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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Other signs Virgo Taurus and Capricorn Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading for those of you dealing With someone who has suddenly pulled Away from you we're gonna find out why And for those of you who like to book a Personal reading with me information is In the description box below today is The 17th of January 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 702 am and please bear In mind that this is a collective Reading for Earth signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same Earth sign Now let's get your reading started space And Angels please show me four Earth Signs Virgo tourists in Capricorn Why did why did the person suddenly pull Away Hangman at the bottom of the deck even Though this person has pulled away the Page of swords in my verse for me Indicates they're still interested is Still keeping tabs on you and with page Of Wands here this person could be a Fire sign every Sagittarius or a Leo Temperance here is someone first six of Cups removers and the full year is the One first they might think that being With you is quite a big big risk okay Either because it has something to do With your past or it has something to do With their past okay or a past that both

Of you have experienced together Either one of these threes okay and then The temperance here is another verse so It doesn't quite sit well with this Person Um It feels like there's imbalance Um there's an imbalance but also maybe This harmony for somebody this person May pull away because Um both of you had Some disagreements okay but also I feel Like mainly six of Cups remember is in The full amount of verse I think they're Pulling away because of something to do Something that has to do with the past Yeah it may have something to do with Your past that doesn't have anything to Do with this person they're kind of like Ugh I'm not too sure Or it could be because of their own path You may have reminded them of their own Past mistakes right with the full year Among first or you could be remind you May have reminded them of their ex or You know maybe it's the way you look or Maybe it's the way you behave or act Um it could be because of anything but I Feel like it has something to do with It's definitely related to something From the past that they find it to be Like um risky or it could be a mistake Or a mistake that they do not want to Repeat okay

Wheel of Fortune is right here in Ace of Swords right here even if they're Pulling away Um or signs I feel like they will they Will talk to you eventually when they're Ready because the Wheel of Fortune here Indicates a change but also a change of Direction and there is a sword swords Indicates you know communication so they Will and the page is a messenger so I Feel like they've been thinking about Communicating with you but they could Just be waiting for the right time with The Wheel of Fortune here Another thing I'm getting here is that They may be pulling away because they Need to go and find themselves something That they're looking for right if you Look at the page of Wands he is standing It doesn't matter he or she not gender Specific like the standing in the desert So if you if you look at this desert Here most most of the time not saying All the time if you're in the desert or At a desert not in I don't know but Anyway Um it feels like Because if you're at a desert there's Nobody usually there's nobody Um unless you know you went there with Your friends or something but it feels Like the page of Wands it looks like He's alone he or she is alone right so It's like looking looking for an oasis

So if you're alone at a desert and if You're stranded if you're stuck whatever The case it could be you could most Likely people look for you you start Looking for an oasis I don't know if It's even real if it's even true but That's what I always relate to a deserts People looking for an oasis looking for Water and I feel like this is this Person perhaps looking for an oasis Perhaps looking for a little glimmer of Hope a little glimmer of light because With the hangman here you know it it's For some of them they could literally be Looking for it physically okay but for a Lot of them they could be looking for it Metaphorically where you know hangman Again candy kit somebody who is trying To gain some perspectives here in Regards to the situation so this page Could be way looking To be inspired looking for hope when you See an oasis from Far Far Away I've Never been to a desert before I'm just Imagining it from whatever movies I've Seen before Um that from far away when you see an Oasis there's hope you feel much happier And even even if it's so far away you You're gonna feel like you have more Energy to walk towards it Um you feel happier because you can Actually see it and you think that you Can actually reach it even if you cannot

Even if you need to crawl you're gonna Crawl to that always is because that's a Sign of hope that's a sign of life so I Feel like Earth Science Um your person may be pulling away from You because they could be looking for a Sign okay they could be looking for hope They could be looking for inspiration Um something that can make them feel Slightly more positive about this these Baggages from the past again these Packages can Maybe not have anything to do with if This is someone relatively new and they Find out just an example that maybe You've been married before maybe if kids Maybe you're much older than them maybe You have a different belief different Culture there's something that you know That belongs to you that comes with you That comes with a package that I think Maybe this person isn't that comfortable With okay so they could be looking for It for an Enlightenment okay with a page Of Wands here you know metaphorically Also they could be Reading something learning something Asking questions or Googling stuff right Looking I feel like it's looking looking For that again that Oasis that I was Talking about a sign of Hope a sign of Life because most of the time you see in Desert there's only desert right and Mostly I mean it's dry it's full of sand

