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High water signs Pisces Cancer and Scorpio welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea in this reading we're going to Find out what's your love story in the Next seven days to book a personal Reading with me all information is in The description box below and today is The 6th of March 2023 time here in Marseille France is 1204 PM please bear In mind that is a collective reading for Water signs and if you were to finally Guided to watch this video this message Is meant for you even if you're dealing With the same water sign Okay now let's get you already started Speak the ninjas please show me for Water science Pisces Cancer and Scorpio What's your love story in the next seven Days It's a one summer first at the bottom of The deck okay so water signs Please bear in mind that rules can be Reversed between you and the person Whom you could be thinking about or Dealing with currently romantically will Of Fortune this indicates a second Chance However Four Pentacles and eight of Pentacles Here There's somebody who wants to have a Second chance And this connection but Four Pentacles not really opening up

To Expressing that right foreign I see what a science could be or this Person but there's somebody here in the Next seven days just putting their heads Down and basically focusing on work Still holding on to this connection but Not gonna do anything about it even Though wanting a second chance I feel Like two cups of moments can get a Separation so most likely you and this Person has been separated and we've got The two ones here a choice to ask for a Second chance or a choice to Because to continuously To continuously be closed off and just Focus on themselves focusing on their Work Ace of Pentacles and more verse a Decision I feel like It could go either way right with the Two one same goes to the Wheel of Fortune as well the wheel can spin in Any direction So that means it could go either way Um someone you or this person is gonna Still be in the midst of deciding Whether to continue being closed off Four Pentacles and focus on Your work or they focusing on your work Or to actually Reach Out offer something Here right ace of Pentacles and one First but it's in reverse because there

Is a delay because there's some sort of Hesitation of reaching out or offering Something to someone you offering to This person or this person offering it To you but right now this woman took Captain Marvel it feels like you and This person are currently separated And not being on a same page And seven of Pentacles in my various Four sorts of mothers and the hangman in My first and energy of I feel like in The past there has been a decision that Was being made in regards of letting go Of this connection I don't need this Stress let me just let go of this Connection now I see that it's not gonna Work out anyway both of us will never be On the same page But then in the next seven days there Will be doubts right two ones did I make The right decision or not Should I should I have offered should I Have accepted The world Fortune again it feels like You know wherever the the will That's an energy of Like wherever Wherever the will is gonna spend is Wherever the wheel is gonna spin I'm Going to kind of accept it for what it Is right the rule of Fortune also can Indicate Second Chance in love for some Of you water signs if you are single in The next seven days or so it could be

Longer than that because timing in Terror is not very accurate and also uh It's a general reading so some of you That could be a chance Encounter If you do put yourself out there but for Those of you if you're closed off for Pentacles if you're if you close your Heart chakra and you're just focusing on Yourself on your work then It could be something important like a Connection that's important that could Just kind of pass you by without you Even realizing it because this person if You look at him he or she is not just Specific just like literally focusing on Carving up this this Pentacle right so Some of you there could be a chance for You to meet somebody but if you've been Way too busy and too closed off so you Might miss that opportunity that's what I'm seeing here but if you do open your Eyes open your heart will Fortune put Yourself out there there could be a Chance of you meeting somebody right Still kind of Feels like most of you are just gonna be Like four Pentacles eight of Pentacles Just focusing on yourself Um but it doesn't really matter The Wheel of Fortune the will can spin right Back To where you used to spin towards Okay So

Some of you maybe it's just about timing Or Fortune can you get timing Being at the right time in the right Place ASA wands here is in Reverse 301s vowel Swords in reverse Yeah I feel like somebody is going to be Longing for you wondering how you're Doing this is someone you have rejected Or they have rejected you someone you Have given up on with the Five of Swords Here in love first I still see a lot of closed off energy Just you know Whatever will be will be that kind of an Energy as well We'll Fortune some of you if you do go On dating apps Okay online dating apps Fortune can indicate The World Wide Web I feel like If you are currently active on dating Apps I see you Kind of weeding out potentials Or non-potentials rather It's like so many options but not all Options are like That I feel can is safe for you to open Up okay that's for some of you you've Got the judgment Four of cups Six of Swords Five of Cups the tower here huh

So for some of you could be In the next seven days you may hear from Someone near judgment someone from your Past it could be just a fling it could Be an X it could be somebody but you Will hear from somebody from your past Okay Then full of Cups feels like you're not Going to be that interested there could Possibly be someone from your past that You don't really want to hear from Yeah I feel like it's one of those People that ah I don't want to hear from this person I Was hoping to hear from another person Right so that's for summary and Successfuls because you've already moved On from this person you've done with This person so you might hear from this Person it could be Um just them liking a picture of yours Or you know commenting on something Something small it could be something Small something bigger where they would Probably call you or send you a message Whatever the case is it feels like all Those things you're gonna be like yeah Of all the people Like of all your exes or all the people That have had a history with in the past This is the one who is like reaching out To me I wish it was someone else or Another person that's what I'm getting Here so far cups yeah I gotta feel a

Little bit disappointed because it's It's not the person that you really Truly want to hear from okay But also if somebody water signs that Could be an apology coming in someone Expresses himself or herself to you Seeing that they're disappointed the Staff for what they have done to you in The past Six of Swords perhaps would Like to move towards Karma water and the Tower here indicates this is an Unexpected call and unexpected message Or unexpected interaction and some wish You perform okay Yeah I still feel like what I say this Is someone you separated from and most Likely you don't really want to hear From them from this person or this Person doesn't reach out and the Three Of Wands here I still see what it's nice if you're not Putting yourself out there it's just Focusing on yourself on your work You know through your wands Feels like you still could be just Waiting yeah waiting you know for the Right moment It might take longer although three ones Getting it the ship is still in and soon But the four cups right next to it kind Of makes me feel like your ship could be Selling in much sooner than later if You're open because the full cups also a Very picky energy right pickiness for

Those of you if you're really picky yeah Then You might still remain closed off in the Next seven days when it comes to love I See a lot of you just focusing on your Work on yourself So maybe you're traveling with fortune Or just being online Talking to someone but just uh an energy Of ah I don't want any of these people and Also you might hear from someone that You don't really want to hear from from Your past It's it comes off as unexpected though With a tower so unexpected Message from someone that you're gonna Hear so it's hearing about someone from Your past if someone is literally Hearing from that person itself okay What a science price cancer in Scorpio This you're reading and I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below feel free To subscribe to both of my channels Chelsea Love Tarot is my original Channel I post individual sign readings Collective readings with different Topics different questions and Chelsea 2.0 is my latest Latest

Channel but only post once a week okay Individual sign readings take care what Size hope to see you back here again Later or tomorrow bye

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