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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Fire science little Aries and Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we're Going to find out what's coming up for You within 24 hours for those of you Like to book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below and today is the 2nd of February 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 11 27 a.m please bear in mind that this is A collective reading for fire signs and If you were to finally got it to watch This video this message is meant for you Even if you're dealing with the same Price sign all right now let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me for fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius what's coming up For them within 24 hours Foreign At the bottom of the deck hmm Okay Um you're gonna hear from somebody it's An urgent communication a very urgent Call that you're gonna be getting okay With the six of Wands you're gonna Receive a very urgent call from somebody You know Uh could be a friend could be a sibling Could be a romantic part it could be Anybody but you of course you know this Person and this person may need your Help To fight for them 701s here

So there are a few different storylines Here today or resonates with you and Fireside there are so many details in This type of reading and it's not going To apply to you from the beginning to The end maybe just one or two and the Prediction although it's within 24 hours It could go longer than that or it could Already be happening right now okay We've got the Five of Cups 10 on One Someone is gonna tell you something and This person is very anxious or also very Sad Channel ones it feels like This person is going through something Some sort of a difficulty and it's very Urgent you know because the night of Swords it's a very fast energy it's like There's a sense of urgency here someone Is going to urgently need your help Because they're in trouble or will be in Trouble five cups and the ten on ones Here and they're gonna tell you six of Wands Um they're gonna ask you for your help Because you are maybe maybe they have Helped you before that maybe both of you Are super close or used to be very close Before in the past okay and seven of Wands needing you to fight for them Needing your help to protect them To protect this person and the tower is Very unexpected so you wouldn't expect To hear from this person There's an urgent call that you're gonna

Be getting your fire signs and this is Someone that you know And something very unexpected very Shocking And I think this person needs your help This person could be a Libra gemini or An aquarius it could be a Pisces against A Scorpio can be also somebody like you While you're a Sagittarius can we any Sign doesn't really matter Okay so we've Got the emperor here and well first Hmm The emperor in my verse is somebody Whom abuses their power Um take advantage of some somebody using The power And something about You know look at the eight of Swords Here A stock energy someone is gonna call you For help fire signs Yeah within 24 hours or so Because they are stuck somewhere It looks so urgent it looks like an Emergency fire science I have to be honest with you And you know full of cups in one verse There is a chance you might miss this Call There is a chance you might miss this Call or this text So Spirits could be telling you maybe You need to Put your ringer on

Because I know my phone is always on Silent And I missed so many calls because of That I don't know I'm getting you might miss This call from this person And it's an emergency Yeah so Switch it on switch your sound on at Least within 24 hours or so that's the First storyline okay fire science and The second story that I'm seeing here is The not also six of Cups and four cups Remember some of you there's someone That you could be kind of upset with or This person will be upset with you Either or it could go vice versa you Might get an apology this person might Tell you I'm sorry I said something Wrong here four cups in my verse and With another thoughts possibly an Apology for some of you And for some of you you're gonna get Very agitated with Um either a child or children Because the another swords feels like You're going to get a little bit angry Or agitated About A situation involving a kid or children Or animals okay that's for some of you Not all of you five cups seven of Wands And then we've got the emperor Emma First

I keep getting this message on fire Signs That You're gonna have to protect someone or Fight for somebody Or tend to an emergency Some emergency call text So make sure you keep an eye on your Phone okay and you're gonna be asked to Do something Channel ones the tower Eight of Swords some of you somebody is Going to jail and you are gonna have to Bail them out because the eight of Swords here you know it looks like those What do you call Um You know the jail Put in the comment box below I don't Know what it's called right now it's Like the looks like Gates It's like the prison you know a cell Jill cell it looks like that to me right Now and this person is bound so can't Move so Can't get out of it so some of you you Might hear from somebody that this Person has gone to jail or that you need To build them up okay Some sort of an emergency someone is Going to be stuck Well generally it just could mean Somebody is gonna feel stuck or get Stuck in something and you're gonna get

A call To help this person okay All right all right let's pull out more Cards here Oh I've got stomach ache I feel so silly today It was so funny okay story time Once in a while I do story time Um my friend it was so funny last night We went out and this is why I'm in this Mood here like Um we were just talking about it and it Was too funny but some of you maybe it's Related and that's why it's like in my Head right now Um That was this guy right he was he was Not attractive at all and it's fine it Doesn't matter you know Um but he was also quite rude quite mean So he was trying he was smiling at me Smiling my friend and then I just didn't You know I didn't reciprocate because I Was not interested and then but my Friend like smiled back at him and then He goes like uh oh do you want to drink And then my friend said okay and he Bought her a drink but then we were Walking away to another area And he literally out of nowhere like Took the drink out of her hand off of Her hand And said no you don't take this drink Away like he wanted her to like if I buy

