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  • How to Easily Read the Minor Cards

    How to Easily Read the Minor Cards

    There are lots of arguments about the Minor Tarot Deck and some readers ignore them, preferring only to use the Major cards. Certainly the Major cards appear to be more dramatic, focused, specific and emphatic but when a reading includes the Minor cards this heightens the meanings of the Major cards, putting them into the right perspective. Without the Minor cards a reading can easily be too overwhelming, plunging the questioner into a major soap opera. Correctly used, the Minor cards add vital light and shade, touches of everyday reality and also many small but vital features not touched on or brushed over by the big-hitting Major deck. For beginners though, the 56 Minor cards can be a daunting prospect to learn and to read, without referring to a crib sheet, so here is a flying start. The 21 Major cards are unusual and their main aspects quickly remembered. Once you have grown used to these cards, look again at the cards from 1 (The Magician) to 10 (The Wheel of Fortune). The Fool stands apart and cards 11 through 21 represent more evolved states. The 10 human conditions which are represented in the first half of the Major deck are repeated in each of the four suits pip cards (which are of course 1 to 10). Thus the Magician is represented by each Ace, the High Priestess by each 2, the Empress by each 3 etc. When you know the Major cards 1 to 10, you also know 40...

  • Tarot Card Meanings: The Star, The Moon, and The Sun

    Tarot Card Meanings: The Star, The Moon, and The Sun

    The Star The Star is the number seventeenth card of the Major arcana. Numerologically No 1 + 7 = 8 indicates action, movement and swiftness. And it is associated with astrological sign of Aquarius. Some people call it wish card too which always give encouraging news that difficult period is over and difficult situation will improve and also sometimes dreams come true. There is one big star with eight points say work associated with strength and justice and number eight tells action, stability and persistence. Seven stars around one big star indicate seven planets. Pouring water indicates the inexhaustible source and supply of Water of Life. The eight pointed star with the other stars radiate with the sense of peace. If you are facing problems in life like bad health, a dead end job or difficult and stressful relationship; the appearances of the Star indicates positive changes and tells you the situation will improve and continue getting better. The star also suggests you to keep balance between other areas of life. For example; paying attention to your family; fulfilling work commitments; enjoying active social life and taking care of your health. Star is the card of birth of infinite possibilities of life. This is an extremely optimistic card which brings hope renewal of trust and faith and unexpected gifts. New enterprises will have chance of good success. With above positivity the star denotes artistic and educational matters too and promises success in these endeavours. Travels are also indicated with this...

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