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  • How to Shuffle and Layout Tarot Cards

    How to Shuffle and Layout Tarot Cards

    Tarot is a deeply personal form of divination and self-healing, and so there are many different answers to how to shuffle and lay out Tarot cards, from very simple to highly elaborated rituals. Over time each practitioner of the Tarot develops its own particular style, but if you are just starting to explore the Tarot you may find it useful to consider the following possibilities of how to shuffle and lay out Tarot cards. Rituals To Start A Tarot Reading In order to attract the right energies to a Tarot reading and create the right mental attitude, many people find it useful to say a small prayer, light a candle and possibly burn some incense or aromatic oil that is beneficial for meditation and clairvoyance. You will need a flat surface to lay out the cards, such as a coffee table, which you can cover using the same silk cloth that can be used later to wrap the cards and protect them from negative energies. Clear your mind and focus on the cards, relax and try to leave the noise and activity of your day to day life behind for a while. Shuffling The Cards While focusing on your question, shuffle the cards (or make the querent do it, if the reading is for somebody else). Most people prefer to use their non dominant hand to do this, as it puts the cards under the influence of your subconscient or higher self. There's not a fixed amount of times the...

  • Tarot Card Decks Used In Psychic Reading

    Tarot Card Decks Used In Psychic Reading

    The Tarot is a deck of cards that has been used as a form of divination for over 500 years. The Tarot was used as a type of game in Italy. The deck was quickly adapted for use as a way to tell the future. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was one of the first occult groups to make the Tarot popular. The Tarot is the most popular divination tool in the West. Some of the Tarot decks used today are: The Ator Tarot This is a whimsical take on the Rider Waite Tarot. It depicts adorable characters that make this deck a good choice for those looking for a new and refreshing look at divination. The Benedetti Tarot Is a deck that is painted on gold leaf. The Visconti Tarot inspired this deck. This deck is the choice of psychic readers who want to bring a bit of elegance to the reading. The Cat People Tarot Gives a glimpse of lands that are far away. It features mystics and their cat companions. This is the best deck for those who are into divining human imagination. The Colman Smith Tarot Is a more modern version of the Rider Waite Tarot deck. The original drawings and psychedelic colors are a new approach to psychic readings. The Curious Tarot This is the most unusual of the modern Tarot decks. The characters are eerie with the way they capture the workings of an atomic age. There are only 100 of these...

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