Maybe you see cactuses again I've never Been to the desert before but you see Cactuses but you don't want to be the Stranded alone in the desert so maybe This person feels a little bit stranded In the situation that they feel there is No hope right now they cannot see they Cannot see how they can survive imagine If you're in a desert can you survive in A desert Alone by yourself with Maybe well he's not bringing anything With him Just that he's dressed pretty well so But you know I just feel like this person with a Wheel of Fortune here could also be Traveling if not their head their mind Could be traveling traveling all over The places or looking for answers asking Questions or you know Googling Um and then look Ace of Swords and I do I do read the sword as Um information as well communication Information so for some of them they may Be pulling away because they want to Gain some clarity right it's a sword Swords is indicates clarity as well Especially it's in an upright position And perhaps looking for Uh the purpose of this connection Looking for Um Again an Enlightenment if if this Connection could be successful will it

Be successful that's the thing because There's this a crown here and then the Wreath so they want to make sure 100 That This is going to be successful maybe They're pulling away because they're in Search for an answer right the Knight of Pentacles here is you they see your Worth this person sees your worth sees Your value sees that perhaps you have High standards And then the page of Swords here in one Verse but they want to know also if it's Too good to be true And maybe your past has something to do With it or maybe it's their past that Maybe it has nothing to do with you at All Um childhood trauma Something that just doesn't sit well With them they have not come to [Music] Um What's that word again They haven't come to a point where They're okay with their past or your Past or both of your past okay may have Been created by the both of you you know Three different groups of you and we've Got the easel ones here in our first Something that they do not kind of trust I I feel like they may be pulling away Because also with Acer wands and my Advice they're interested for sure

Because the page of ones is an upright Position but the Ace of ones in one Verse this may not be related to this Person it may be related to if you have Someone else or that they could be Looking if they'd be interested more in Someone else it could be that as well Right but they want to have this Clarity And no 100 for sure that That they are okay With these things with this past or They're okay With you being somebody very independent Or somebody who doesn't need them some Of them they could be insecure because They think maybe they've been left Before by somebody who is not who didn't Need them And perhaps you embody certain qualities About this person's X that could be their childhood trial Market any sorts of trauma Um because in that Pentacles again is a Very very independent energy so they may Be fearful of you being way too Independent and you would just leave Them because the page is a page two Pages here so they could be younger than You are or maybe then not as six not as Successful as you are so they're afraid You're gonna turn them down as well as The ones and one first have you heard of That Um saying or

I think it's very common Um some people will just leave you Before you could leave them I feel like That that could be the scenario here or Science it could be pulling away from You because they think you're gonna pull Away from them Eventually anyway right They could be feeling that you may find Out something about them as well That it's not gonna be that you might Feel that they're not good enough for You so The Wheel of Fortune again I do send Some feeling actually lucky to have met You but They could be questioning as well why Would you choose me you are the nine of Pentacles I'm just a page why would you Choose me right So they're pondering with that with that For a while here with the hangman Hangman is also a pause energy some of Them they may just wanna pause this Connection don't want it to move too Fast don't want it to you know turn into Something that they may relate to in the Past that may have made them feel like Like it was a mistake maybe they just Don't want to repeat certain mistakes From the past perhaps the way they Communicated or the way they treated you See again it all goes back to something From the past here so I'm sensing it may

Have something to do with the past Trauma Or again some of it's your your past Trauma or your past or both of the past Your past that both of you may have Created together They need time that's what I'm sensing Here are signs your person needs time And once they're ready it feels like They're gonna communicate communicate With you about the page of Swords among Verse the person could also be a Libra Chris I'm not sure if I already Mentioned that sagittarius virgo cap Contours Um can be nice Virgo Taurus Capricorn But I feel like they're still interested They're still watching you I think they Have all the intention to speak with you But until they feel much more subtle They feel much more Ready I would say when it's the right Time they will They'll come back and I'm sensing their Return and they'll communicate with you And this time when they communicate with You it will be with a lot of clarity Honesty And it might change the Dynamics of this Connection But it really depends how it goes Because the thing is The Wheel of Fortune it could turn anywhere anyway Right left to north south east west so

It really depends at this moment I feel Like it's just kind of like hanging in The air but the intention is there to Speak with you again the intention is to Maybe get this connection a chance a Second chance they need to be clear this Person needs to be clear once Well maybe they need time to clear their Mind too yeah Because again the page of swords in my Voice just trying to gain a lot of Information First about you and maybe it's something That they may have found out about you As well nine of Pentacles that perhaps You're doing well for yourself or that You have a lot of admirers Or there's something that I feel Um some of you has nothing to do with You you don't have a problem nine of Pentacles here you're good I think it's them the other ones being Suspicious they're the they're the ones Who don't kind of trust you And for some of you maybe this person Could have pulled over because you told Them something told them the truth or For some of you you may have cut this Person off You may have told them something that I Feel made them kind of change their mind A little bit here okay something about Yourself or something about your past All right are signs of freckled Horrors

In Capricorn this is your reading hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below don't Forget there are so many videos that I've posted uh and these videos are very Very new because I post them every Single day twice a day even Um click on that one daily readings That's the one with all of the videos With different topics and different Questions and then there's another Playlist it says Asia this one is from My second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it out if you want to as Well anyway take care of science hope to See you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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