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Does Scorpio Sting?

Does Scorpio Sting?

If you’re looking for excitement, all you need to do is find a scorpion. No, not the animal, we’re talking about the zodiac sign. Scorpios are extremely complex individuals; they are all about hidden motives, ambitious plans, and mysterious agendas. They rarely show their true feelings and emotions. Since they have an excellent memory, Scorpios never forget anything. If they are wronged, a Scorpio will forever hold that memory in their mind, and take revenge if need be. On the flip side, a Scorpio will also remember an act of kindness or generosity, and will repay him or her with a similar gesture.

Scorpios are complex in their personal relationships as well. They have a knack for being aware of their surroundings at all times. Their inquisitive nature can sometimes make them appear overbearing and dominating to those around them. They are fiercely independent, so if you want to live with a Scorpio, then be ready to make some adjustments. This is the reason why most Scorpios prefer to live alone, away from parents or family. It is difficult for them to spend too much time with others due to their differing views, opinions, and decisions.

Scorpios are extremely determined in achieving whatever they set their mind to, and are capable of doing extraordinary things. They can accomplish amazing feats simply by being focused and working hard. Since they are genuine people, they rarely take a short cut, so their achievements are always based on honesty and sincerity.

The most dominating, temperamental, and complex of all the water signs, Scorpios are known to get along very well with their fellow fire signs in the zodiac. They are controlling and strong-willed, and have strange beliefs that rarely coincide with anyone else. In short, living with a Scorpio friend, family or partner may be inviting a lifelong war.

Famous Scorpians Include: Pablo Picasso, Marie Antoinette, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Gates, Christopher Columbus, Hilary Clinton, Julia Roberts and Whoopi Goldberg.

Ideal Jobs Include: Scorpions are well-suited for careers as doctors, investigators, ecologists, managers, engineers, navigators and secret agents.

Most Likeable Trait: Idealistic, determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, exciting and magnetic.

Least Likeable Traits: Jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive and obstinate.

Erogenous Zone: The genitals

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Keyword: I DESIRE

Birthstone: Topaz

Lucky Numbers: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53

Most Compatible With: Pisces or Cancer

Tarot card: The Hanged Man Tarot Card is associated to the astrological sign of Scorpio. The meaning of the Hanged Man tarot card never refers to a literally hanging, but rather to acts of trust and the relinquishment of control. It can also represent the need to find one’s own individuality. As a sign of Scorpio, the Hanged Man is dynamic and independent. In tarot reading, the Hanged Man urges the expression of one’s thoughts and visions, balanced with the need to temper one’s energy and emotions.

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