A drink you need to stay here and talk To me if you're gonna walk away I'm Taking my drink back so he took his Drink her drink back and the funniest Part was she was She was trying to drink it as much as She could before he took it away That's so funny I think for some of your fire signs the Tower here indicates unexpected Um events okay so something unexpected That you could be experiencing uh within 24 hours or so something it could be Something similar it could be something Completely different but you know It's reminded me of that and I laughed And I was like I was laughing and I told Her come let me buy you a drink and She's like I cannot believe that he just Took the drink from me away from me and The guy was to be honest so gross and he Was so gross like his attitude was so Gross and Anyway Fireside is so funny I hope I'm Not annoying you guys by telling you This story but yeah we've got the horror Font and we've got you here king of one Steel AV Sagittarius and then we've got The star the empress hmm okay So this can mean several things I feel Like within 24 hours or so you may be Some of you are paying respect To somebody could be a mother figure Could be a mother could be you praying

Um it looks like you're gonna pay Respect to someone to something Um some of you it's You know Um I know how you guys do it here but And like being Asian Malaysian Chinese Malaysian Um we like there there are dates like in In a year where certain dates you have To go and visit your deceased family Member and you have to bring them food Pray for them like a few times a year so Some of you maybe you're going to be Doing that okay if not it's like I feel Like it's like paying respect because The hard fan here there are two people Here right just Kneeling down so respecting the horror Font here and with the star and the Empress it's like this is somebody you Look up to somebody you respect because The stories high up above in the sky so It's very high so you look up to this Person and even these two people are Looking up at the Higher font here right and then we've Got the empress and the empress is Somebody very abundant somebody Beautiful inside and out so somebody you Look up to I feel somebody you look up To and you're gonna pay respect to this Person Um I don't know how are you gonna be

Doing it for some of you It feels like you're gonna Either Visit this person or some of you going To the church I don't know what what's The day today it's like Thursday it Doesn't matter you can go to church any Day right so when you're going to to the Church I just see you paying respect for For something it could be related to Religion it could be related to family Um or somebody like an idol somebody you Idolize some of you might actually run Into a celebrity because the story can Make it like a celebrity so we might run Into somebody famous Or for some of you it's you becoming Famous okay getting that recognition Being um Being recognized either for a job well Done or you achieving something it's Something that you're going to be Achieving within 24 hours or so okay And people might respect you for that Look up to you for that or you're gonna Pay respect to someone or something okay We've got the king of Wands again page Of Pentacles I'm always in the seven of Cups oh my stomach hurts okay Um Hmm again looks like you're going to be Taking some actions here the king of Wands feels like you're gonna get some Sort of message or a phone call in

Regards of like to rescue this person Some sort of emergency I keep seeing There's an emergency and you are the Salvation like you are the person who Needs to go and rescue this person okay So I see that I see that happening And you're in an upright position this Is you for instance so I don't I it's Not you who's in trouble it's someone Else who is in trouble and I think yeah Patriot Pentacles in my first it's a Could be a friend could be anybody but This person May have made a wrong choice wrong Decision Something wrong they that they have done It could be a misstep it could be a Misunderstanding it could be A miscommunication it could be something That like it was a wrong judgment call Or it was a wrong choice that could have Gotten this person into trouble and You're going to help this person okay Yeah three of Pentacles and you will Uh either a vice's person eventually or Talk about this person or discuss about This person Yeah that's what I'm getting here for Fire signs for your reading I hope you Enjoyed it if you did please hit like Share and subscribe if you'd like to Watch more of these readings with Different topics different questions Click on daily readings uh playlist it's

On the screen right now I believe if not Click on videos go ahead and binge watch All of these videos because they are Very new and I upload them every single Day a couple of times a day And also upload them at random timing so You might have missed it And I'm open for personal readings if you Like to book me my information is in the Description box below if you like to Book me send me an email I've added a Few extra options for your convenience And yeah another playlist I'm Gonna Leave You on the screen right now is It's from my second channel it's title Asia click on it takes you straight to My second Channel okay Anyway take care first I hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow bye

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