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Almost Daily Readingย  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs ๐ŸŒˆย  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini ๐ŸŒŸprovidingย  general spiritual love, finance, career adviceย  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. โค๏ธ

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Hello cancer welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we're Going to get you some important love Messages that you need to hear today and This video will be uploaded to both of My channels Chelsea love Tarot and Chelsea 2.0 to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below today is the 4th Of March 2023 time here in Marseille France it's 9 11 p.m all right cancel Let's get our reading started spirits And Angels please show me important love Messages that cancer needs to hear today Um and I apologize for this late reading Because I've been traveling I was traveling from Australia to France And it took me about 40 hours to get Here and also my luggages were missing So I just got them Back this morning and on top of that I've been feeling really sick but anyway We've got the sun here at the bottom of The Dead can so this for me indicates a New or positive new positive beginning Or you're gonna finally feel happy again When it comes to love okay This is very interesting we've got one Two three three major arcanas here hmm I think the sun can also indicate Illumination somebody's seeing things Very clearly for what they have done in The past cancer I feel like there could Be someone who's been thinking a lot

About you not assorted members very Strong Libra Gemini Aquarius energy or Could be Virgo cap Contours could also Be a fire sign um a-ree Sagittarius Leone I think this is again the sun is like a Positive thing where this person may Have realized something about you Something very positive about you and Also could be realizing whatever they Have said to you king of souls in my Verse was wrong Seminal swords and love verses them Finally Realizing again what they did was wrong Right because the full of cups is right Here For those of you cancer if you've been Ignoring somebody rejecting someone this Person has been ruminating over what They have said what they have done I see them actually acknowledging Whether they tell you or not this person Is actually acknowledging Um The fact that they that you may have Released this person that you may have Rejecting Or may have rejected this person because They were toxic or maybe they have said Something wrong maybe they have done Something wrong here as well it could be Lying to be cheating it could be Anything

But something was wrong I feel like this Person has said something wrongly I've Done something wrong okay we've got the Lovers here in my first we've got the King of Pentacles I feel like they made the wrong choice Again wrong choice of words Or wrong choice of actions or it could Be both okay 701s here is animal first And we got the pager ones and what verse So this is somebody I feel that This is somebody Because the page is a messenger and it's In my first King of Swords I don't know Why you've been dealing with this person No cancer please bear in mind that Rose Can be one first yeah This is somebody who could have given You a lot of stress seven ones and Reverse decided you know I'm done I'm Not gonna fight for this connection Anyway anymore because both of you may Not be on the same page with the lovers In my verse or maybe this person just Doesn't get it it just feels like this Person doesn't get it or didn't get it But finally is getting it with the Sun Yeah that's what I'm sensing here this Person is finally getting it or will be If they still don't get it right now They're gonna get it eventually Because it feels very exhausting cancer Dealing with this person It feels like

It is way way too exhausting having to Deal with this person's drama or this Person like like they don't get it That's what I keep sensing don't get What they they don't get it Um as in Whatever you've been trying to say to Them or whatever you have done to try And make them understand and see what is Done here they still don't get it I keep feeling this I I sense this Frustration right now cancel unless Again rules are being reversed here but But finally someone is gonna get it okay In the sun here we're gonna pull out More cards Yeah Two or ones in my first and then the Hierophone The horror fund indicates Learning as well teaching and learning Maybe this person has learned from their Lessons Ever since you rejected them with the Full of Cups here And you could be embodying the king of Pentacles I mean maybe this person is Realizing that you were the one who was Always like there for them the one who Was stable And that you know you deserve better Hence you may have cut this person off Yeah And

Because of that I feel horrified here Also maybe because something didn't work Out in your life that could have made Them Realize something here with the Sun that You may have loved this person Unconditionally or almost Unconditionally And you made them realize that the tool Wants your mothers that they made the Wrong choice However cancer remember [Music] When we talked about the sun much Earlier on this reading The sun became something positive a new Love is coming in right ace of cups for Those of you who are single I see a new Beginning in love And two ones even more words finally Making a choice someone is finally going To choose you or you're going to choose This person both of you are going to Finally choose each other okay I see this as a very happy Union and the Higher fund can indicate both of you Will end up making things official but If you're currently connected with Someone new as well I see it turning Into something official Could turn into marriage as well or both Of you agree upon Something here okay could be agreeing Upon having kids or not having kids or

