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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we're Going to find out who has been thinking Heavily about you lately and why to book A personal reading with me all Information is in the description box Below today is the 8th of March 2023 Time here in Marseille France is 127 p.m All right uh please bear in mind that This is a collective reading for fire Science and if you were divinely guided To watch this video this message is Meant for you even if you're dealing With the same fire sign all right let's Get really started spirits and Angels Please show me for Leo Aries Sagittarius Fire signs Who has been thinking heavily about them And why First at the bottom of the deck Someone you're not really speaking with Currently or very little communication This person misses CO2 five Pentacles They could be thinking heavily in Regards of a decision that they have Made or you have made That has changed everything right Wheel Of Fortune indicates a big change so a Big change has happened already between The two of you and I feel it's due to a Decision that somebody has made when I Say somebody that means it could be you Or the other person so follow Pentacles

Hmm Feels like there's some sort of a Decision in regards to either money Separation Or moving out There's a sense of loneliness that I'm Getting as well so This is somebody fire says either you Have decided that you know you're done You're moving on You're changing the direction While this person still feel kind of Like this person feels like you left Them behind okay or this is somebody who Has left you behind Cups in the right position so this Person could be a Pisces or a Scorpio it Could be any sign Hmm I think this person we think you have The immigrants of talking with you right Because page is a messenger Trying to be friendly Or this person is someone who has been Trying to be friendly with you But actually deep down They may not be feeling too good about What's going on between the two of you This could possibly be someone you have Rejected or they may have rejected you At one point I think you know who this person is with The high priestess here in world first You definitely know who this person is

And the lovers indicates a choice this Person does love you or at one point in Time both of you may have been very Close Unless you know close together could be A friend but also could be close Together romantically for some of you With the lovers And then 801 and will first feels like Maybe both of you are not really Speaking as much as you used to all very Little communication that there's no Full movement in this connection Currently and we've got the Ten of Swords here in my verse it's a release I Feel like this person is thinking Heavily over gods of Um telling you about Something they want to say as well Because the hyper system of verse Indicates them wanting to reveal Something to you it could be revealing Their feelings or revealing certain Information to you which they are kind Of hesitant to tell you and this is why Ada wants to love first that's why There's a delay of this person telling You something that they've They hold very close to their chest that I feel Um they may think it's kind of important But there's some sort of Revelation that They feel if they want to tell you it Could go either way

It could be good or it could be bad the Outcome I feel like they're just not Sure what outcome is going to be how the Outcome is going to be so it could be Hesitating telling you something here Okay Maybe both of you have experienced some Sort of an ending or ex or on the way to Ending this connection Or to release any sorts of pain Sufferings associated to this connection So this person is somebody whom you Could be trying to release right hence Maybe you're not really talking to this Person right now they don't want someone First But both of you do love each other or Has have loved each other at one point Or have been intimate at one point Maybe things aren't doing too well in Their life right now as well with the Five Pentacles here This person could be far away from you Will Fortune some of you may not always Mean that but will Fortune could also be Something that is online And they could be seeing they could be Noticing about you hence they could be Thinking heavily about you right now Because of that okay let's see more See look at the Devil so they are Obsessive Actually they're obsessively thinking About you I think they can get you they

Cannot get you out of their mind even Though they try it's a sort of adverse Let's see more we've got the Chariot Here at my first there's no Fourth Movement again for sure like you and This person there's It feels like all that's going on right Now is just maybe thinking a lot but There's nothing being done About the situation because the two ones And 801s here is in my first like the Only thing That I think maybe is personally Thinking about Doing is to say something to you right Maybe Page of Cups you know will Fortune Candy cane second chance Or second meeting They may want to see you again or may Want to speak with you again I see them thinking of the immigrants of Reaching out to you online yeah because In Page of Cups and I will Fortune here Thinking about reaching out to you Online And telling you something that I think They've been keeping a secret Could be how much they love you or some Information here right But see the devil can indicate feel Insecurities so they could be afraid That but he's telling you these things It might either turn you off It could go really bad or it could go

Really good with the lovers like Hoping that you would be on the same Page but also there's always a chance With the devil that That it could backfire that's what I'm Seeing and the chair right here is Emma First it's a stuck energy And I feel like They could be thinking heavily Immigrants of I don't think Yeah see again it's like something that They have doubt about this connection Moving forward successfully if they were To tell you something right Maybe somebody put a stop to this Connection as well at one point in time Let's pull out a few of these uh oracles And see more Of course I will wait for a sign from you so this Person could be waiting for you to Communicate with them hence you know the Association of verse they're thinking Heavily and regards of Um you don't know how hard it was to let You go maybe this is someone you have Let go of or they may have let you go I Wish I could share my good news with you So I feel like this person wants to keep Speaking with you wanting to continue Conversations with you because maybe You've always been there for them right Five Pentacles there are two people here Always there for each other

Or maybe this is someone you used to be There for them but maybe now you aren't So much anymore or I could go vice versa You came closer than anyone so you do Have a special place in this person's Heart I think this is someone quite Closed off and Doesn't really make friends easily or Doesn't really let people in their lives That easily But you did I mean I feel like both of You were closed so at five Pentacles you Were the best thing in my life I know I Messed up everything so this person Maybe Regretting over something that they may Have said or done or regretting How this connection Turned out Um It feels like maybe it has something to Do with certain circumstances okay Um five signs and four ones he has some More first so this is somebody either You could have lived in the same house Before before and they could have moved Out you may have moved out if it's not That it could indicate of rooting maybe This person doesn't live nearby could be Living far away from you or or could Just indicate your connection with this Person is just not stable right now they Could be thinking heavily in regards of The departure

You'll departure some of you will Fortunately get travel so the last time You saw this person Though how both of you separated or How somebody departed maybe it's a long Distance thing will a fortune can Indicate that again That's just for some of you but I feel Like this is someone fire signs who Could be who could also be longing for Your company right the lover is in the Five Pentacles here Could be a friend for some of you page Of cups or someone you've been Romantically connected with either or it Could be both all right fire science Leo Aries such tears this your reading and Hope you resonated in some way she Perform if you did please hit like share And subscribe I'm open for personal readings if you'd Like to book me my information is in the Description in the description box below Uh feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot Which is my original channel in Chelsea Terror 2.0 take care Leo Aries and Sagittarius hope to see you back here Again later or tomorrow bye

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