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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Capricorn welcome to my channel and Welcome to your bonus reading my name is Chelsea thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to get you some important love Messages that you need to hear today and Today is the 8th of December time is 0 8 19 a.m Bali Indonesia Let's get our reading started cap Spirits and Angels please show me Important love messages that Capricorn Needs to hear today The emperor at the bottom of the deck Some of you could be dealing with an Aries So we've got the lovers here this Indicates a choice an ace of Pentacles This for me can be an indication of an Offer for some of you this has already Been offered to you for some of you this Is going to be an offer in the near Future but we've also got the 901s here So an offer is coming in For a lot of you Um an offer that I feel is serious is Committed But there is some fear here with the 901s either you or this person fear of Love fear of being in love fear of Committing but there's enough either you Are offering it to someone or someone is Offering it to you but the queen of Cups And Rob first can indicate maybe this

Person is not 100 sure maybe it's you Not 100 sure in your heart if this could If this could be the one if this is the Right person for you or right partner For you or if you should accept this off Offer or not so there's two swords here Again indicates in this session right Um someone here could be or this person Feeling indecisive whether to accept This offer or not Um and another message I'm getting here Is that accepting this offer meaning Needing to also reject another offer so Some of you it's two options uh it could Be you having that two options or your Person having that two options so four Swords here is someone first candidate a Lot of restlessness here and thinking a Lot I'm trying to make a decision here Because it does feel like in order to Make a choice someone else will don't Get hurt okay that means it could also Indicate a third-party situation someone Choosing one person and having to let go The other person in order to be with That person Okay so we've got the two of Cups here and then we've got a four cups So there is definitely a delay in Somebody accepting this offer of Love or Commitment Yeah this commitment it really depends Yeah depending where you're at right now With your person some of you it's an Offer to be in a relationship with some

Of you it's an offer to Get married you know because Ace of Pentacles can indicate a ring like a Proposal and then the emperor is Somebody older or somebody more mature Or somebody whom is ready or wanting to Become a dad or to be responsible Someone in search of somebody whom they Can spend the rest of their life with so There's a bit of a you see the Ember and Then we've got the queen here the queen Here is Simone first so I feel like one Person is super ready while the the Other person may not be really that Ready yet some of you it's whether I'm Ready to have a kid or not to have a Baby or not whether you're ready to have A baby or not okay you or this person Again could go vice versa some of you It's whether Someone here is ready for commitment Already for marriage for those of you Involved again in a third party Situation sometimes the lovers can Indicate an affair so there could be Someone Afraid that somebody is going to have an Affair with somebody else Um wondering If Because you see the Ace of once in my Verse for those of you cap Um I don't know whether it's you or this Person but there's this energy of

This person hasn't been passionate Towards me or hasn't really Hasn't really initiated sex with me or Being affectionate towards me I wonder If they have someone else if they're Getting it somewhere else I don't know Where this message is coming from Um that's what I'm getting here on a as A site message here okay But I feel like the emperor there's somebody Here whom is ready to commit right ready To offer a commitment Because Ace of Pentacles it's pretty Serious and it looks like It's sustainable it's solid it's a Pretty solid Um A pretty solid offer here so we got These seven of Swords that's the numbers On the world for those of you involved With somebody in the past or currently Who may have lied to you cheated on you And both of your connection may have Ended I do sense that Um This person This person may come in and then ask Either ask you out or give you something Here I feel like as soon as they can feel That you are kind of like withdrawing Pulling back this is when this person is Gonna like try and give you something

A little bit of something or reach out To you okay And this person may act as though with a Page of one team up first and the Emperor here as though they've grown up As as though they've stepped up but I Kind of doubt it okay Because of the seven of Sword takea Naked deception But this person may tell you that you Know they've changed they want a Commitment with you or I do sense this person wanting Commitment with you there's one person Here cap Um Kobe and X either they are married Currently married okay some of you if You're dealing with someone who is Married okay Um Only for those of you if you're Currently Dealing with someone who is married this Person may offer you a little something As in proposed to you as in you know I I'm married and you don't have my Responsibilities with a higher fund here And the Um Emperor but we can but you can be my Side chick something like that okay or You might you can be my mistress I see That kind of offer coming in for some of You okay But also could be a new offer with Ace

Of Pentacles with somebody completely New And if some of you may have to choose Between two or this person may have to Choose between you and somebody else All right it looks like a very Complicated setup here uh tap Very strong fire I'm seeing you could be Dealing with a fire sign water sign by SN a research test Leo or the heights Kansas Scorpio Heart-to-heart conversations with Someone is going to reach out to you and Want wanting to speak with you speaking Of an X release your ex person X room is Going to come back in and maybe offer You something some sort of arrangement That I feel Spirits could be encouraging You This encouraging you to not Or should I say discouraging you from Accepting this offer okay Um keep an open mind And the wedding C could be a proposal For some of you if you're currently Connected with someone this person may Be proposing to you Um to get married But some of your wedding candy cane Maybe this is someone you are married to Or were married to in the past so you Keep an open mind here so there's Somebody out there for those of you Single

Um for those of you who are single Capricorn especially saying to keep your Open mind about somebody who could be Coming into your life Um in the future this person may be very Different from your usual type or you May meet this person unexpectedly okay Cap this your reading hope you resonated In some way shape or form if you did Please hit like share and subscribe I'm Gonna Leave You with a couple of Playlists on the screen right now Um these playlists are from my second One of it is from my second channel it's A travel Vlog Channel check it out if You want to and the second playlist is From this channel has all of the Readings that I've done for you and for The rest of the signs with different Topics and different questions but these Readings are still new so they're still Relevant because I post them every Single day right after I'm done with all The readings I'll upload these videos Anyway take care of cap I hope to see You back here again tomorrow bye

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