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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Exercise generally Libra and Aquarius Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're gonna find out who Is that one person who truly loves you And for those of you who would like to Book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below today is the 18th of January 2023 Time here in Bali Indonesia is 3 12 P.M All right please bear in mind that this Is a collective reading for air signs And if you were definitely guided to Watch this video this message is meant For you even if you're dealing with the Same air sign okay uh now let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me four earth science Gemini Libra and Aquarius who is that one Person who truly love uh air signs Four ones I'm up first at the bottom of The deck so we got the King of Swords if You are a younger or someone it really Doesn't matter but the king king is a Dad Father Figure so Um and also it belongs to the same Element which is your Element air Science King of Swords Gemini Rhinocquarius so this could be a dad for Some of you Um that one person who truly loves you Is your father or your father figure Okay because six of Cups indicates Children as well so maybe you you you're

Always a child or baby in this person's Eyes in your dad's eyes but could also Be a mom but uh if that's your mom Um she has more of a masculine energy Okay because we all have both masculine And feminine energy Maybe this is Um but this individual okay could be a Dad could be a mom or could be somebody Whom loves you with a lover you're whom You are or were romantically connected Physically connected you may have been You may have been physically intimate With this person at one point in time But it feels like air signs for some of You there is one person here see the two Of Cups here is in one verse but then We've got the lovers So if you look at the lovers these two Are naked these two are not naked so When it's naked you know usually people Are in the room or hidden when they're Naked am I right So This could be an indication of maybe This person is hiding their feelings for You that they truly love you Um But there are a few versions of this This reading yesterday originates with You this this version I feel like it Assigns two cups and moments this could Be someone you are intimate you are Physically intimate with but both of you

Are not official not in like a real Official relationship where you know the World knows about it it feels like that That's for some of you okay that's the Second version the first version was the Mom or the dad and the second version Would be Um someone you physically intimate with But Person doesn't let you know four Pentacles maybe this person has fallen In love with you and they truly love you But they're not telling you because also The sun is in reverse six of Cups both Of you always like kind of like visit Each other you go to each other's homes Um to be intimate with each other okay But six of Cups can indicate children Too some of you if you have a child or Children nephew nieces But there are two here if you look at it There too That if you have two kids in particular Both of your children Um truly love you okay We've got these Three of Wands and then We've got the Page of Cups here Mom First Some of you it's a childhood friend best Friend that you have known for a very Very very very long time I think Um yeah whether you're still connected Some of you you're no longer connected To you to this child best friend some of

You still are okay and I feel like Um they truly love you okay this person Your best friend since childhood could Also be a sibling it does look like like A brother and a sister but some of you Or it could be both you know sister and Sister but I'm sensing more towards brother and Sister Um kind of a connection some of you if You could you could be the sister you Could be the brother but if you have a Sibling your sibling truly loves you as Well but we've got the four of cups here Among first there's someone you're not Talking with currently with the Page of Cups human verse as well this person Maybe both of you are separated two cups Here Mom first and again this person Could be a best friend could be somebody Who romantically connected to at one Point in time but I feel that both of You are separated you may have cut this Person off every now and then you still Kind of think about them I think you Still reminisce good times that both of You have shared with each other the sun Hit a lot of Arts like you don't really See them anymore this person truly loves You but I don't think they really want To tell you four Pentacles they keep you Very close to their heart But for some reason I feel like If you were to ever be in trouble if you

Were to ever reach out to this person I Think they will help you okay even if You no longer are really speaking with This person or you know I do have many Friends that I don't I haven't spoken With in a while not because of anything Um it's just that we kind of grew apart Our life just our lives are different Now right But I know that one day If I was to need their help or if I was To reach out they will help me that's The type of friendship that's what I'm Getting it for some of you are signs you May have that one friend or a couple of Friends who may know that even though You don't speak with them a lot or you Don't really keep in touch as much that If if you were to ever reach out that They will they will help you or Reciprocate they'll be open to meeting You again you know Um maybe both of you grew apart two cups Here among first I mean always mean a Separation because the six of Cups here Feels like there still have been some Really good memories Um still in in pretty good terms for Some of you but just not really Um actively connected at this point in Time when the two cups in my voice I see Strongly obviously air science is a General reading and also a collective Reading so again just take whatever his

Needs with you some of you you have a Dad specifically more of a masculine Energy this person misses you six of Cups and this person is the one who Truly loves you and also if you have a Parent who is not very affectionate Doesn't show too much affection doesn't Tell you all the time that they love you Doesn't hug you deep down they love you Even though they don't show it maybe They show it in different ways Possibly a more like a colder parent or A strict parent that's for some of you Okay Who wants the most style Captain Marvel's Ace of Pentacles and members Yeah you do have somebody you used to Live with you used to be in a in a Connection with I feel like most likely This is somebody You were physically intimate with at one Point in time yeah and I feel like they Truly do love you they're still holding On very tightly onto you four Pentacles You still have the space you still you Still have a spot in their their heart And I feel like they still could be Longing for you through your ones Wondering if both of your paths would Cross if they're ever gonna see you Again Yeah this person could be a fire sign a Research here so leave a strong fight or Could be a photo cap on Taurus maybe

This person you know just I feel like Napa goes the most maybe They did something in the past or they Were non-committal or didn't quite stick Around or the connection wasn't really Quite stable and there was no future Really in this connection someone may Have made a decision to call it off and I feel like this person still holds you Very tightly to their chest for Pentacles for a fortune there's a very Far away energy here that someone who Truly loves you and this person lives Very far away from you or okay or both Of you could be at a distance From each other All right air signs July librarian Aquarius is your reading I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form I'm Gonna Leave You with two playlists on The screen right now the first one is From my second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it out if you want to And the second playlist is from this Channel has all of the readings that I've done for you and for the rest of The signs with different topics and Different questions these readings are Still new so they're still relevant Because I post them every single day and I upload them right away so they are Very very fresh okay that's the one that Says daily readings and then the first The other one is my second Channel okay

Take care air signs hope to see you back Here again later or tomorrow bye

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