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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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My earth science Virgo Taurus and Capcom Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea And this reading for those of you in a Third party love triangle situation We're gonna find out what's the most Likely outcome of this situation for Those of you who like to book a personal Reading with me information is in the Description box below today is the 28th Of January 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 11 35 PM please bear in Mind that there's a collective reading For earth science and if you were to Finally got it to watch this video this Message is meant for you even if you're Dealing with the same Earth sign all Right now let's get your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me four Earth signs Virgo Taurus and Capricorn A third party love triangle situation What's the most likely outcome Nine of Cups this is a wish fulfillment Card so your wish is going to come true And we've got the sun here the second Card that came out so it's a positive Outcome but the magician here says that You need to play your cards well that Means because the magician Can be a little bit manipulative not Saying that you have to be manipulative But if you really want your person if You're in a third-party situation where Your person has somebody else if you Really want it bad enough

Um You can actually have your person all For yourself but it looks like it takes A lot of work patience 10 on wands here And also there will be a lot of Uncertainties with the moon here and Also we've got the eight of swords and The five of cups Hmm and also page of Wands so your Person who could be putting you in a Third party situation Uh most likely it's a fire sign or an Earth sign like you are okay A bit of a Water here I'm seeing but definitely a Strong fire sign every Sagittarius or a Leo I think of an off will be made with a Page of Pentacles here this page of Pentacles kind of makes me feel like An offer of like a friendship or a small Little offer maybe your person is gonna Offer you something here that you might Need to think about it with either story You know it may not be exactly what you Want but it is a start I feel like This this reading is only for those of You if your person puts you in a third Party situation with somebody else okay And then we've got the moon here I think you will have a you I think you Have doubts in regards to this offer Being made to you Um It's like either

Let's be friends first friends with Benefits it could mean that Um But the Son and the magician here and The Ten of ones if you hang in there If you be friends with this person first I think you could actually end up Getting what you want that's what I'm Seeing here okay but always use your Better judgment let's say General Reading four Swords here is General First And again five of cups in a page of Wands and maybe something that they're Gonna be offering to you offering it to You but in the beginning part of it it May not be something that you want fully Because the offer is small but the Interest is there like it could become Something more and especially if this is Like someone relatively new Um And they already have somebody Or could be you know I mean I guess it's Normal to keep your options open Some of you could be because this person Is keeping the options open and wanting To just be friends first and see how it Goes Um but Um I feel like with the nine of Cups and The sun here if you really really want This person for yourself I think it

Could It could happen okay I'm not saying 100 But it could happen because magician Here indicates that you need to really Manifest Um this person or play your cards right Basically be smart at it and with the Moon here basically just Go with the flow because the moon Indicates uncertainty so When something is uncertain and it's Complete out of control you just have to Go with the flow and that's actually a Smart thing to do that's what I'm saying Sensing you with the magician this Magician the moon combination we've got The Pagel wands I think I think this person or science is gonna Continue sweet talking you or Saying the things that you kind of want To hear but Same time I keep getting this energy or science if You play your cards well And if you really really want this Person you're kind of hang in there with The Ten of Wands Like it could turn into something that You're gonna be very happy about look at The full ones here And I feel like this reading is very Very specific and it's definitely not For all of you

See the whole front here is a mob first And we've got the four Pentacles in one First That means somebody is gonna get caught Or somebody will reveal Maybe a person is going to reveal to the Other person the third party Telling them that maybe They're actually seeing someone else on The side which is you Or maybe they'll lie about it too I mean Some of them they may tell the truth Some of them they might just kind of Sugarcoat it the horrifying reverse Indicates a separation but then we've Got the four ones here so the hierophone Feels a bit longer while the four ones Feels a little bit newer like a newish Energy so letting go four Pentacles a Month first so for those of you if you Are caught in a love triangle situation I do see your person will end up Releasing this connection that they Thought would be the one that they would Want to commit full-time or long term And then follow the desire here with the Page of Wands To create a Foundation create some sort of stability With you would make things a bit more Official between two or before once can Also indicate marriage but then the very Funniest movies so that's I because of The surrounding criteria it makes me

Feel like they're gonna cut off someone That third party and they're gonna Follow because the Acer ones is also Very new energy And this indicates again passion and Desire and so I feel like your person is Gonna Fulfill their desire to be with you Because it feels like You know once is a very attractive Energy so whoever he or she is most Attracted to that excites them the most That's the person is gonna go for that's The person he's gonna choose or she's Gonna choose okay I just keep sensing it's like okay who Knows it could go vice versa but It's a newer energy it feels like Someone is gonna choose the newer person That excites them the most And possibly let go of the higher fund Here among first let go of otherwise Like a more conventional typical kind of A connection or relationship okay State how you would like to resonate Um So it looks like it's going to be hard With the 10 of Wands here but then it's Going to be well worth it with a moon I Started with the With the sun and then with the magician Somebody may want to have their kick and Eat it too in the beginning part but Then it's gonna here she's gonna find

Out or realize that it's actually super Hard to want to have the kick and eat it Too perhaps we'll have to choose one Person to offer this commitment to So I'm getting this Earth signs if Somebody has somebody on the side Again who knows he could go vice versa Here That person is gonna choose that That the new the newer energy the new Newer person okay Somebody might also end up getting Caught here with the seven of Sultana Verse or somebody may decide to tell the Truth Because the Heart Wants What It Wants With the nine of cups Cups in the kids Feelings heart and an ace of ones it's Like this energy where it's more Exciting And someone will get disappointed with The Five of Cups here Because obviously somebody needs to Choose one person somebody will get cut Off and I feel like An offer will be made But The outcome is kind of Uncertain again With the moon here it feels kind of like An offer or signs if you're the one Being put into the party situation and Your person leaves the other person for You And wait when they reach out to you and

They tell you they've left the other Person You may you may or may not even accept It okay some of you if you want it you Can have this person with a magician and A son But if you don't want it you're gonna Just end up disappointing them So I'm sensing Two different groups of you because Pedro wants it's like this person will Say to you I want you I want you the Most so I'm choosing to be with you There's a chance that you might not even Accept it you might take some time to Think about it you might end up uh Disappointing this person Because the moon here maybe you see Certain things maybe you're doubtful of This connection of or of this person But then again on the other hand Earth Signs but if you really really want this Person he or she is yours okay Okay I feel like this reading is super Specific and it's not for all of you but If you somehow resonated in some way Shape or form don't forget to hit like Share and subscribe Um and if you like to watch more of my Readings that I've already posted but With different topics different Questions click on the daily readings Playlist Um it has all of the readings that I

Post every single day and I upload them Right away so they are very fresh very New And also I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below There are a few options that I've added Into booking a personal reading with me You can check them out And to send me an email and reply you With all the details that you need to Know okay And last but not least I'll leave you With also one playlist on the screen Right now it's from my second channel It's a travel Vlog Channel you can click On it takes you to my second Channel And again if you want to binge watch the Rest of the other readings I've already Posted recently you can either click on Daily readings or videos alright take Care of signs Virgo Taurus and Capricorn Hope to see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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