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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi Aries welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To get you some important love messages That you need to hear today to book a Personal reading with me all information Is in the description box below today is The 7th of March 2023 time here I must Say France is 2 29 pm All right now let's get your reading Started spirits and Angels please show Me important love messages that Aries Need to hear today Please bear in mind that roles can be Reversed between you and the person whom You could be thinking about or dealing With And also this reading could resonate With you in the past currently or in the Future Seven of Wands at the bottom of the deck And we've got the lovers here in love First hmm For those of you wishing look at the Star here this kind of an indication of Somebody wishing For true love not a cups wishing for the Night in shining armor and you know the Story is a major Arcana and the world is Also major Kana so it does feel like Perhaps The Wish Is Gonna Come True your wish is Going to come true For those of you single Aries yeah or For some of you Aries if you've been

Waiting for somebody to express to you How they feel about you After a separation higher final verse Can indicate that maybe that could come True maybe that is in the courts well The star is right here so The star also Connecticut healing and Recovery right so for some of you Aries There could be a helium recovery in a Connection you could be currently in red In a connection you could be currently In right now or In the past okay that's just for some of You the world indicates a closing of an Old chapter and a new chapter begins so A lot of you you're going through that Transition right Acer wants some of us Five of cups of numbers everything is Looking brighter everything is Feeling much more positive when it comes To your life in general or love but this I love reading but I feel like in life In general yeah because felt cups are More starting to get over something in The past that didn't Work out I feel some disappointments or sadness All of that I feel you're slowly coming Out of it slowly transitioning into Having a more positive attitude unless There's a spirit's way of saying that It's time for you to Um look at the positives rather than Negatives look at the glass half full

That it is half empty and the star here Indicates finally your wish is going to Come true Renewal again healing so I see you Renewing yourself going through healing And recovery and for all sorts it's also A wishing card for me sometimes because If you look at this person here she is Like laying down and praying right So and led me to believe that some of You if you've been praying To be with someone you've been wishing For or to be with someone sorry my nose Is still stuffy or to be with someone Who takes a lot of your boxes Looks like it could come true and also There's an end of an era of the lovers With it being in one verse you know Sometimes the lovers It can be an indication of flings or Having an affair thought party situation Like For those of you Aries not all of you Okay If your life has always been say Or if you've only been doing a lot of One-night stands or flings or you know Whatever those connections are not that Don't stick that error is Almost gone that's what I'm seeing here So it looks like you're going to be Meeting someone or maybe this person is Already in your life right now this Person could be a Pisces cancer or

Scorpio again not a cups you know it's a Nut in shining armor someone Genuine someone who is gonna love you Genuinely Maybe this person is out there for some Of you if you're completely single but Also So maybe this person is in your life Anymore just I just feel like there's an Error like a chapter that's like Being put behind you right That casual sex the lovers Flings or whatnot I think I think if that is not what you want Unless that is what you have been Enjoying some people enjoy these kind of Things I don't know but if there's Something that you've been enjoying then This part of reading is not for you but If you didn't quite enjoy that A phase of being maybe treated as a One-night stand on being treated like a Piece of meat I think that part is going to be over That part is going to be over as soon as Someone who is going to be Very genuine Um Who would genuinely genuinely love you And the star here Yeah it just looks like The star sometimes reminds me of A fairy tale kind of an energy plus the Night of cups is just like you know one

Of those Um Sleeping Beauty A fairy tale stories Snow White and all Night in The Shining Armor so you're Gonna get rescued by some rescued by Someone when it comes to love I know Some of you may say I don't need no Rescuing but But it feels like this person is going To Make you feel loved Make you feel like is this a dream Am I Dreaming so your dream is coming true Aries for some of you if this is what You've been dreaming of dreaming for Wishing for full swords right here Looks like that's going to happen for Some of you not all of you okay Um Ace of ones in one verse and this is Why it's like a rejection some of you Aries perhaps if you do want a committed Relationship you want somebody to love You truly dearly genuinely then it's the Ones I'm overskin you needing to reject Someone or any sort of offer that is not Permanent any sorts of offer that seem Enticing but Doesn't have longevity to it is it Sustainable And then maybe you'll be in this five of Cups in my verse that means you're gonna Stop feeling disappointed by People by love in general And for some of you it's you needing to

Make that or maybe you've already done That right this conscious effort of Rejecting anybody anything that you Don't see a future with Um or not giving in to Lust not giving in to your desire And to focus on People who could possibly give you Exactly what you want which is true love This is definitely true love nine of Cups here And two ones here is in one verse the Her final version the page of Sword here Is in reverse Hmm This could be a Libra Gemini Aquarius Person Somebody could be spying on you stalking You Well this is an energy of you're the one I've been waiting for right So it could be the one you've been Waiting for it's finally here or it's Coming into your life You know how to find here is in reverse This will be leads to thinking that Maybe this is someone very different From your usual type doesn't have the Same religion doesn't have the same Background very different hence the World is here so for some of you Aries It's this one person who's going to come Into your life may not be similar it may Not be the same or similar to the types

That you're used to right that person Could be it maybe for those of you Aries If you've been praying for Someone who's different from Past connections past people that have Disappointed you That means this person is coming in And some of you you're gonna doubt Pages Swords and memories you're gonna doubt When this person comes in you're going To be like Is this too good to be true right S because the high frame of race car Makes me feel like maybe you don't Really have faith that this person is Coming in that or that there's such a Person For you Let's see Just a little bit more Aries So this new page of Wands here my first Two of Pentacles and one verse again These two two your angel number you can Go ahead and Google it 22 Angel Number There could be some other Employments Just for you over there so one two three Three three cards that indicates a Choice 701s and a page of Wands here at ml First some of you may be You will have a couple of options coming In you may have to make a choice between Two people See I see you blocking out anything that

Or anybody who doesn't serve your Highest good anymore Pedro once and when this is you And for some of you this is someone you Separated from right the higher font Here in one verse maybe you've already Closed the chapter And you've been really quiet you haven't Really been communicating with this Person Feels like maybe this person is going to Come in apologize or offer you love I See you ignoring them Pages once in one Verse or not giving them as much or at Least if nothing else Um you are going to Draw your boundaries so specifically Encouraging you to draw your boundaries If there's someone from your past who is Going to return Because another cup social candy is Sweet Uh what do you call what's that word Against Sweet for nothing It's like just so sweet saying Being so sweet and seeing the right Things that say in the things that you Want to hear but Cups is just cups though they are Feelings and feelings are Not necessarily Stable right it goes up and down Feelings are like

The weather so Maybe empty promises well for some of You so be aware of that I keep looking At the line right here if someone could Be dealing with a Leo okay So someone might come in and Just make sure with the 701s here if you Want a commitment out of this person That need not just saying things just to Say things See it feels like a fantasy this person Might draw this picture of Fantasy it looks like it's unreal Um It may or may not come true so that's The thing so specifically again Encouraging you to just draw a Boundaries and make sure that And also to not take everything that This person is saying to you that that Seriously unless See because none of the only Pentacles Two of Pentacles here in one verse Because there's a lack of commitment There or lack of substance or lack of Concrete plans that's what I'm seeing Here all right Aries is your reading Hope you resonated in some way shape or Form if you did please hit like share And subscribe I'm open for personal Readings if you like the book me my Information is in the description box Below Um go ahead and subscribe to both of my

Channels if you want to Chelsea love Tarot which is my original Channel and Chelsea tarot 2.0 take care hope this Hope to see you back here again later on Tomorrow bye

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