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Almost Daily Readingย  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs ๐ŸŒˆย  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini ๐ŸŒŸprovidingย  general spiritual love, finance, career adviceย  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. โค๏ธ

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Fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out What have people been gossiping about You lately for those of you like to book A personal reading with me information Is in the description box below today is The 21st of January 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 10 57 am please bear In mind that this is a collective Reading for fire signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same fire sign All right now let's get your reading Started Spritz and Angels please show me For fire signs Leo Aries and Sagittarius What have people been gossiping about Fire science lately Two cups at the bottom of the deck okay So I see a few different storylines here Fire science just do what resonates with You because the hangman 901s and the Embers here for those of you if you have Somebody like a family member somebody Close to you whom is whom has um Committed Suicide Okay I'm not sure if I can say these Words but Um yeah because YouTube is really strict These days right so if someone has ended Their life In someone Close to You someone could be

Gossiping about that or unless it was You if you have at one point in time Attempted that okay Um somebody could be could also be Gossiping about that that's just for Some of you it's very very very Um specific So we've got the empress here two ones And then we've got the page of ones I'm Up first there was somebody who has Rejected you or you may have rejected This person in the past this person has Been talking about you talking about Indecision two at once unsure if they Did the right thing by rejecting you or By not choosing you Just talking about you I feel like it's Not necessarily A gossip it doesn't feel That way And some people may be asking about your Relationship with somebody currently two Of Cups you currently have a Relationship someone you're connected With talking with depending it doesn't Matter the level of that connection but Somebody could be gossiping about that I don't really see All of these gossips are really bad and Because the empress feels like a Concerned person so somebody can be Concerned I'm just telling the facts or Telling something that they thought they Knew okay may or may not be true we Don't know that okay so we got an Aries

Energy you've got Ace of Pentacles People could be gossiping how you know Maybe for a while with hangman here most Of your five cents if you have been Single for a while Um You've been hurt before in the past with The dinosaurs and 901s here someone Could be gossiping about you starting Something new it could be a new job it Could be a new relationship Ace of Pentacles yeah eight of Pentacles here Can talk about you finally being Productive for that if you haven't had a Job like haven't worked in a while or if You started something new Um something about you are working Really really super hard right now Something new that you've embarked on Also that you can start something new Okay whether it is a New Journey with The fool here to become you know Independent Um You know Independence come in many Different ways shape or form it could be Independence when it comes to your Freedom or independent or financial Independence Um also a new lifestyle number zero it's Like starting something new right There are so many people who save money So that they could start a new lifestyle It could be as a nomad digital Nomad or

It could just be buying a new house Buying a new car you know Pentacles is Something solid it could mean something Realistic something physical so it could Be something that you've bought recently Okay that is physical and it's new it's Shiny something shiny Pentacles is coin So it's shiny and look at the sun here Shiny to all maybe you've bought a dog Maybe you've bought a pet or bought a Travel but a holiday for yourself Somebody could also be talking about Your holiday experiences if you've Already gone on this holiday if not it's You you know just working really hard Saving money and then trying to do Something something fun it could be Something fun something where you Whatever is very different or starting In your life Or again buying pets or buying a house Buying a car buying a new phone for some Of you yeah and the world here is in my First So something about you're kind of stuck Right now and you're just stuck at work Working a lot somebody could be talking About how you've been just working so Hard Trying to start a new life some of you It's a new lease of life right coming From stagnancy with the hangman here or Coming from a place where you know That's just again for some of you if

Life is life has been a bit stagnant Because things are not moving to Smoothly it could also be your mom here Empress somebody could be gossiping About your mom something about your Mother okay let's see more or your wife If you have a wife if you're a masculine It doesn't matter masculine feminine you Can be a lesbian and have a wife okay But something about a wife figure or a Mother figure somebody could be Gossiping about that in regards to you So we've got the moon here so secrets so Definitely the Moon is a gossip energy And we've got the Sunday one first and Then we've got the page of Pentacles And look at the high priestess ipis is Also secrets you have to cause the Indicate secrets so somebody could be Gossiping about your secrets that they May know about you Um but it does feel like I don't know Why because the page Pinnacles and the Empress this person it could be a group Of people Um I feel like they're gossiping Because they are kind of concerned I Keep getting that concerned energy like Doesn't feel malicious to be honest with You it doesn't feel malicious it feels Concerned this person is concerned about You the sun came up first concerned that You're not happy concerned that you know Something about your past what what you

