it feels like some Sort of a help here six Pentacles Um air signs either someone is gonna be Begging you for help whether to meet up With them to talk to them for advice

Support or money And Ace of Pentacles here is in Reverse This person is going to tell you that Something didn't work out in their life It could be related to their career or Money or family friendship or Relationship okay And for some of you what I'm getting Here sometimes the hangman I do read it As someone hanging themselves so it Could indicate you know someone thinking About Doing something To End their misery okay I don't know if I Could say those words so I'm trying to Be creative Right now so but I'm I'm pretty sure you Know what I'm trying to say here but Someone may tell you that they're very Miserable and that they wanna And their misery okay some of you air Signs if this is you right now if this Is you feeling like you need to end your Misery spirit says to look for help Six Of Pentacles look for help okay seek for Help it could be anything for some of You it's just you feeling that Oh my God this is just way too much for Me right now with the tower so it's Definitely encouraging you to seek for Help talk to a friend or talk to account Counsel counselor or you can even go Online I think there are like some free

Chat Thinging Um Online where you can Speak to people for free for some of you If that's what's going on if not it Could be someone Asking you for help okay because they Are possibly going through again some Issues in regards of money or mental Health family situation it could be Anything and you know if I was sort them Over it's a sense of defeat so this Person may express to you that they feel Defeated and that they're not doing too Well and they need your help with the Six of Pentacles here and for some of You maybe you're gonna do some charity You know within 24 hours or so you may You know do a proper big charity or you Know medium scale charity or just walk Past a homeless person beggar or you Know and just give them some money or Could that could that could also be a Spirit's way of saying saying to get Yourself involved in some charity Because I always think it's good to do Some charity it brings you good karma Okay and four Pentacles you're Definitely a need to save money for some Of your air signs or that you could be You know managing your money within 24 Hours or so looking in looking at Um at your bank statement seeing how

Much money you have left Perhaps this is also an advice from the Spirit to look at it okay Because you know I'm a bit concerned Some Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles here In my verse something about maybe Something that you didn't spend or you May have overspend something that you Really need to look into okay or some of You could be trying to just manage your Finances Trying to think of ways to save money to Manage your money all right take care Science is your reading hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm going to leave you with a Couple of playlists on the screen right Now the first one is from my second Channel is a travel Vlog Channel check It out if you want to and the second Playlist that's from this channel has All of the readings that I've done for You and for the rest of the signs with Different topics and different questions But these readings are still new so They're still relevant because I post Them every single day and upload them Once or twice a day so they're still Brand new Yeah all right take care so I just hope To see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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