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Almost Daily Reading  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Aries welcome to my channel and welcome To your bonus reading my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this video we are Going to get you some important messages That you need to hear today and today is The 21st of December 2022 time is 9 37 A.m Kuala Lumpur Malaysia it's really Funny because somebody commented on One of the video thing is this reading Only for people in Malaysia because I Mentioned my location no it's meant for Anybody who needs to hear it I only Mentioned my location because I know That my viewers are from all over the All over the world so Um there's a time difference right so You're aware but anyway let's get your Reading started Aries spirits and Angels Please show me important messages that Aries need to hear today Okay these fell on the floor I'm gonna Take it got the four Pentacles in my First at the bottom of the deck so a ton Of Swords this for me indicates a Separation or an ending and with the Six Of Swords here I feel like for some of You Aries it could be you or the person Whom you could be thinking about or Dealing with currently or it could also Be an environment a situation there's an Energy where you know I need to move Away from here or I need to move out I

Need to let go of the situation this Environment this person could be any of These things Page of Cups here there's a friendly Advice that I'm getting That's a friendly advice or it could be An offer for some of you Um There is a person here a page of cups Could be a Pisces cancer or a Scorpio or Could be a Libra gemini or Aquarius There is an advice coming in Aries from A friend That's going to make you doubt that's Going to make you doubt if you're making The right decision or not to leave a Certain place or a certain person or a Certain situation or a job it's Gonna Make You doubt or or someone might just Counter offer sort of like don't want You to leave and let me offer you Something more or something better so You would stay that's what I'm Foreseeing happening maybe it has Already happened or it could be Happening right now or in the future Okay Pull out this one to make it complete We've got the King of Swords and Spirits Definitely is encouraging you to use Your intelligence and be logical and Practical with your approach or the Decision that you are going to be making In regards of you know leaving something

Or staying okay we've got the eight of Swords Yellow Version we've got little Cups I'm sorry celebration uh or reunion I don't know why I keep getting these Six of Cups enough first be aware of Certain friends or anybody who could be Giving you some advice Where they don't even know better Themselves okay just be aware of that That's for some of you Um and it could be a plan or a strategy For themselves with or without knowing It okay I don't know who this person is But um just bear in mind there could be Some advice coming in from a friend or Could be from a family member somebody Who who acts like he or she knows better Or knows more And this person is gonna just end up Confusing you even more okay they may Think they know better but Not necessarily So that's something that you need to Watch out for Um but Aries what I'm seeing here with Ace of Pentacles and wildfires Um don't accept any offer unless it's in Writing or unless you can really tell That it is a solid offer and it is Exactly what you want okay Um just a sweet talk with a page of cups Verbal agreement is not gonna do it Um or that you shouldn't accept it Unless everything is being put and

Writing or Unless you really do know that This offer is truly truly solid okay That's what I'm getting for a lot of you Six of cups in my first could indicate Bad memories in the past right that Could have made you feel like you've Fallen from Grace 601's a month first Overwhelmed with thoughts and Trauma Goes from the past here with the seven Of cups Um And four Pentacles in my first feeling Like you maybe you've lost it or that You're losing it Page of Pentacles in my first I don't Know Aries I'm sensing that For some of you may be surrounded by bad Influences bad people or people who give You really bad advice And that could be a downfall okay Um just be aware of that or peer Pressure because three cups can make it You know peer pressure social settings Friends drinking Um seven of Cups too much of something Or too much of anything it's just not Good okay but let me pull up few of These oracles here Heart to heart conversation some of you Could be going through a therapy or Perhaps needing to go to some sort of Therapy Um that's just for some of you I'm not

Seeing that you need to okay again Aries Is reading is only for those of you who Need to hear it and keep an open mind For me this indicate staying positive Release your ex release your ex may Always mean releasing your ex it could Mean that but also release your ex is Releasing your past goes from your past That made you feel with the Ten of Swords really down really sad really Broken Again there's some bad memories here Right with the six of cups in my burst Maps please could be saying too it's Time to release it okay and codependency Codependency candidate codependency like Codependency can be addiction to drugs Alcohol friendship Um I don't know why I keep getting a Really unhealthy social setting or Unhealthy people around you that could Be again giving you bad advice so Influencing you into doing certain Things that Could actually be the downfall your Downfall with the Ten of Swords so again Just be aware of that forgiving and Learning forgive yourself and learn from This From learn from this uh situation or Mistakes some of you may be beating Yourself up because you think you've Made a mistake a space is to forgive Yourself and take it as a lesson and

Move forward and move on from it so let Your friends help you so okay this is Kind of contradicting a little bit Aries Some of you see it just makes me feel Like That could be there could be some Friends who would like to help you but Also could be certain friends that could Even confuse you more Um I always tell my friends to be an Independent thinker to be Um Emotionally independent we shouldn't Allow any anything anybody any sort of Environment to affect How we feel we are in charge of how we Feel and we only allow ourselves to feel How we want to feel and we shouldn't Allow anybody to make us feel anyway and We shouldn't Um We shouldn't act on our mood on our Feelings all the times and all the time Because of the King of Swords here it Makes me feel like it's about being Really practical being logical and plan Accordingly and follow through with your Plan rather than Following where the wind blows right Um Some people just just imagine the world How the world would be if how would the World be like if we constantly are being Dictated by our emotions our mood so

Maybe it's time Aries for some of you Perhaps don't allow any your mood or Your emotions control you and instead With the King of Swords you'll be you Know use your intelligence use your Experiences from your past and be be Again very realistic and practical and Logical with the approach Um and life in general that's what I'm Seeing here okay Some of you maybe are just taking some Time off with the three cups here to Just you know hang out with your friend Maybe this is the the one thing that can Make you feel like you know fall Particles and others that you can kind Of let loose right but you see Paige Pentacles here is the reversal certain Friends will want to help you but maybe It could Make it worse yeah for example I'm just Giving you uh an example I have an X and I broke up with him and A friend of his thought it was a good Idea to give him some drugs to make him Feel better because he was you know Sulking and he was sad the whole time But you see the friend was trying to Help but he may not have been helping Him the right way and he got addicted And It was really bad it was really bad for A very long time still affected him in a Very bad way but all the friends could

Say Was that I was just trying to help him Feel better by offering him drugs so Anyway that's just an example take care Reese this is your reading and I hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm going to leave you with Couple of playlists on the screen right Now the first one is from my second Channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check It out if you want to and the second Playlist is from this channel has all The readings that I've done for you and For the rest of the signs with different Topics different questions but these Readings are very very new very up to Date because I post them right away and I post them a couple of times a day Um and they are very new as new as you Can be all right take care hope to see You back here again later or tomorrow Bye

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