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Almost Daily Readingย  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs ๐ŸŒˆย  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini ๐ŸŒŸprovidingย  general spiritual love, finance, career adviceย  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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๐Ÿฆ„ Allow me to be myself when I read and to deliver these messages how I see fit. My feelings, intuition and mood vary from day to day and I ride along with the waves when I read for you.

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* This is a general reading. May not resonate with everyone.
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Science Gemini Libra and Aquarius Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to find out who's missing you like Crazy and why merry Christmas and happy Holidays to those of you celebrating and Today is the 25th of December 2022 time Is 8 28 p.m here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia now please bear in mind that This is a collective reading for air Signs and if you were to find a guided To watch this video this message is Meant for you even if you're dealing With the same airline now let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me four air signs tonight Libra and Aquarius who is missing air Signs like crazy and why Foreign The world in Reverse at the bottom of The deck so this is somebody I think Where both of you need some healing to Do with the store and move first this Person could be somebody like you or Gemini Libra or an aquarius Virgo Capcom Taurus with the Knight of Pentacles here Um Aquarius again can be any sign but I Feel like this person loves you two of Cups Or could be your best friend two cups I Do read it as like a best friend Connection but also could be

Romantically connected to this person For some of you but I feel like there Could have been some misunderstandings Or harsh words being exchanged with the Knight of Swords here okay and with the Seven of cups of my first and the Ten of Cups I think this person could be Missing just being with you talking with You and having somebody always there Somebody reliable because the Knight of Pentacles is definitely a very reliable Night right But there's something going on between Two of you here the storm up first There's some disharmony Um somebody's feelings could have gotten Hurt because of something that was being Said or a decision that was being made Here with the seven of cups in my first And eight of Pentacles remember it's now Pentacles and reverse and the higher Front in my brace I feel like this Person misses just again there's a bit Of a codependency energy where they miss Being able to depend on you they miss You being there for them being a Reliable source or or a reliable Friendship friend or reliable lover if You're medically connected to this Person 10 of Cups this person misses you being Home or being close to them Um feeling like a sense of you know a Unit like a community they miss being

Like a Feeling like part of Part of your family this person could be A family member or it could be someone Again that you could be romantically Linked to or could be a friend Um whom I think both of you used to be Really really close to but something Again may have happened right but the High five of my voice some sort of a Structure that is that's no longer there A certain routine that is no longer There so this person misses that routine That both of you may have with each Other Especially when it comes to reliability Or dependability but there have I think You may have been angry with this person At one point with another thoughts uh You may have told this person off or you May have been aggressive towards this Person or he could go vice versa or it Could be both of you Let's see more The world in my first king of swords and Then the moon in Reverse is this someone Again it feels like you have made a Decision like a very tough choice but You know that you knew it was the right Thing to do you knew it was the right Thing to do Um but I feel like this person could be Missing you know towards Connecticut Communication so it could be missing all

The communication Um like I think whether we talked a lot There was I am sensing a lot of Conversations it's almost like if Somebody has a problem you know that Person is going to be there to Uh talk with you or go vice versa both Of you could be because two of Cups You're in the right position both of you May have you know relied on each other Uh for some some sort of support okay The moon here reverse indicates this Person could be missing again being open With you being able to tell you Everything being able to tell you the Secrets well this person is somebody Whom has told you the secrets you could Have told this person your deepest Secrets like sharing your secrets that's When I'm getting here like being Completely honest with each other and Being able to spill your guts you know Maybe this person misses that that they Misses being able to tell you everything But right now it feels like they can't Tell you everything or that you're not Allowing them to because that's a very Strict energy I'm getting here with the King of Swords right this person is Stuck hasn't moved on yet if you're Wondering if this process moved on from You obviously not that's why they could Be missing you like crazy right now 501c both of you had a notification

Drama argument some things a Misunderstanding or miscommunication Here and the Judgment in my first Indicates that this person may have made The wrong judgment call you may have Made the wrong judgment call either or But they look tuna particles are the Turn of Cups this person really misses Like feeling like a part of your life a Part of your family feeling as though You know both of you may have shared Your dreams and goals together Ambitions Talking about the future This is that one person I feel you share You've shared a lot with in terms of Your dreams in terms of your your Secrets with the moon in my first with Justice see again this is someone you Have like made a very strict fairy Um Stone I would say a very Stern decision To you know kind of cut this person off Or Something that you know it's like Suddenly it may or may not be sudden but They're not also it's a very fast energy So it could be sudden Suddenly It's like Something just clicked in your head And telling you that you know what I need to make a drastic change or I Need to make a drastic decision a very Important drastic decision so I don't Know I just feel like this person misses Just having a good friend having someone

Being there for them that at any time of The day it just feels like that right And again it feels like all the women Have shared A life together or shared about Dreams in the future together could have Talked about building something together I think you've done a lot of things with This person here in the past It could be something like small little Routine or it could be big things in Life Um Yep it's your reading air signs Similarly Brown Aquarius is your reading Again I repeated myself I am a little Bit hungover by the way because I went Out last night to celebrate Christmas I Went out on Christmas Eve please bear in Mind the time difference here in Malaysia it's Christmas day today so Um my friend invite invited me to her Place to her home Um for Christmas dinner and I told her I Said I don't think I can make it because I knew I was gonna party too hard the Night before and I'm gonna be too Hungover and I'd rather be like you know Working as well but anyway take care Airlines I hope to see you back here Again later or tomorrow bye

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