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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi Aries welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we are going To get you some important love messages That you need to hear today to book a Personal reading with me all information Is in the description box below today is The 17th of March 2023 time here in Genoa Italy is 1202 PM all right now Let's get your reading started Spritz And Angels please show me important love Messages that Aries need to hear today Please bear in mind that roles can be Reversed between you and the person whom You could be thinking about or dealing With In this reading could resonate with you In the past currently or in the future I'm on a boat right now so you may see The screen going back and forth Or Yeah left to right Oops Not a wands at the bottom of the deck so This is you aery Sagittarius Leo and I Love to see the emperor right here this Is also you and the star six of Cups This is soulmate connection for some of You Aries if you are single you will be Meeting someone whom you're gonna feel Very comfortable with okay somebody who Shares perhaps the same Hobbies or Similar Hobbies if not just really Understanding of each other because the Wheel of Fortune here

Um Can indicate The Tide is changing This is changing that means if you've Been single you're no longer going to be Single and if you are currently in a Connection right now Um it could be taken to the next level Or both of you gonna feel so lucky to Have each other The Wheel of Fortune Candicate a second chance Excuse me second chance as well so for Some of you six of Cups The Wheel of Fortune candy kit for some of you it's a Second chance in love or second chance In loving somebody from your past okay And the six of Cups although it's a Soulmate connection Um it could also indicate this is Somebody you've known in your past Lifetimes right and now right here right Now on Earth Um on Earth duh Um six of Cups it's like you're Finishing off Um Something you have started from your Past lifetime so that's just for some of You yeah but I feel like six of Cups can In case somebody reminiscing about you Somebody could be missing you from afar As well because Wheel of Fortune candy Kit long distance so for those of you in A long distance connection someone far Away from you could be missing you Thinking a lot about you but seven of

Wands in my bars feels like there's Nothing that is being done right now or Can be done in regards to this distance Right now except you know reminiscing About the good times both of you have Shared with each other the star is a Really good card it's a major corner so This indicates renewal I'm not saying This is for all of you for some of you It's a renewal of a relationship Um perhaps there has been some Separation or some issues going going on Between you and somebody that I feel Will be renewed and both of you may Choose to move towards camel Waters of Swords to make peace with each other or To reconcile rather than you know to Stay wherever you're at right wherever You both of you have been in the past And two swords here in one verse Indicates a decision seeing things very Clearly I feel like someone may see very clearly That you could actually be their soul Mate you could actually be the one the a Star the apple of the eye the one who Shines the brightest amongst the rest or It could be you Aries seeing somebody as The one for you as the one that you know That your most interested in starting a New life with starting a new connection With And the emperor here it's good it's in An upright position that means perhaps

The ball is in is in your court perhaps You are the one in charge you are the One who is going to make that decision In regards to somebody unless who knows Rules can be reversed we've got a page Of Pentacles in one first and the United Cups here and one first this is for me In as an indication of someone growing Up okay it's like growing up evolving Evolving it could be you or this person But somebody here is evolving to Becoming more mature and wanting Warning and or don't mind don't mind Taking on responsibilities don't mind Putting their foot down here with the Emperor You see the boots are steel boots so It's like I'm planting my feet firmly on The ground where this is what I want and I'm gonna be responsible and I'm gonna Be doing the right thing so I love that There's these three major condos in the Right position which I think they are Good ones so this is an indication for Some of you Aries it's someone returning Someone missing you or it could be a Second chance in love if you haven't Found love yet if you are single Some of you you may find love elsewhere Right Six of Swords The Wheel of Fortune Candy kid this person perhaps your Soulmate doesn't live close to you could Be living far away from you or and this Could also be a suggestion to maybe

Um go online or go on dating apps I'm Not really you know I'm not encouraging Everybody go on dating apps because it Can be really sketchy I've been on it before a while ago Because all my friends say hey you Should go on it and you know what ugh The guys are like all they all they want Is you know that one thing the s-e-x Right most of them and uh and it's just Yeah it's get really put off by it all And and so many actually abuse these Dating apps to try and get free sex and Whatnot so but anyway I haven't touched Them and used it in the longest time but Hey but who knows Aries I've heard some Really great stories about finding the One getting married from dating apps you Know met each other on dating apps Having kids and all kinds of good stuff So it could be one of the lucky ones I Don't know if you're single if you are Single okay I don't recommend being in a Relationship and cohenotating at which I Do have friends who do that And then the boyfriend caught her going On like dating apps Tinder and whatnot They didn't break up though they still Stayed together And uh but anyway I just thought that Was kind of funny but they've been Together for such a long time that yeah Maybe it was just like somebody maybe Got bored right but anyway what I'm

Seeing here Aries you're gonna feel so Much better about your love life in time To come okay it feels like with a star Here you could be in this realm of Attractiveness like someone could be Feeling people are going to be very Attracted to you because again the Emperor this is you you're sitting in Your power in your own power so you're Gonna look like you're in charge and you Know what you want and you are the star That means you know That means you shine you shine you'll be Glowing you'll be shining and I feel Like Wheel of Fortune some people may Think hey I'm so lucky to have met Aries Because I know the story is also very Unique energy so somebody or some people May find you to be very unique Um during this period of time and with Another ones you're gonna feel much more Rejuvenated I sense you feeling good About yourself yeah in this period of Time when it comes to love when it comes To attracting new love as well if you Are single but also there's somebody Here missing you six of Cups somebody Far away from you okay or somebody who Could be wishing to be with you when They see you online on your social media And that's just for some of you we're Gonna pull out a few of these romance Angels here Aries oops One second I'm about to

Cough I've been coughing so much last night This traveling thing is really the jet Lag you know time differences From one country to another in a short Period of time it's taking a toll on my On my health but anyway we've got Soulmate what did I say six of Cups Soulmate some of you gonna be meeting Your soulmate or it could be someone Finally realizing that you could be Their soul mate right see reconciliation If some of you there is a second chance In love reconciling with someone Forgiving and learning some of you it Could be an apology coming in six of Cups the star someone asking for Forgiveness wanting to renew this Connection try to move towards Karma Water and you deserve love true love This is the romance of a lifetime some Of you might be meeting a true love and Spirit's definitely saying that you Deserve love because you are lovable Okay I do see somebody falling in love with You and this person is your soulmate is Somebody whom you speak with a lot Um I feel as somebody that you Share your feelings with okay let's pull Out few of these I'm gonna take these Instead Because we're running out of time Take this

Lovers oracles Um balance love is not always about Agreeing just for the sake of it a great Relationship is one that both supports And challenges Let's see If you could do anything what would it Be the answer dwells in your heart not In your mind for the heart is the Gateway to the soul so some of you it's A choice you know two sorts between two People Um Spirit's definitely encouraging you to Follow your heart instead of your mind Okay all right Aries is your reading and I hope you resonated in some way shape Or form if you did Don't forget to hit uh I'm losing my Voice don't forget to hit like share and Subscribe and don't forget to hit on the Bell notification button as well so that You'll be notified every time when I Post your videos I'm open for personal Readings if you like to book me my Information is in the description box Below And I'm gonna be uploading this video to Both of my channels okay just FYI Chelsea Love Tarot which is my original Channel and Chelsea tarot and Chelsea Tara 2.0 gotta go Aries talk to you Later or tomorrow bye

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