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Hello air signs Gemini Libra and Aquarius welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To find out what have people been Gossiping about you lately and why to Book a personal reading with me all Information is in the description box Below today is the 15th of March 2023 Time here in Genoa Italy is 1 46 p.m Please bear in mind that this is a Collective reading for air signs and if You were to finally got it to watch this Video this message is meant for you even If you're dealing with the same air sign Alright now let's get your reading Started spirits and Angels please show Me for Gemini Libra and Aquarius air Signs what have people been gossiping About them and why Please bear in mind that there will be a Lot of details in this reading and it's Not going to apply to you from the Beginning till the end and also if the Screen is moving back and forth It's Because Both side by side it's because I'm on a Boat right now Two of pedicles and one first at the Bottom of the deck so there's someone Where I feel air signs Five of Cups this Person is disappointed about you okay This person is very disappointed about You so they have been gossiping to their Friends and family close friends and

Family About how you could have like cut them Off or done something really cold Towards this person okay I feel like It's one person in particular who has Been actually gossiping about you and I Think they still can't get you out of Their mind with the the eight of Swords Here and very dissatisfied with you the Four of cups right Maybe they feel rejected maybe you've Said something to them done something Where they feel really really rejected So they've been gossiping about you and Your family Yeah And how inconsistent you could be with The king of Pentacles in my verse and Please bear in mind that these gossips May have been may or may not be true Okay that's why we call it a gossip so This P these people can say anything can Make up anything they want Um and these people can be anybody it Could be a friend family it could be Your friends family members exes or Co-workers people who watch your social Media it could be anybody but I feel Like they've been gossiping about Something That is related to your family okay 10 Cups here the world remember first the Death here is in reverse This is something this is a connection

Where it's like on its way to an end Between you and this person and maybe They could be talking about an ending There could also be some people Gossiping about and ending okay Um or an inevitable ending Or separation between you and one person In particular or family okay could be Family related Could Be Love related as well I feel like air signs Something about you that's a little bit Harsh that people have been gossiping About like you've been a bit too harsh In making Um a decision here Too harsh And also something you've said that you Were gonna do you didn't do here with The king of Pentacles remember first Something about you not being stable or Not keeping your words or not Not um Not consistent yeah something about you Not being consistent so this person has Been gossiping or people in general have Been asking me about your inconsistency And you have made certain promises again And you didn't keep it yeah you say You're gonna do something but then you Didn't do it I feel like for a lot of You there's one individual in particular Okay air signs if lately you have lately It could be within six months or within

One years one year but this person is Really sad or disappointed with Something you have said to them that you Were gonna do but then you didn't do it Yeah so they've been gossiping to people About how harsh you've been towards them And how you didn't again Say what you you didn't do what you said You were gonna do yeah And another thing excuse me another Thing is the Queen of Swords is somebody Infertile okay I don't know it could be Related to you or somebody close to you But that being gossiping got gossips About infertility or someone not wanting Either someone not wanting to have Children or cannot have children okay Whether it's you you are somebody who Cannot have children anymore don't want To have children anymore or you already Have a set of children only you already Have a child from a previous marriage The Queen of Swords is somebody who was Married before Oh it could be a widow Could be a divorcee Whether it's true or not yeah Um someone or some people will be Gossiping about you being a divorcee A a widow that you're a widow that you Can't have children anymore or you don't Want to have children anymore or you Have children that came from your past Marriage or marriages okay some of you You may have couple or more who knows

But definitely Queen of Swords someone Who was married before but divorced so Something along those lines okay air Signs take what resonates with you let's See more And the Queen of Swords as well can be a Little bit demanding so some people Could be talking gossiping about you Being really demanding Despite the fact that you don't really Like you shouldn't be or you don't have The right to be that demanding I don't Know It could be people you work with For some of your people close to you on And or an ex yeah And then people were close to the people You were close to okay Mutual friends On family members so the Queen of Wands Here Yeah I keep getting this energy like Some people could be awesome about you Think you're all that but actually you Aren't really all that Um Because you come with certain baggages I Don't know what these baggages are And then two don't please don't take This to Um personally okay air signs it's a General reading after all and Um and again gossips or gossips they may Not be true okay Two of Pentacles in

Reverse seven of Cups and now we got the Judgment and one first Okay some people may be gossiping about How you deserved it because you made the Wrong judgment call at one point in time That could have caused this pain sorrow And wherever you're at right now it's Due to certain Action News actions or Judgment called that you have made Where you thought you knew better Because of the Queen of Swords here Right Some people will be saying like you Thought you knew better but actually you Didn't And then now you could be paying for the Consequences whatever that could be Happening to your life lately Where you've gotten stuck here with the World here in my first I still have Software I'm not sure if I've already Mentioned that but I'm not feeling 100 Well yeah so please bear with me I'm Gonna speak uh slowly Like your cost and ending a separation Like you asked for it because someone May be gossiping like we already knew That you know air signs Gemini Brown and Chris Was wrong but you you wouldn't admit That you're wrong that's what I'm seeing Here like people could have been Gossiping or a certain particular Individual could be gossiping about you

Thought you knew better you you still Don't think that what you did was wrong Or at one point in time you thought A decision that you made was correct was Right like nobody could have told you Otherwise you would have done it anyway So something about you Facing your own consequences so people Could be gossiping and then seven of Cups a bit of a schedule break Scatterbrained energy so like you could Be all over the place some people could Be gossiping about you Being all over the place or you're being Delusional or like you're just very Confusing see again about instability Here right king of Pentacles and love First Like you're not stable Something about you not being stable Okay it could be mentally it could be Emotionally The seven of cups is a crazy card as Well some people may think like maybe Gossiping like you're crazy you're Delusional and you're you're out to out There Uh you imagine all sorts of things where You shouldn't be imagining Paranoia to the Pentacles here as a Member sorry I'm laughing not laughing At you but you know it's people talk People talk and it's funny when people Talk because sometimes they say things

That aren't even true we don't even know Where it came from you know So Pentacles in Reverse yeah people Could be gossiping some people could be Gossiping like you just need to make up Your mind right like you didn't know Yeah it's just to me it rounds out to Air signs like someone just saying Gossiping about how your overthinking Over analyzing or that you've gone nuts Gone crazy crazy You didn't like maybe you've made a Decision in the past that seems like to Everybody else it was obvious it was Wrong but to you it was right But then it proves towards towards the End of it That You were wrong something like that all Right air size generally burn a Christmas you're reading and I hope you Resonated in some ways you perform if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings if you Like to book me my information is in the Description box below Don't forget to hit on the Bell Notification button so you'll be Notified every time when I post your Videos Um because there have been a lot of Complaints saying that Um my videos were not like they were not

Being notified every time when I post my Video so Uh make sure don't forget to hit on the Bell notification button and also Um don't forget to subscribe to both of My channels feel free to do so Chelsea Love Tarot which is this channel I post Everything here I post way more often Here than my latest newest Channel which Is Chelsea Terror 2.0 and that's the one That one channel that I post only Individual side readings all right take Care Gemini librana Chris hope to see You back here again later or tomorrow Bye

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