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Almost Daily Readingย  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs ๐ŸŒˆย  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini ๐ŸŒŸprovidingย  general spiritual love, finance, career adviceย  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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๐Ÿฆ„ Allow me to be myself when I read and to deliver these messages how I see fit. My feelings, intuition and mood vary from day to day and I ride along with the waves when I read for you.

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Hey Chris welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea thank you so much for liking And subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to get you some important messages That you need to hear today and today is The first of December Um 11 12 a.m Indonesian time let's get Your reading started spirits and Angels Please show me important messages that Aquarius need to hear today Seven of Pentacles at the bottom of the Deck I feel like Chris okay uh roles can be Reversed between you and this person Okay Um but I feel with the two ones here It's definitely an indecision someone is Indecisive You or this person could be indecisive In regards of a very important decision That needs to be made here whether to Start over or to have this new start With you or you thinking whether you Should have this new start with this Person is it going to be successful Um Can it happen and for some of you if You're involved with someone where You're going to be a part Um because of distance long distance Relationship or a long distance Connection I do sense as this energy With 201 somebody could be wondering if I was to

Start this relationship this Long-distance relationship with this Person or if you've already started this Long-distance relationship with this Person will it be successful Can it can we make it happen with a Magician here and what first So there are a lot of uncertainties Pessimism here with the sun em up first Unsure how both of you will continue to Connect Or if this connection will be successful Eventually right because we've also got The seven of Pentacles here that to me Indicates someone is just waiting and Observing and trying to see if this is Going to be worth it this part of the Storyline is just for those of you if You are in a long-distance relationship Or thinking about getting into a Long-distance relationship with someone However for some of you another group of You Chris with 801s I'm always candy Cane non-communication Um there will be someone I feel is I'm Not gonna say it's 100 that this person Will reach out to you and speak with you But they're thinking about it because of The two-on-ones here they're indecisive Right but they really would like to Speak with you tell you the truth be Honest with you the magician here in my Verse tell you nothing but the truth and Not gonna hide anything from you anymore

But they don't feel too good about Telling you the truth though they're not Sure if it's a good thing if it's the Right thing to do and we've got the four Ones here four ones can indicate either Both of you are in a relationship right Now or could have been in a relationship In the past And the empress here is the move first a Very quick specific message here for Some of you there is this energy this is Just maybe for one or two of you Watching this right now Um someone could be afraid to tell them Their mother or their parent in regards Of this connection Afraid that he or she is Going to disapprove this connection Okay that's just for some of you One or two of you that's very specific But the moon here is in Reverse so there Are doubts in regards of telling you the Truth or you may have doubts in regards Of telling somebody the truth Um and the store here is in my first I feel like there are a lot of doubts Whether this connection can make it or Not perhaps a very honest communication Needs to happen between the two of you You and this person and the 801 skinny Kid a stuck energy some of you you could Be traveling and you could be feeling Kind of stuck because something may have Happened

It's complete uh something may be Happening that's complete out of your Control that's just for some of you and It's gonna make you feel a little Uncomfortable that's what I'm getting Here but you're gonna decide anyway Ace Of Swords to do something about it The trial needs to do something about it I got the Wheel of Fortune here so this Mini kit trap travels some of you if You're currently traveling right now you Could also be wondering should you with The seven of Pentacles here like Plan like a long-term plan to stay in That country or to migrate to that Country you could be pondering with the Idea that's for some of you unless There's someone close to you or someone You're connected with could be pondering With the idea of living in the same Country As You Are this is like planting The seeds right so planting something Wanting something to grow starting Something but I feel like it's just in Uh in the air right now I don't see a Decision being made right away I feel Like there will be a lot of observation Thinking waiting a lot of random Messages here to stay or resonates with You we've got these 601s space could be Telling you for those of you thinking About doing something online because the World Fortune can indicate that if You've been thinking about doing

Something online starting a business Online uh says it could be very Successful okay Yeah it could be very successful and Some of you might just hear some news in Regards of you being able to travel and Live in a country a different country That's just for some of you seven of Swords and others ton of Sword some of Us and I've got the three of Cups here In rough first And king of Pentacles your mom first This is a male energy Masculine energy Virgo Capcom Taurus Some of you this could be your dad some Of you this could be your romantic Partner or it could be a boss Hmm I feel like For some of you if you have been dealing With someone in your past that may have Been unfaithful or couldn't give you Commitment I feel like this person is Wondering how you're doing right now With the seven Chronicles ever since you Have released them yeah definitely shows That you have released them and this Person could be wondering how you're Doing Um and the six of Wands here and for Some of you you are doing better now And The Wheel of Fortune you could be Traveling you could be doing something Better now you could have changed made

Some changes to yourself or to your Environment Or to your career I feel like this Person is has been thinking a lot about You okay they could be two of volunteer Indecisive whether to speak with you or Not All wondering if they made the right Decision to cut you off unless it's vice Versa here I feel like this person is Not happy because of the sun here in my First They could be waiting for you to return Home some of you away from your uh your Country from your home someone could be Waiting for you to come home when are You coming home okay it could be your Dad it could be your best friend it Could be your uh employee or somebody it Could be anybody but there's someone You're wondering waiting wondering when Are you coming home are you coming home Or not okay because without you being Around with the sunny Universe this Person isn't too happy okay a lot of Random messages will be resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe I have Posted Um a collective reading for those of you If you are in separation right now and You would like to find out if your Person how does your person feel about You right now ever since the separation

You can check out the video Um I just posted it yeah I already Mentioned it a few few hours ago Um I believe you can find it on the end Screen in one of the playlists check it Out if you want to alright take care Chris hope to see you back here again Tomorrow bye

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