Were doing in your past Or what had happened to you in the past That may have been some sort of like a Secret that you do not want people to Know Yeah And then we've got the nine of Pentacles Here a lot of Pentacles very good so There are some people who have been and These people can be anybody like they Could be your friends family members Um an egg so someone you could be just Currently connected with or people who Watch your social media because your Boss could be your co-workers can be Anybody another phone calls is Independent so someone could be Gossiping about your Independence I I Just don't feel it's there are bad Gossips to be honest fire sign they may Gossip something about your past it's Out of concern Um and the nine of Pentacles talking About how you're doing better now that You are You're more more successful now than Before talking about how beautiful you Are some of you it's gossiping about you Putting on a bit of a weight or lost a Lot of weight either or you have Gain some muscles Because the empress indicates growth so It really depends what you see growth is Growth it could be putting on weight or

Putting on you know muscles but girls Could also indicate personal growth Right so it depends I feel like you have Grown a lot someone could be gossiping About how different you look now how Much you've grown how much more mature You are and you're starting something New here that I think they're very happy About you and then they could be awesome About how happy you are but also the High mechanic is I'm so sacrificed so They may say that somebody maybe ask me About all the sacrifices you have made For your mother or for your family Members for somebody that you care about Or somebody that you love Let's see just a little bit more Yeah just how good looking you are with The Queen of Wands this is you how Attractive you were how much more Vibrant you are uh there is a bit of a Jealousy now I'm picking up on that Energy for some of you that could be a Friend who is jealous or it could be Anybody somebody who is actually Secretly jealous of you but also there's Some people who are actually concerned About you could be gossiping or talking About you and the Heart found here is in My first like you've changed you're Different because the hurry from Candy Case I'm so structured same old same old When it's in upright position but it's In Reverse now so you're not the same

You don't do the same thing like how you Used to do or you don't look the same Like how you used to look there's Something very vibrant about you or Somebody could also be awesome but Gossiping about certain secrets that you Could be keeping right now you don't Want people to know and perhaps they Kind of have an inkling about what it's All about because the hypersis is Um holding all of the secrets right Three of Cups could be because of Third-party situation gossiping about Either you putting someone into the butt In a third party situation or vice versa Okay or somebody putting you in a Third-party situation through your cups Candy social media so this person could Be gossiping because they've been Watching something about your social Media social media if you have a social Media if not about you having fun Something about uh your interaction with Them something about Um certain socializing How do you say uh events so in the Events that you've been to with them Yeah I feel like it's not just one Person gossiping about you the multiple People there's one at least is jealous While the others are like more concerned Yeah about you than anything all right Fire science new Aries Sagittarius is Your reading hope you guys need it

Somebody should perform if you did Please hit like share and subscribe and Fire signs if you want if you want to Watch All my other videos I've already posted They're all very new because I post them Every single day twice a day there are Different questions and different topics In those video uh in that playlist on That playlist playlist is on this screen Right now you can see it it says daily Reading so this one you can click on it Takes you to all of the videos the Different questions different topics Some might interest you so you can binge Watch if you want to I just feel like it It goes to waste because I post so often And Um some some of you may not catch on to It as well because I post so often so Just regular regularly check that daily Reading so you might have in case you You miss any of those readings okay and Also there is another playlist it's Title Asia this playlist has all of the Readings that are done for you and for The rest of the signs with different Topics and different questions these Readings are still new I mean they are Not new these are old all vlogs actually I mean I think I'm eight months behind Posting all these travel Vlogs because I Really don't have the time my focus is On this channel

Um anyway fire science take care oh yeah Just a reminder that I'm open for Personal readings and I've added a few Options this has been requested Requested for the longest time to add More options into booking a personal Reading with me before that that was Only one only one option but now I broke It down to like four options so check it Out if you want to and to send me an Email take care of fire signs hope to See you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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