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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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So earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To find out who's coming towards you in Love and for those of you like the book A personal reading with me information Is in the description box below today is The first of February 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 7 7 13 a.m please bear In mind that this is a collective Reading for Earth signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same Earth sign All right now let's get your reading Started Spirits and Angels please show me for Earth science Virgo tourists in Capcom What's coming towards Earth signs when It comes to love There's so many six of cups King Of Wands about first at the bottom Of the deck Okay for those of you who are signs if You are absolutely single single okay Six of Cups indicates a soulmate Connection feels like Um you're gonna be meeting this person And the moon here indicates there's some Mystery surrounding it but you're gonna Find out with the high persistium up First but it could also indicate maybe This is somebody you haven't met yet Okay but he or she is actually waiting

About to be revealed with the high Priestess here in my verse hmm This connection could turn into the full Ones that means marriage or moving in Together a stable relationship and three Of swords here in one first this Person's energy feels really healing to Me maybe both of you will Um heal with each other a bit of a Trauma bonding I'm seeing here and then We've got the full envelope first I feel Like both of you will open up about your Mistakes both of your mistakes in the Past we've got the Queen of Swords here But I don't see I don't see you being Gullible about this though because a lot Of you are signs you are very Experienced when it comes to love Relationships you may have had a past Right that may have Um turn you into someone very guarded so I see you not being even though six of Cups it feels good this connection feels Good but You will still be a little bit guarded Yeah and the seminal swords here I'm Always in the seven of Pentacles I see You observing this person this person Will also be observing you wondering if One another can be trusted only if you Are completely single it feels like There's someone coming in here that um Most of you are signs you haven't met This person yet some of you may have

Okay a small portion of you because the Moon also can indicate something that is Uh Obscure something that is you know still Like an illusion uh Because it's dark as well but then There's a bit of a light here so for Some of you yeah maybe a small portion Of you maybe you've already met this Person but a big portion of you Earth Signs I think you haven't met this Person yet okay Unless the moon candicate doubts as well Both of you are going to be doubting Each other because it's been hurt before Been lied to cheated on before been used Before in the past made a lot of Mistakes here the Fool In Reverse so Whatever the case is I feel like there's Someone coming towards your signs and Some of you maybe he or she is already Here but there's a lot of observations Going on seven of Pentacles because I Think you don't want to make the same Mistake again or this person doesn't Want to make the same mistake again There'll be a little bit of a reluctance To Where the king of Wands Universe to Um commit right away okay and another Thing I'm seeing another storyline I'm Seeing here is science again just say Whatever resonates with you can indicate Somebody returning you know six of Cups

Here maybe this is somebody who couldn't Commit or wasn't really in your life Consistently Um could be an in and out energy or Somebody who finds it really hard to Commit but Four wands here there's a return but the Moon here also can indicate perhaps There are again doubts uncertainties About healing this connection and There's a lot of observation going on Again if for those of you are science You've been waiting for somebody to Return to you I think it's gonna take Longer than you would like it to be Um because the key ones is a more verse That means this person is not taking any Actions as of right now it feels like It's being delayed Because someone may not want to make the Miss a mistake of reconciling with the Fool and I say someone that means could Be you or the other person The High Priestess here I'm a verse just these Two energy the moon and the hypers Discount makes me feel that I really want to return six of Cups but I'm uncertain about it And maybe I'm paranoid with a hyper System of first yeah a bit of a parano I Do read the hypersystem my verse as some Sort of paranoia especially when it's Right next to the moon and then the full Hero verse paranoid of making the same

