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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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High Earth signs Virgo Taurus and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we are going To find out what is your person's next Action towards you to book a personal Reading with me all information is in The description box below Today is the 19th of March 2023 time Here in Genoa Italy is 1 33 p.m please Bear in mind that there's a collective Reading for Earth signs and if you were Divinely guided to watch this video this Message is meant for you even if you're Dealing with the same Earth sign all Right now let's get your reading started Spritz and Angels please show me for Virgo Taurus and Capricorn What's the person's next action towards Them King of Swords at the bottom of the deck Some of you you may have two or three People on your mind right now But uh We've got I'm getting like two different people Two or three different people just they Were resonates with you so the messages Can kind of Um overlap each other okay Um we've got the four Swords one person Four Swords judgment in reverse and a Tower here this is that one person that I feel Um home is not gonna do anything not

Gonna do anything At least not Not in the near future okay no no action Towards you because they're taking a Rest they're taking a break judgment him A verse is an indication of them Thinking maybe it's a bad judgment call For me to take any actions towards Virgo Taurus and Capricorn and uh the tower Here maybe it will make things worse That's the first person that I'm seeing Right now okay and then we've got a Second person here Wheel of Fortune Number first Aries energy with the Emperor it sticks the ones and my verse A very stubborn energy right So this energy I feel like Um see look at the emperor sitting down Wanting to be sitting down in his power Maybe this person wants power Um also again a very stubborn energy and Don't want to lose face with the 601 CM Reverse don't want to feel embarrassed Um there's something about Feel like this the second person is Embarrassed And also because of stubbornness Um to take actions towards you to do Anything about it because the Wheel of Fortune here is also an obvious so this Is a stuck energy right but for some of You maybe this this the exact same Person as the first one that I mentioned To you earlier on just one second

Excuse me no I'm still recovering from Being sick And then we've got the page of Pentacles Three of Cups now we've got the five of Pentacles in one verse this could be the Third person that I feel Um Virgo tourist and Capricorn that's One more person I think this is a Younger energy this person can be Younger than you are could be in Virgo Taurus Capricorn could be a Pisces or a Scorpio I feel like this person might Speak with you okay a page is a Messenger offer you something or speak With you reaching out to you Apologize to you could be any of these Things but definitely reaching out to You or giving you something or offering You something okay Three cups three cups is a socializing Card also a reunion card celebration Card so this could be that that this Younger person this younger energy or if They're not younger that means maybe They look young okay or young spirited So I feel like the third person will Take action towards you in terms of Communicating with you in regards to Either reconciling Getting Back Together Both of you separated if not To see each other again to date again if This is a newish person a newer person Your energy could indicate that Sometimes as a page just just say what

Resonates with you but this person wants To see you again okay the next action is Towards you is to pass you out on a date Or ask to get back together both of you Are separated or to speak with you but Definitely wanting to see you again yeah Because look at these people that are Looking at each other they are in close Proximity physically so it feels like Um this third person may want to see you Again may want to suggest or will Suggest to meet up may suggest to go on A date you know Together uh to ask to go on a date with You we've got the five Pentacles here And refers so it's a trying card I feel Like sorry about that my camera just Shut off on its own Um but the King of Swords The King of Swords is that I feel like The King of Swords could belong to the Same person as well because the King of Swords is somebody very cold calculative Calculated Um Also this energy of like I cannot show Two Virgo Taurus in Capricorn that I am Sweating like I must be sitting in my Power must have control Over myself over the situation So it makes me feel like there could be A couple of people or one or three at One two or three okay some of you I get A feeling for recent readings

A lot of signs have multiple people yeah Not just one or it could be separated to Different groups okay just take what Resonates with you we're gonna pull out More cards I hope I didn't miss anything I just noticed the camera just went off By itself just now but hope you know it Recorded everything I hope I realized That just in time so that could be some Missing parts of this reading Um If there is You know why okay but anyway got the United cups and I've got the horrified Uh Virgo Taurus Capricorn it feels like This person Loves you you see they're not a cops This person loves you this person has Feelings for you Don't really want to show it could be a Pisces Kansas Scorpio Levi Gemini Aquarius the higher font This person could be religious or could Be quite serious their work could be Quite serious or a very loyal energy I'm Seeing here also a bit of a romantic Person romantic but super super serious I'm getting a very serious energy so I Feel like this person may this could be The third person yeah for some of you it Could be a third group The third group there's this energy Where This person wants to take the

Relationship to the next level the Connection to the next level wanting to Show you or express to you love but But not just a fleeting kind of love it Feels serious okay so you may have this Third person who may want to take the Relationship or the connection to the Next level Overall if this all belongs to one Person I do see this energy of a Suggestion let's reconcile let's Celebrate let's get engaged or let's get Married okay and because the emperor is Also somebody Very uh serious somebody who is Responsible same goes to this King here This person is like oh I don't know this Energy like I'm very serious I'm here to Stay I've been thinking a lot about Virgo towards Capricorn and the Um The tower here makes me feel like it's An Awakening I'm realizing now that I Want to be with Virgo Taurus and Capricorn I don't care about anybody else I can't Look at anybody else I just wanna Be with Virgo Taurus Capricorn this Could be that third person Okay the Third Energy or that's the group for you guys Nine of Cups the next action is to do Something that's going to make them Really happy this is their wish

Their wish is to Be with you be reconciled with you to be Married to you marrying you be a Responsible person this person is in Love with you Nine plus one here right That's ten of Cups so this person is Going to To ask You to marry them Not Stephanie what I'm seeing here okay For some of you you know again I feel Like there are a few different groups of You so Just say what resonate with you take Care Virgo tourism cap on this your Reading and I hope you resonated in some Way shape or form if you did please hit Like share and subscribe I'm open for Personal readings if you like to book me My information is in the description box Below And don't forget to hit on the Bell Notification button uh so you'll be Notified every time when I post your Videos don't forget to also subscribe to Both of my channels Chelsea Love Tarot And Chelsea 2.0 all right take care for Go towards Capricorn hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow bye

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