Adopting pets or adopting children That's just for some of you let's pull a Few of these romance Angels here Let's find out more See Very soon very soon there's something Either you if you are completely single Very soon you're going to meet someone New it's going to make you feel really Happy with the sun here this person Could be a Leo could be a Pisces cancer Scorpio could be a fire sign Aries Sagittarius Leo But if you're currently connected with Someone it looks like the connection Will be taken to the next level due to The hierophant here keep an open mind Maybe this is someone very different From you or your soulmate May differ From your usual type and expectations so This person could be very different from Your usual type it could just also be Someone very positive in your life Someone who is going to contribute Positively into your life rather than This negative energy from your past with The devil era first See more Let your friends help you I don't know Why I keep getting this card this card Has come out like five six times already Um not just your reading other readings As well other sign readings but let's See more

For some of you this let your friends Help you you know it could be an Indication of a friend whom is actually Going to help you connect with someone New okay for those of you who must Single unless you know it could be you Asking or I used to have like Guy friends who would always ask me Um Chels do you have anyone that you can Introduce me to someone single so Um yeah usually it's when like I'm I'm Usually in a relationship most of my Life I think the longest I've ever been Being single is was I think this year Last year oh sorry last year about seven Eight months but it was by choice I didn't want to because I've always Been in long-term relationships I was Done being in long-term relationships I Wanted to just be alone for a while Um But now I do have a boyfriend it's he He's new he's his new boyfriend but this Card always reminds me of you know let Your friends help you ask for and accept Support from others when it comes to Love Um I have introduced some of my friends You know while I was in a relationship I Have introduced some of my friends Uh two or some other some some like you Know introduce my friends to other Friends The single ones and it has become

Successful actually they've been Together for a long time I think a few Couples have done that I've introduced Them so some of you cancer either it Could be a friend coming to you saying That hey I have somebody to introduce You to Um this is definitely a spirit's way of Saying don't say no just go just go put Yourself out there and go on dates blind Dates Um yeah that's what I'm seeing right Here so we've got separation separation You know this has already happened we Are already seeing this here somebody You could be separated from I think Possibly is going to see very clearly Who you are essentially as a person Um they may they may tell you the higher Fund here that never learn from their Lessons that's just for some of you Pay attention to the red flags yeah I Think this is someone from your past and Also cancer if you have someone new Coming in Um species you have been through a lot Already here you've seen you know seven Of swords and lovers you've been lied to Or cheated on being treated being Mistreated so spirit says you should Know by now Um What are the red flags so yeah I think there's someone from your past

Right the devil this person might come Around and offer you love but this for Me indicates even if this person says That they have changed maybe they Haven't quite changed yet it's really Hard to somebody to change I'm not Saying that it's impossible but yeah I Think this person might take a while Before they would Change completely that's what I'm seeing Here so playfulness yeah maybe this Person still wants to play this person Is still kind of You know huh Maybe this person is not 100 ready That's what I'm seeing here cancer but Again this for me playfulness and a very Soon card I feel like this could be someone new Yeah the Sun and ace of cups You know the sun is a very playful Energy as well maybe this person is Younger than you are or has a very Playful spirit about them Um very Happy positive playful cheeky kind of an Energy yeah Very pure energy it's the cups very Genuine person That's what I'm sensing here but you Know I see a lot of you cancer you're Releasing someone from your past Another thing I'm sensing here cancer The king of Pentacles

At first you may you may doubt this Person right this new person coming in You may doubt them You may not think that they are serious But But it's gonna change I Think You're Gonna Change Your perception in regards To this person because even though this Person has a very playful nature But they actually able to commit but They are somebody very serious when it Comes to their work their career their Money when it comes to their Relationship this person is Or will be committed But I think in the beginning you're not Going to cut I don't see I don't see you Trusting that this person would be Committed but it looks like you're gonna See you're gonna see eventually that This person can be trusted And it could turn into again the higher Frontier a very serious connection all Right cancel this is your reading I hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did Please hit like share and subscribe I'm Open for personal readings if you'd like To book me my information is in the Description box below Um feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot which is my Original Channel and Chelsea Terror 2.0 That's my newest Channel where I only

Post individual sign readings take care Of cancer hope to see you back here Again later or tomorrow bye

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