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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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I would assigns Pisces Cancer and Scorpio welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea in this reading we're gonna find Out what's your person's next action Towards you I have a new channel Chelsea Terror 2.0 that channel only does Individual sign readings feel free to Subscribe to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below and today is the 19th of February 2023 time here in Canberra Australia is 11 15 A.M This is a collective reading for water Signs and if you were to finally guide It to watch this video this message is Meant for you even if you're dealing With the same water sign all right now Let's get your reading started spirits And Angels please show me for water Signs Pisces Cancer and Scorpio what's Your person's next action towards water Signs The lover is at the bottom of the deck So this person is gonna act all Defensive right with the seminal ones Here they're gonna try and defend Something that they believe nine of Pentacles maybe because I've never Actually read the nine of Pentacles is Somebody selfish but I actually do right Now it reminds me of the nine of Cups The only reason why I'm reading another Pencil says a bit more of a selfish and Because of the seven of Wands here it's

Like this is mine this is all mine this Is me me me me me kind of an energy plus You know the surrounding party with the Five of Swords it looks like this person Could be somebody very narcissistic or Very selfish Um somebody who plays games Doesn't want to lose so it's like a me Me kind of thing that's what I'm getting You well the signs that this person can Be anybody or somebody who could be Romantically connected with friend a Friend a friend a family a a family Member or it could be a co-worker Anybody but I feel like this person is Going to defend themselves a little bit Way too much and I feel like it's Because of their selfishness and it Looks like they don't really want to Budge they want to go all the way Um in a in a sense where they feel like They want to win this yeah they want to Win this either battle or win this Argument They don't want to be the loser here Okay so we've got the full ml first so This is actually kind of foolish I feel like This is something very foolish because If this person wants to get in a good Graces with you Getting good graces with you they Shouldn't be doing this but I feel like This is what they're gonna do though

And also water signs I feel like you're Gonna see through it as well See through their games with our swords Here the selfishness then we got the Six Of Swords and we've got the foul Pentacles in our first They might threaten to leave that's what I'm getting here Six of Swords they Might threaten to leave so that you will Say no come back no don't go okay Yeah This is the game that they're playing Here they're gonna say Uh it's this my way or Highway if not I'm gonna leave I'm gonna leave for the Six of Swords here In hopes that you will say no don't go With the five Pentacles a month first Page of cups is right here Feels kind of innocent here okay this is Your energy Pisces cancer scorpio so Your person is gonna use your naivety or Your I'm not saying all of you are naive but Paige is Young I'm not saying you're Young either somebody maybe you are Young but there is an innocence Vibe About an innocent Vibe about this page Of cups very innocent Vibe so they're Gonna use all kind So this person is gonna take your Kindness as a weakness so bear that in Mind so they're gonna use something that They know

Um Like you that you may be a bit soft About Um certain weaknesses that they may know Of yours and they're gonna use that okay They're gonna use that Um all that they're gonna try and kill You with their kindness so that you will Oblige or use your kindness as Take your kindness as a weakness or use It as a weapon okay so yeah that's what I'm seeing in it ten of Pentacles here Is a more reason for Pentacles here are Some of those I am getting this water signs Your person's Intention Is again super selfish because nine of Pentacles is one person here and ten of Pentacles there are some people here Right with it being involved first It feels like this person is only going To look out for themselves yeah This person is just good yeah it's just Gonna look out for themselves four Pentacles here Making you lose this person's gonna make You lose something release something Give you something okay They want something from you I don't Know You know if this reading resonates if it Applies to you just comment in a box Below okay I'm gonna pull up more cards

Here Yeah See the lovers either this person is Going to love bomb you or is this going To tell you how much they love you how Much they care about you You know uh maybe they know you're a Good person that you're kind and They're gonna attack your kindness That's what I'm seeing here They're gonna bombard you with oh sweet Talks loving words But the King of Swords here among first They may not be telling you the truth Okay they may not be the most sincere Here the ace of cups here more verse I Feel like I hate to say this that this Reading is a little bit negative but ace Of cups here and my verse makes me feel That Whatever action that they're gonna take Towards you I don't see it as them Coming from the right place in your Heart I feel like it is not genuine And they're not telling the truth Um the strategy their plan is for Themselves nine of Pentacles this person Only looks out for himself or herself so Be aware of that and then we've got the World here And then once this person gets what he Or she wants They're just gonna be like okay goodbye The world is like a closing of a chapter

So this person is just gonna say goodbye I got what I want from you some of you If this uh it could be a friend okay or It could be somebody you could be Romantically connected with Be aware also for those of your water Signs if you are dealing with someone if This is a love situation And this person may just want your body To have to be physically intimate with You with no promises of the future okay And if this is a friendship scenario a Friendship connection a work co-worker Or a sibling or family member I feel Like this person just wants to Um Wants something from you And they're gonna tell you all the Things that they know is gonna Make you do something for them or give Them something okay and once they get What they want they're just gonna poof Be gone the world here they're just Gonna Be satisfied with it and then forget About you after that okay I definitely See that message let's just see a little Bit more water so I see six of cups this Person has no sentimental values Um Yeah They're gonna they're gonna cut you off Once they get what you what they want And they're just gonna use whatever that

You give them and then leave go explore Something else go do something else four Cups here in my first nine of Pentacles And whatever so this person could be a Virgo Capcom or a Taurus I don't see This person as a reliable person to be Honest with you but there is a chance of Them if things don't work out after they Leave after they got what they want They're gonna try and return and I feel Like water signs a lot of you may see Their true colors then you may stop this Person from returning or giving them What you used to give them not at once Was definitely saying to be guarded Protect yourself from whoever this Person is okay there could also be a Fire sign a research Terrace or a Leo All right what are science pie scans and Scorpio this you're reading and I hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information Information is in the description box Below And I do have two channels on this Channel Chelsea Love Tarot this is my Original Channel where I post everything Here okay Collective readings individual Sign readings different questions Different topics Um and I post The most often on this channel but I

Have a new channel it's called Chelsea Tarot 2.0 this new channel only Um Offers Individual sign readings okay so Um and I don't post this often maybe Every few days I need to change that on My banner initially I thought I could do It daily but I think it's just going to Be too much for me so Um yeah Feel free to subscribe to both channels If you want to take care water signs by Skins and Scorpio hope to see you back Here again later or tomorrow bye

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