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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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I are signs if I go towards in Capricorn Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out What's coming up for you within 24 hours For those of you who like to book a Personal reading with me information is In the description box below today is The 19th of January 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 6 20 a.m please bear In mind that this is a collective Reading for Earth signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same Earth sign Okay now let's get your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me four Earth signs Virgo Taurus and Capricorn What's coming up with them within 24 Hours Foreign Two wands at the bottom of the deck okay Let's talk about how you're gonna feel First within 24 hours feels like with The world you're gonna feel like you're On top of the world okay in this reading This can happen currently right now Um or even later than 24 hours okay Because timing in terror is not very Accurate and also I will be telling you A lot of details here that it may not Resonate from the beginning till the end Okay Um you're gonna feel really good within 24 hours Earth signs the world here

You're gonna you know something that you Have been unclear about Queen of Swords In my first or that you could still be Representing like upset about I think Within 24 hours or so you're gonna feel Much better you're gonna close out that Feeling that sense of resentments that Sense of anger um those feelings of Anger resentments or Um something that you're not clear about You're gonna see it very clearly within 24 hours or so because the moon here is In Reverse so something you've been Doubting it's your doubts are going to Be cleared okay it does look really good Because three of Cups here it looks like You are Um that's a feeling of Joy joyfulness you're gonna feel really Happy you're gonna celebrate some sort Of an achievement Um it could just be your personal Achievement where you are closing out Something that has disappointed you or Something that has made you feel so Doubtful Um or even any sort of anger towards Anybody resentments I think that's gonna End okay which is good and we've got the Four ones The Chariot here you're gonna Feel much more in control of yourself of Your life some of you it's you um Just saying just an example just you um Feeling really proud about a milestone

Okay a milestone could be something that You've been trying to achieve maybe it's A milestone maybe it's bigger than that Um some of it's really big a really big Achievement and for some of you it's you Know a milestone for example Um I've quit smoking it's been a month Uh more than a month now almost two Months so that's a milestone for me so It's it's something small okay but to me It's big to me I'm happy I'm happy that I haven't smoked in so long I mean to me That's really really long Um And for some of you it's a way bigger Achievement right it could be some sort Of a celebration with the star here You're being recognized because of you Know um job well done or because of your Popularity some of you are very popular If you're a popular earth science I see You you know receiving an award or Hearing some good news in regards of Maybe Um An award being awarded to you it's sort Of an achievement or science some of you It's in a smaller scale and some of you It's in a bigger scale but you're gonna Feel really good within 24 hours or so The charity you have so much control it Feels like okay I have control over my Life now I have control over my Situation right now and I feel so good

That I know it's not gonna fail whatever It is okay it's moving forward moving Chair is moving forward successfully Something that you're gonna feel very Successful about and again some of you It's something really small if someone Is something really big so we've got the Four ones here I feel like See you feel much more balanced you're Gonna feel much more balanced and with Another ones and the queen of ones if You're embody if you're embodying this This fire energy that means you're gonna Feel so passionate about life Um I'm sensing a very Lively day that You're gonna have within 24 hours or so Feeling desirable feeling being desired Being admired Feeling confident Even it went before Queen of Swords and One first if you didn't feel so much Like I feel like you're eliminating all Kinds of negative thoughts negative Energy Um And definitely very very good uh feeling I'm sensing the moon and numbers that Means you know you're erasing clearing All doubts any any secrets Um will be revealed to you but these Secrets are good Secrets because of the Surrounding cards surrounding cards are So positive that I feel like a really Good secrets are going to be revealed to

You but some of it's how somebody feels About you some of you it's you releasing Or exposing your own secrets and people Are gonna be happy to hear about that Secret it could be a secret where you're Engaged to someone or that you have just Given birth to a baby or that you're Pregnant some good news through your Cups Um straight cut through cups in a case Celebration as well but I feel like There's something that for some of it's Something you've been holding in you Didn't want to tell anybody But the world here indicates okay it's Time to tell them some of you you are Going to reveal something within 24 Hours or so or someone is going to Reveal something to you that they've Been holding keeping uh holding on or Holding off from telling you and they're Gonna tell you okay if there's such a Person then this person could be a fire Sign a research to sleep Aquarius cancer Pisces cancer scorpio again can be any Fake signs can be any sign let's see More Earth signs Wow your cards are looking So darn good they're not Pentacles Okay so two wants to Pentacles and Movers and nine cups You're gonna find Out you're gonna find out something You've been trying to Make a decision on or if you've been

