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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi Aries welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To get you some important love messages That you need to hear today and this Video will be uploaded to both of my Channels Chelsea love Tarot and Chelsea Tarot 2.0 and to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below and today is the 28th of February 2023 time here in Melbourne Australia is 5 14 p.m all Right now let's get your reading started Speak to Angels please show me important Love messages that Aries need to hear Today My apologies for doing this reading on My bed my hotel rooms bed because I'm Only here for a few days and I'm leaving For friends tomorrow Four ones at the bottom of the deck Okay So got the Queen of Wands this could be You or the other person you're the other Person you could be currently thinking About or dealing with this is a fire Energy so it could be you a Sagittarius Leo doesn't matter king or queen is not Gonna it's not Jenna specific and we've Got the empress here and we'll first and The Moon Again Rose can be reversed but what I'm Seeing here when I say someone that Means it could be you or the other Person okay so

There is this energy of somebody Just not really Investing as much into this connection Or nurturing this connection as much as He or she used to because the moon here Kaneki is silent like something that's Gone really silent okay Um can he can indicate mystery Salads secrets Right above the Moon it kind of makes me Feel like there is somebody here again It could be you or this person He has decided you know what I'm gonna Take actions with the Queen of Wands Towards not speaking or towards not Revealing something or not nurturing As much as he or she used to because you Know the Queen of Wands is now different And the empress in my verse that means This person used to be the empress right This person May be very nurtured very caring and now He or she turns into the Queen of Wands So it's like a different persona Someone is changing okay and that's when I'm getting here I've got another cups 10 of Cups and then Um eight of swords in my first Also indicates a release again files Ultimate versus eight of Swords swords When it when it's in Reverse candy kit Release or right next to the Moon here Not really want to say much Um not really want to say much or just

Being really mysterious or it's Basically giving silent treatment that's What I'm seeing here and we've got the Knight of Cups and the nine of Cups so Nine plus one cup here where the another Cup is holding nine and a plus one That's ten Plus we've got another 10 here Huh This is kind of interesting That means sorry I'm still like my nose Because I'm still kind of a little bit Sick uh please bear with me another cups Knight of Cups and a ten of cups That means there's 10 10 here but There's something that is lacking right Here right Foul swords and one first someone may Have given up on this connection Because They're looking out for themselves right Nine of Cups it could be you or this Person so an energy of you know what I Need to look I need to look out for myself so I need To make this very drastic Decision with the tower To release right Again it could be you making this Drastic decision to release somebody Because you're looking out for yourself Or this person could be releasing you Because he or she could be looking out For themselves

So three cups here four ones and Eight Of Cups in my first okay so there has Been for some of you maybe this has Already happened because the tower candy Kit and unexpected event right Or coming up there is an unexpected Event something that's gonna happen Unexpectedly Or has already happened with the full Ones through cups like a Reconciliation Re a reunion Because Eight of Cups here is a reverse That means can't quite move on from a Certain connection or somebody is Returning To reconcile Um it feels unexpected again with the Tower one two three major arcanas here Maybe it could also indicate the Tower And the Eight of Cups of a verse after This Reunion there's an energy of Feeling can't quite Move on because again it cuts your Reverse it's a stuck energy can't quite Move on from this connection because it Makes a certain someone feel really good About themselves or feel really happy It's a very happy reunion and someone Could be Feeling Again it could be you or this Person feeling like I don't think I can Move on from this connection because This person makes me feel happy okay

Let's pull out more cards here uh Aries See more Okay So the king of Cups have a verse Indicate somebody who Would like to express their emotions Of finally expressing the emotions but The world in Reverse 801 civil University it kind of makes me feel like It could be you or this person but Somebody feels That they really would like to express How they feel for you or how you feel For this person But the world more version you know once And where it's like delaying speaking up Delaying expressing one's emotion For those of you Aries we're currently Dealing with someone who really doesn't Want you to know how they feel about you I think I think that's because this person could Be an overthinker for thought a lot of Thinking going on right a six of Cups a Month first maybe avoiding something That may have happened in the past or Not wanting to revisit the past I've got the six of Wands here Six of Pentacles five of Wands and a page of Swords and one first There is an energy of like I don't want Any drama right 501s and one person I Don't want any drama I want a connection That's an equal give and take but the

Page of Swords here's someone first so Aries if somebody has given up on you Because 50 wants them a person a lot of Swords and reverse candy case someone May have given up on you unless again if You've given up on somebody Um And if you think that that person is not Interested anymore they're done let's That's actually not true because the Page of Swords here is in one verse that Means this person is still kind of Keeping tabs on you still wanting to Know what's up what's going on with you In your life Hmm Unless again rules have been reversed And we've got the Wheel of Fortune here In my first as well so I feel like this Person may still be holding on to this Connection still hasn't quite moved on Yet See again in the cups here above first So an energy of somebody not really Wanting to move on And again four ones through cups Reconciliation Getting Back Together Being reunited So if someone maybe this person is going To come back around and may want to see You again may want to reunite with you Okay Hmm I'm gonna pull out a few of these

Oracles See more okay Zero nine zero nine that's your angel Number I just saw it Can check out your angel number 0909 you Can go ahead and Google it if you want To I couldn't let you get close to me so There is someone Aries that if this Person has been kind of distant Or doesn't really want to tell you you Don't want how they truly feel about you Or just you know just kind of keeping Taps on you looks like they have given Up I think like that's because this Person is afraid of something Um Afraid of being close to you letting you Get close to them For some reason right I couldn't let you Get close to to me you don't know how Hard it was to let you go so for those Of you Aries if you've been if recently You felt rejected doesn't matter how Long ago but If you feel rejected by someone Um I feel like this person didn't do it Deliberately I feel like it was really hard for this Person to reject you okay it wasn't done Like in a malicious way that's for sure I feel you even though we're apart so You and this person may have This connection right unexplained

Connectional uh what they call it Telepathy so both of you if you're Thinking about this person most likely This person is also thinking about you So you will be together again so this Person may just return and although you Might see each other again In the future finding out the truth Crushed me I can't stop thinking about You see So This person currently can stop thinking About you and finding out the truth Crush this person hmm Either it's because you have somebody Else or maybe They have somebody else Maybe this is a tower card here right Because the tower kind of case some sort Of Revelation maybe something they may Have found out recently or doesn't Matter again how long ago this was but I Feel like this person will be hurting Right now but perhaps doesn't really Want you to know where the moon here Keeping it a secret Trying to maintain your calm here with The Queen of Wands And not wanting to create any sort of Drama with the 501 similar first all Right Aries is your reading hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings

If you like the book me my information Is in the description box below feel Free to subscribe to both of my channels Um Chelsea love Tarot is my original Channel and I post a mixture of Everything on that channel and Chelsea Terra 2.0 is my latest Channel and I Only post individual sign readings on That channel take it Aries hope to see You back here again later or tomorrow Bye

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