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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we are Going to find out what's coming up for You within 48 hours to book it personal Reading with me all information is in The description box below today is the 16th of March 2023 time here in Genoa Italy is 207 p.m please bear in mind That this is a collective reading for Fire science and if you were Divani got It to watch this video this message is Meant for you even if you're dealing With the same far as I know right now Let's get your reading started spirits And Angels please to show me for Leo Aries and Sagittarius what's coming up For them within 48 hours Please bear in mind that there will be a Lot of details in this reading may not Resonate with you or may not come true For all I mean all of it from the Beginning till the end okay maybe just One or two or more who knows Excuse me and I'm still having a bit of A sore throat so please bear with me And if the screen moves sideways It moves is because I'm on a boat right Now okay I got the Judgment at the bottom of the Deck okay Ah that's good we've got the star here This is definitely Good news this indicates renewal

Recovering from something okay for some Of you it could be from sickness you Will be recovering within 40 uh 48 hours Or longer or it could be someone very Close to you if you don't have somebody Excuse me Somebody very close to you who is sick You may hear that they are feeling much Better Um The store also candy case some sort of Recognition for some of you are going to Be recognized and praised by a boss okay If you do work for somebody okay the Emperor here Or recognized for A job well done By people by people in general Especially if you have online business You may be hearing very good positive Reviews within 48 hours or longer unless You do work for somebody then I see you Being praised accomplishmented by a Boss By your boss a manager okay And the star indicates healing and Recovery so right next to it is four Pentacles Ace of Pentacles and one verse And the Ten of Swords some of you it's You Um doing better financially you'll feel Like ah finally I have a little bit more Money to eat or to save okay or to buy Something shopping Because again the star and the emperor

These two are major Kana same goes to The judgment And the son him up first So these two are actually really good But the Sony ammo verse it feels like Maybe if you've been feeling really Negative you if you haven't been feeling Good it could be due to again you being Sick or just generally okay emotional Emotionally mentally it could be Physically monetarily but whatever the Case is I see you with a star again the Emperor finally going to feel much more In charge of the situation Um Finally recovering from any sorts of Sicknesses or illnesses Or Misfortune okay Or recovering financially as well nine Of Cups here your wish is going to come True And then we've got the Knight of Cups so Another cups there's one cup and nine of Cups there is nine nine plus one is ten So something that is gonna make you feel So so so happy you've got two cards that Indicates which fulfillment that me like Your wish coming true so something that You've been wishing for Um Leo Aries and Sagittarius if you've Been wishing for something to happen It's going to happen okay just make sure That within 48 Hours along we don't wish Anything ill okay don't manifest

Something bad I know this nobody is Nobody wants to manifest anything bad For themselves to themselves but Sometimes You know this negative talks you know That Um we subconsciously say to ourselves Um because of pessimism with the sun Here among first right this indicates Pessimism so Swiss could be warning you Not to be pessimistic within 48 hours or Longer try to be positive keep saying Good things Keep expecting good things to happen to You And then it's going to happen Okay so Turtle looks a little bit scary so make Sure you don't say it I have a friend Who likes to say oh I'm just unlucky oh I'm just unlucky he likes to say that All the time and every time he says that I will tell him do not say that word Unlucky don't tell don't don't keep Repeating that about you being unlucky Because that's just gonna be it you're Just gonna manifest bad luck to yourself For yourself so don't don't say things Like that okay within 40 hours eight Hours or longer look in the mirror and Say you're looking good today today You're feeling good all that Even if you don't feel good say that you Feel good whatever that you want to Manifest it shows that it's gonna happen

With a star here But you might not for some of you you Might Have this that's why the Sun and well First you might keep thinking about Something negative so avoid that okay Avoid that because if you avoid thinking Negatively or feeling negatively you are Going to get actually what you want Which is Something that is supposed to be Positive obviously but if you're gonna Get something that you don't want either If you keep talking about example like What I said about my friend he keeps Talking about how he's so unlucky right So okay A little bit of a story time So friend of mine a friend of mine he Was in Bali and then he was riding a Bike and he dropped his wallet right he Dropped his wallet and he lost the cash In the wallet And there was like I don't know quite Quite a big amount of money not not not A lot a lot like too much not everything That he's got so he said oh I'm just so Unlucky he said that I said did you lose Anything else and he said Um oh luckily he didn't say luckily he Said I still have my cards which I left It in my hotel room and things like that So I was like so lucky you that was when I said lucky you you didn't bring those Um

Credit cards with you or even his License and all these identification Cards he left his passport everything he Left it in the hotel so I was like To me the way I see things this is lucky You know luckily he only lost the cash Which you know you can always make back The money Um and luckily he didn't get into an Accident Um and luckily he didn't lose his Passport that means he could still go Back to his country and still you know Um fly home where is he from again from Sweden yeah so So this is the difference right people When small little things happen to you Don't look at it as you being unlucky Think of other things that you still Have and you will feel much more Grateful and lucky so I feel like this This has something to do with that okay Uh Leo Aries and Sagittarius if you're Gonna feel like if you feel within 48 Hours or longer if you keep telling Yourself that you're lucky and Everything is going to turn out fine It is going to turn out fine okay Judgment here can be an indication of You being judged or you're going to be Judging people Um or you're going to be receiving a Phone call okay I feel like it's a good Phone call because we've got the United

Cups and the nine of Cups here and the Star again these are the positive cards Some good news I feel in regards to love You may hear from somebody you haven't Heard from in a while Somebody you do care for But maybe you haven't been speaking to This person in a while also maybe this Is someone who has made you a little bit Unhappy in the past 10 of Swords some of You may have felt kind of betrayed by This person or both of you may have had A separation and ending you may hear From this person this person might reach Out to you I think you're gonna be happy To hear from them but four Pentacles Feels like it might be a little bit Guarded Um because this person has heard you Before right 901's here in my first so Four of cups some of you might just Ignore them ignore their messages or Ignore their calls but it's really up to You okay it's free will and Ace of Pentacles here more verse this could be From someone who may have rejected you Or you may have rejected them the Connection may have looked like it was Going somewhere but it didn't take off Maybe this person wants to go through Healing and Recovery with you with the Store some of you maybe this is someone That you've been wondering how they've Been doing are they ever going to reach

Out maybe this person is going to reach Out but this funny thing is when this Person reaches out to you you may have a Little bit of a cold feed right this Could be something that you've been Wanting uh you want to hear from this Person but then when they do reach out To you it might feel a little bit more Reserved with the idea of reciprocating Okay Um anyway Leo Aries and Sagittarius this Is your reading Your 48 hour predict prediction reading I hope you resonated in some way shape Or form if you did please hit like share And subscribe I am open for personal Readings if you like to book me my Information is in the description box Below don't forget to hit on the Bell Notification button so you'll be Notified every time when I post your Videos And also feel free to subscribe to both Of my channels Chelsea Love Tarot which Is my original Channel I post individual Sign readings and Collective readings With different topics and different Questions I mainly post a lot on this Channel and also my newest channel is Chelsea tarot 2.0 this channel On this channel I only post individual Sign readings yeah anyway take care Leo Aries and Sagittarius hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow bye

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