Mistake again or making a mistake Reconciling with the four ones for those Of you if you are thinking about Reconciling with your person from your Past but Um I don't see this person actually taking Any actions right away Not at the moment I see a lot of doubts A lot of waiting again observing seven Of Pentacles Um thinking whether they should Whether they should heal this connection Or not it could be you but I feel like This energy of you know seven of Swords Looking at the seven of sorry Queen of Swords look at the seven of Swords here In one verse makes me feel that Someone it could be you're this person If this has something to do with an ex Returning someone might be a little bit Too I wouldn't say rigid but a little bit Too Stern can't bend kind of an energy So there will be some fear surrounding What if I have to do everything that he Or she says And I won't have my space and I will Just have to you know kind of listen to This person because the Queen of Swords Again is like somebody who has her Guards up doesn't matter he or she is Not gender specific but it's energy like You must do what I say so I don't know

About it I feel like this person may not Know if he or she could handle this Reconciliation else they're gonna be Your simp that's what I'm hearing They're gonna end up being a simp if They were to agree or if they were to Reach out to want to reconcile that's The one I'm getting here that's for some Of you yeah Hmm so there's no action taking as of Right now in terms of a past person if That's what you've been waiting for for Those Earth signs Um We could be wondering if some of your Pets is going to return or not I'm Seeing I'm seeing the intention is there But I'm seeing a lot of Um holding back as well indecision Confusion with the moon fearing of Making that mistake of reconciling okay Or initiating a Reconciliation through The Pentacles here's the one first and We've got the narrow swords Queen of Pentacles this is you that's good you're In an upright position full swords and More first and the Eight of Cups and my First send also the lovers Heroes and Lovers See a lot of reversals that means there Is a delay in someone returning to you Or wanting to reconcile with you for Those of you looking for that but if You're single you know the Queen the

Queen always has a king supposed to have A king we've got two queens here So full source remover is like finally Feeling like restless and wanting to get Things moving uh but still kind of stuck Here Eight of Cups in one first In terms of a choice that somebody has Made It could be this person who has made a Choice or it could be you but just Feeling there's this energy of Feeling Did I did I did I make the right choice Is this a Restless energy right and it Could cut some obviously for those of You wondering if someone from your past Has moved on or not no this person Hasn't moved on yet but for some of you Um you may also be second guessing if You set your priorities Um If you set if you have set the right Priorities yeah for those of you are Signs if you're just way too busy Working screen protocols is a queen of Money way too busy working focusing on Some like work and you prioritize work And maybe time especially the older Earth signs that's what I'm getting the Older are signs that have been Dedicating the almost all of their life In their career in your work and then Kind of putting love in a back burner or Not really prioritizing love for some of

You that's just for some of you the Older ones and clock is the clock is Ticking that's what I'm seeing here Because the lovers and numbers looks Like and feels like something biological Like someone's biological is clicking Um And there could be some worries in Regards to that yeah because of the Nano Souls here on first Which is definitely saying you know um For those of you who are scientists to Take some risks because the full year is In one verse the Moon is like you never Know kind of thing right put yourself Out there take some risks and don't be Too rigid here with the Queen of Swords Kind of open up a little bit more with The high Precision one verse open to Possibilities open to different kind of Partners different kind of people open To different type of environment perhaps You'll meet somebody six of Cups who Will be who would understand you for who You are and there's definitely an Understanding energy so if you do put Yourself out there for those of you Single and been single for a while there Could be somebody here but you also need To take actions on your behalf you need You need to also take actions and meet The universe in the middle and just be More open-minded that's what I'm seeing Here okay

All right our science Virgo Taurus and Capcom is your reading hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe if you like to watch more of These videos that I've already posted There are all nice like uh no they're on My playlist it's titled daily readings And these readings I post them every Single day at different timings so you May have missed it and um Upload them right away so they are Definitely definitely fresh and new Readings okay and also Um I'm open for personal readings if you Like to book me my information is in the Description box below Um I've added few more options to book Me for personal reading to send me an Email and then I'll reply you with Details as soon as I can and last but Not least I'm going to leave you with Another playlist it's title Asia it's From my second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check check it out too if You want all right take care earth Science Virgo Taurus in Capricorn I hope To see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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