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Characteristics of the Gemini

Characteristics of the Gemini

The Gemini sign is always the center of attention at any social gathering. Geminis are extremely articulate and know exactly what to ask, say, and do in any given situation. They are people-pleasers, and are very intuitive when it comes to reading others. Since their interests are spread over a large number of topics and issues, Geminis may find it hard to commit themselves to one particular passion. This is why they often fail to meet expectations at certain times.

Gemini signs are always interested in learning new things and meeting new people. They believe that committing to only one pursuit will result in missing out on other experiences. They can carry on a conversation with anyone about any given subject, and have the uncanny ability to argue their way out of any situation.

Since a Gemini is a people-person, he or she is always surrounded by a large number of people, which can make it difficult to attract the Gemini’s attention. They do not appreciate individuals who are frivolous in nature or overly conservative. Because they are so intelligent, if you cannot keep up with them in a conversation, a Gemini will quickly lose interest. Those ruled by the Gemini sign are often known to be shallow and superficial. Since their interests lie in a variety of topics, they find it hard to specialize in one particular field, both academically and professionally. This trait is also reflected in their personal relationships, as they are often unable to commit to just one partner. Ruled by the element of air, Gemini gets along best with fellow air signs such as Aquarius and Libra.

Gemini people are very curious and are well-aware of subjects that interest them. Therefore, if you enter into a debate with a Gemini, make sure you know your stuff well. Otherwise, a Gemini will shut you up before you can even say “but”.

Famous Gemini Include: Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, John F Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Confucius, Angelina Jolie, Tupac Shakur and Paul McCartney.

Ideal Jobs Include: Geminis are well-suited to be explorers, writers, merchants, translators, publicists or talk show hosts.

Most Likeable Trait: Responsive, adaptable, versatile, communicative, witty, intellectual, eloquent, youthful and lively.

Least Likeable Trait: Nervous, tense, superficial, inconsistent, cunning and inquisitive.

Erogenous Zone: Hands, arms and shoulders

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Keyword: I THINK

Birthstone: Agate

Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 47

Most Compatible With: Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini

Tarot card: The Lovers Tarot card is associated to the astrological sign of Gemini and is one of the most powerful cards in the Tarot Deck. The Lovers tarot card often refers to the unconscious and conscious parts of our psyches.The unconscious represents our hidden feelings, desires and motivations. The conscious represents the rational, reflective and objective processes. On another level, the Lovers Tarot card represents important crossroads and the need to make definitive decisions on one’s journey.

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