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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Or signs Virgo Taurus and Capricorn Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out Who's thinking heavily about you right Now and why for those of you like the Book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below today is the 1st of February 2023 Time here in Bali Indonesia is 1206 uh zero six pm Please bear in mind that is a collective Reading for earth science and if you Were to finally got it to watch this Video this message is meant for you even If you're dealing with the same Earth Sign all right now let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me full Earth signs Virgo Taurus and Capricorn Who's thinking heavily about our signs Right now and why Just as in a verse at the bottom of the Deck Okay so this person can be any sign Actually I'm seeing Libra Aquarius Scorpio Leo Aries Sagittarius Taurus can be any sign the way this Person is very unhappy right now Nana Cups and one first feels like there's Something that they want from you but They're not getting it because the death Cutter is here so there is like a Certain roadblock like a block Um a block where with the moon here they

Feel a little bit pessimistic in regards Of something that they want of you or Want from you that they're not getting Because the wish fulfillment card here Is everyone first so their Wish isn't Being fulfilled and I think again that They could be sad feeling sad or unhappy About Think the Korean energy with the Standard tunnel ones feels like it's Really hard for them to Have you or get something from you Because excuse me the stock indicate you Know someone feeling like it's too Out Of Reach maybe you know you are somebody Completely out of the elite League or It's just really difficult with the Tenor ones here to either feel like it's Something that they want okay they want You or they want something from you so This person could be thinking heavily in Regards of something that they wish for But then it's hard for them to get it With the 10 ones and also with moon here Feeling like pessimistic not a cups here My first Kind of like there's this energy of them Wanting but can't have it so they want Something from you or they want you but They can't help have you Um and then the higher funding is right Here and we've also got the temperance They could be thinking heavily in Regards of your status too so the higher

Fund you know to me it's definitely and Plus the star this combination feels Like some sort of a status so they could Be thinking heavily in regards of a Certain status that you have that you're At right now whether you are somebody Better looking or somebody Or some or you could be a celebrity Popular or Um or that you are somebody more Successful than they are or it could be Because of marriage or you're maybe Attached to someone it could be that as Well so something that they feel is Really unattainable in regards to you And they're trying to be very patient With the temperance here but also at the Same time feels like the temperance has Something to do with them just thinking You're just too good yeah too good too Out Of Reach too unattainable and we've Got these several ones here and my first Could be thinking you have the in Regards of how can I even fight for for Us and how can I even fight for this It's completely out of my league it's Complete out of my Ability it could be that as well and We've got the strength here in one first Yep lack of Courage so this person Could be thinking you have the Immigrants of how the lack of courage or That maybe they just have a low Self-esteem and maybe they could be

Comparing themselves to you and they Seem really unattainable it could be due To against status or Or Um achievement or that you're just too Good of a person with the temperance Because the temperance is an angel and That they can't quite match up to your Energy and for some of it could be Because you are recently attached or That you could be married Um it could be because of anything or That you have told this person you want To be celibate or that you're not Interested and it could be due to Religion situation is what religion Issues I'm not gonna have sex until I Get married or someone very very Extremely religious it could be that it Could be any of these things yeah but Overall the theme of this reading here Is that This person just thinks that you are Unattainable for some reason in one way Or another okay let's see more And for some of you that card can Indicate a separation if you're Separated from this person it could be An X or it could be an ex-friend Somebody you used to be connected to Um that maybe the connection is no Longer active with the death here so This person could be thinking heavily Irregardative also with a star here too

Ask for forgiveness or wanting to seek Closure or want to wanting to give you Closure you know the heart and candy Cake lessons being learned learning Something so they could be thinking Heavily in regards of the separation Um has made them learn something right And they are becoming somebody different Because these are major kind of so Something about some changes here that Perhaps they could be realizing they Have changed ever since a separation or Unless it's you or signs this person Will be thinking heavily in regards of How you have changed successfully like Change for the better because the star Here indicates renewal as well so Something about you may have changed and This person will be thinking heavily in Regards to that but it's a good change Not a bad change and I think with the 10 Ones if you're separated from this Person because if you know they find it Really hard to move on but lack of Courage to actually you know ask for Forgiveness or apologize or to renew This connection Yeah sorry about my throat So we've got the foul swords in my voice Came particles and that of thoughts it Feels like this is somebody you have Been upset with before okay in the past Or still could be currently uh Paige Pinnacle so maybe this person is upset

With you you know Um This person again could be a fire sign Aries Sagittarius Leo Virgo Capricorn Taurus some of you could be in the same Gender relationship because you know There are two kings here not saying one King and one Emperor doesn't matter it's Not gender specific but yeah I do see Some of it could be in the same general Relationship and with this person here In the past perhaps some issues in Regards of settling down in regards to Um commitment or maybe some Disagreements here with Knight of Swords Arguments some drama five of Sword CML First justice system offers so it could Be because of this unconventional type Of connection that could have led to a Separation as well that's for some of You so this person could be thinking Heavily in regards of Um how you know They wish it could be official the wish This could be you know taken to the next Level unfortunately it can't because of Certain obstacles again it could be Because of gender situation gender Issues same gender issues so it could be Because of marriage or it could be Because of Um Somebody's inability to commit Um also because somebody could feel kind

Of insecure with the moon here in Regards to Um the other person okay doing better Than than the other person so and them So the emperor here can indicate a Person who could be an Aries so this Person I feel like is somebody who who Is constantly wanting to be in control And doesn't really want to show their Weaknesses Um even though they do feel deeply for You with the moon here okay so our signs This is somebody I feel could be feeling Sad But has emotions for you Um however there's something that they Could they're trying to control the Situation by not actually doing anything About it okay I hope that makes sense to You the page of Pentacles they could be Thinking heavily in regards of talking To you as well but afraid with the Knight of Swords that you know that Maybe you wouldn't listen to them or Maybe you would greet them with Hostility maybe they will have a certain Reaction Um that they that they may not want to See okay All right science I'm sorry about my Voice Virgo Taurus and Capricorn this is Your reading I hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe if you like

To watch more of these videos Um that I've been posting every single Day and uploaded it I uploaded it like Right away so they are fresh and new They're not all readings or old news Okay Um you can click on daily readings on The Um Play this right now I'm sure I'm pretty Sure it's there if it's not there they Can click on videos and you'll see all Of the videos that I've posted with Different topics and different questions And for those of you who like to book me For a personal reading my information is In the description box below you can Yeah you can send me an email I've added Few extra options for your convenience And last but not least there's another Playlist that I'm leaving you on the Screen right now it will take you to my Second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it out if you want to all Right take care or science bye

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