Indecisive about something you're gonna Make a decision within 24 hours or so And this decision you got to be very Happy with that because nine of Cups Wish fulfillment card right you're gonna Be very happy with the decision that You're going to be making within 24 Hours or so but also this could be an Indication of somebody making a decision In regards to you that you are going to Find out and you're going to be feeling Feeling really happy about it nine of Cups Got the Ace of Pentacles three of Pentacles and the page of swords and Love first For a lot of you this decision may have Something to do with your money or your Career again it could come in in a very Small scale or very big or middle or Very big okay Ace of Pentacles I'm sensing you're gonna feel like yes I'm finally able to start something make A decision and feel really good about Starting it feeling really good about Um expanding it two ones can indicate Sometimes ones can indicate business Entrepreneurship for those of you Starting or science starting a new Business or you know still struggling With your new business I see you Um either getting some help some really Good help consultation through Pentacles Um that is going to be very valuable

Some of you are attending conventions or Just reading a book getting ideas in Regards to how to start a new business Or how to expand your business and but Ace Pentacles could also indicate Somebody offering you something I think This is a really good offer an offer That you will end up considering with Two ones unless this offer has already Come in and you've been considering it Okay and three of Pentacles here Two of Pentacles yeah you gotta make a decision I feel like this decision I feel for a Lot of you this has something to do with Your work okay and Page saw it here I do sense you have been waiting for Something like this waiting for this Offer you've been keeping up an eye on This this offer Um on this collaboration for some of you Three Pinnacles you could be Collaborating with somebody in terms of Work Or doing something that you feel could Potentially turn into Um something profitable something really Good or useful for you okay Hmm Earth science look at the ten of Pentacles you have really really really Really good courts here really really Good chords I have to say internal Pentacles can indicate Um longevity family also can indicate

Marriage children pets good news in Regards to Children pets family or Hanging out with your family or friends Buying a home something relaxed luxury Because 10 it's a lot or being invited To a wedding or you're going to your own Wedding Um some sort of a see again celebration Three cups then a Pentacles some of you Are gonna be invited to a party house Party outdoor party doesn't matter with The Chariot here Um some of you are going to be partying I know it's a weekday Uh it's not gonna apply to all of you But three of Cups the stars are you Gonna be celebrating until the next day Somebody can't even fall asleep because You're gonna be so happy about a certain Celebration a certain achievement or Some of you are traveling because the Chair you can indicate travel and the World here indicates travel as well or Moving house some of you are getting Ready to move house packing move to a Bigger house bigger and better house From the full once to the ten of Pentacles here And for some of your Earth signs for Once can indicate stability in a Connection taking a relationship to the Next level someone might offer you that But in neither wands this person will be Fireside Aries Sagittarius or a Leo Ace

Of Pentacles a new star so maybe you're Starting something new within 24 hours Or so and it feels some of you it's very Significant very big Um whether it's a moving house or Migrating or traveling or starting a new Relationship that looks really promising It looks it's going to be really Successful somebody who is going to Clear all of your doubts with the moon Here among first and you're gonna feel So happy through cups the star your wish Is coming true you have two cards that Indicates your wishes are coming true so Whatever you've been wishing for are Signs Within 24 hours or so you might see it Become a reality okay whether it's to Meet someone while you're socializing on Your social media dating apps if you're On dating app you might meet somebody Whom you're gonna be very attracted to That looks like both of you are going to Be on the same page for once mirroring Each other wanting the same thing Closing out the old chapter and starting A new chapter together And the star again can indicate you Being recognized for some of you is Achieving Fame achieving if you are a YouTuber tick talkers Only fans whatever it could be I see you Um achieving this you know Milestone Um

Milestone you're gonna be really happy I Got how many followers now there is Um I would say an addition to whatever You already have now okay so addition in Addition to whatever you you have right Now that I feel like you're gonna feel Really really really happy some of you Again you're buying a house you're just So happy or you could be decorating your House Um on a go on a road trip traveling with A chariot here spending time with your Friends three cups I see you eating as You're drinking having such a good time With your friends or your family or both Okay all right our signs Virgo tourism Capricorn this is your 24 hours Prediction reading hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe I'm Gonna Leave You with two playlists on the Screen right now the first one is title Um daily readings it has all of the Readings that I've done for you and for The rest of the science summer Individual sign reading some are Um Collective readings but they're all Different questions different topics so Check them out if you want to they are Very Um up to date because I post them every Single day and couple of times a day as Well And another playlist has all the no it's

From my second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it out if you want to Haven't posted in that in that uh Channel in a while because I've been so Busy with this Channel and all of the Personal readings but anyway take care Oh yeah don't forget that I am open for Personal readings If you want to book me information is in The description box below send me an Email first if you're unsure okay take Care of science hope to see you back Here again later or tomorrow bye

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