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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Hi Chris welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To get you some important love messages That you need to hear today to book a Personal reading with me all information Is in the description box below and Today is the 7th of March 2023 time here In Marseille France is 3 12 p.m all Right now let's get your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me Important love messages that Aquarius Need to hear today Please bear in mind that roles can be Run first Between you and the person whom you Could be thinking about or dealing with And this reading can resonate with you In the past currently or in the future Not at once at the bottom of the deck Okay so this person could be a fire sign Aries Sagittarius Leo and there's also a Pisces Kansas Scorpio individual here Some of you could be dealing with two Person currently unless these two are Actually the same person but I feel like The lovers in my breasts through cups And nine of cups There's this energy Aquarius where Someone could be with a true story of Verse trying to heal their heart By drinking socializing or dating other People trying to fall in love again and The only reason why I feel like these Two although in an upright position with

The tender ones it proves to be hard so This person could be trying to fall in Love again With someone else ever since a choice That has been made in regards to a Separation But It hasn't been easy right I feel like With the eight of Swords here at my Verse like I don't want to think about This person I want to forget about this Person I want to heal my heart so Let me go out let me go out and mingle Let me go out and drink or do whatever Whatever that makes them feel happy or Distracted And it feels like they want to fall in Love again The intention is to fall in love with Somebody else So that they would forget about you Unless this is what you're doing right Now creates again it could go vice versa I think it has something to do with some Sort of a guilt here as well because the Fool here is him up first so this person Could be feeling as though they may They did something wrong They made a mistake but they're trying To own up to their mistake and try to Move on from this In an attempt to also try and fall in Love again with someone else But I don't see it as

I don't see it as something that is easy It feels like they could be using the Other person to forget about you And The Chariot because they want to Have control of the situation unless This is you Aquarius organic cook or Vice versa So generally I feel like Chris for a lot Of you there could be someone okay I Don't know how long this has been some Of it could be a while ago some of you This could be recent But it feels like this person is trying To fall in love with somebody else in an Attempt to forget about you because they Want control over themselves they want Control over the situation Even though deep down they may know that They made a mistake here with a full Image First See a little bit more Chris Six of cups of numbers For a lot of you Chris it could be you Just moving forward Not Looking Back But look we've got the king and the Queen here both facing each other Separated by the three assortment first Feelings are mutual now someone where I Think If you do love someone right now if you Do care about somebody right now and if You're wondering if this person feels The same for you the answer is a yes

Okay Maybe that could have been some Unhappiness in the past maybe related to You or related to the Own past but There's this energy again that creates I Feel like someone wants to When I see someone that means it could Be you or this person it could be both Of you actually wants to make things Work Not afraid that this could be a mistake Afraid that this is going to be risky Afraid that this is going to be way too Hard with the Ten of Wands Three cups candy kit reconciliation see Doubts we've got the moon here Someone could be doubting this Connection Don't know how there's a sense of Uncertainty 901s Okay so another one feels like a chasing Energy so someone May be insecure about other people Chasing fdu Or vice versa Afraid of competition afraid that you're Going to be more attracted to someone Else Or you could be afraid that your person Is going to be more attracted to someone Else Another energy I'm getting here Chris is

Very random but If I don't take actions now if I don't Secure this connection secure this Person tie this person down then someone Else might just Slip sweep right in and take this person Away from me that's what I'm seeing here I've never seen the king of cups as a Possessive King but it feels like it Right now because he's actually holding On to both of these cups here one Smaller one bigger it's like I want to Hold on to this connection to this Person because I'm afraid someone else Might sweep my person off their feet And that there is no return anymore with The six of cups in one voice it has Something to do with fear again I feel Like there's someone here this could be A completely different person but this Energy it just feels like they are very Insecure that you are someone else is Gonna get your attention or you're gonna Go with someone else maybe because of The three of Cups maybe you're a very Social person you do go out a lot or That you do mingle a lot And if you're currently connected with Someone and you're wondering if their Feelings have grown for you if they love You more Than before the answer is a yes as well Okay I'm gonna pull out a few of these

Romance Angels here Trust Give your relationship a chance so space Could be encouraging you to give if You're currently in a relationship right Now yeah if it's this if this Relationship has a lot of fear Insecurities I think business is just paranoia and to Give your relationship a chance that's For some of you okay and we've got Unrequited love engagement Let go of control issues Forgiving and learning calling in your Soul mate Yeah for some of you someone may see you As their soul mate or a soulmate is Actually coming in Someone may apologize to you or you may Apologize to someone Um See again this is energy of someone Trying to forget about you trying to Fall in love with someone else and Finding it really hard to And they still keep coming back to how They feel for you it's not the same It feels like however if they're even Interested in someone else Their feelings the feelings that they Have for you and these other people are Not the same they're making some Comparisons here okay And I feel like give your relationship a

Chance maybe this person is going to Come in and ask for a second chance or It could be just you a creative space Could be encouraging you to give your Relationship a chance or give any Relationship a relationship a chance Right for those of you if you're a Little bit closed off Um when it comes to love unrequited love Engagement like goal control issues see Again it feels like Chris maybe your Person Has been trying to fall in love with Somebody else but they don't feel the Same feelings like these people who are Giving them These people who They want them to feel for them I hope This makes sense to you it's not the Same It feels less it feels less genuine You're still the most genuine one here Right with the queen of Cups and the King of cups Yeah I'm supposed to have this thing to Go To go with the flow let go of control Issues the moon here can indicate that As well As in to go with the flow and don't Think too far ahead don't think Don't think too far ahead don't try and Control the outcome that's what I'm Seeing here

And sometimes if things do happen it Happens for a reason Yes or no good or bad And trust that everything is going to Work out on its own Have faith that's what I'm seeing here Engagement some of you could be engaged Or planning on an engagement with Someone here because the Cherry Economics me look like one of those Weddings But in Asia you know how they Carry the bride on the On the thing what do you call that Um this is very old-fashioned and it's Only in certain countries So they carry them on this this I don't Know what they call that They're being carried or there could be Horses or whatnot but this is a very Old-fashioned way of old-fashioned kind Of wedding some in certain Asian Countries that's just for some of you But I feel like the cherries sometimes I Do see it as like a wedding Um like the bride being brought to the Groom's house Um it's like a ceremony okay so for some Of you there could be a ceremony of Engagement right here so an engagement Where I feel with the three swords of Movies and the full movies despite the Risks that come with this engagement This this connection Both are willing to make it work both

Are willing to give it a try and through Cups yeah yeah again sell some sort of Celebration here so this is for some of Your careers things might just change For the better Um You know there's always Free Will and The moon here for me indicates also that If both of you are willing if you're Currently connected with someone and Both of you are willing to go with the Flow Just let things unfold itself It could actually turn out to be Successful with the Chariot all right Aquarius this year reading I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below Feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot and Chelsea Tarot 2.0 Um yep take care Chris hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow bye

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