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Hi air signs generally Libra and Aquarius welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading for those of You dealing with someone who has pulled Away or ghosted you we're gonna find out Why I have a new channel is called Chelsea Terror 2.0 and that channel only Does individual side readings feel free To subscribe and to book a personal Reading with me all information is in The description box below today is the 27th of February 2023 time here in Melbourne Australia is 3 58 p.m please Bear in mind that there's a collective Reading for air signs and if you were to Finally got it watch this video this Message is meant for you even if you're Dealing with the same air sign all right Now let's get your reading started space And Angels please show me for air signs To my Libra and Aquarius Why did that person pull away or Ghosted air signs The hierophant at the bottom of the deck Okay so your person even though they've Ghosted you or pulled away they can't Stop thinking about you right but the Sun here in Reverse indicates them Feeling really unhappy or not having Certain Clarity in regards of the Situation right now between the two of You the five of Pentacles here Your person may be feeling Abandoned or that they could be trying

To keep you out of their personal things That are going on right now okay so far Goes if you look at these two people They're outside they're outside they're Outside of this building here right or Church Um and I like trying to keep you out Also we've got the 701s here it's like Don't come in right this is a very Territorial energy Um someone who has their guards up very Protective energy so I feel like this Was gonna be pulling away from you Because they or go see you because They're keeping you away keeping you out Of something with the four wands here Something that's happening in their home Something that's happening or something That's happening in their career Money Ah It makes me feel air signs if there's Someone really pulling away from you They think like you're about to get some Information or you've found some Information in regards to them with a Page of Swords if you've been buying Them a bit of stalking them a bit If you have expressed or shown through Your actions that you know something Like you've found something out with the Seven Pentacles your movies perhaps they Don't want you to find something else Maybe it has something to do with the

Two of cups I hate to say this though that's Something this person is hiding from you The sun in my first two cups they could Be pulling away from because they may Have another whole relationship Elsewhere okay This person may already be connected to Someone else romantically Because four ones or could be married or Could be connected with someone else Romantically And they feel like you might find out or You may have found out or That they don't want you to find out About it Seven of Wands again they're keeping you Out of This affair that they may have or this Connection whether it's a fair or an Original connection a lot of them could Be a connection before you It could also be after you but Something that connected someone else Okay the Queen of Pentacles here is in Wrong first Maybe they don't want this person to Find out which is a Virgo Capcom or a Taurus I don't know why I'm getting another Message here this is very Very specific yeah it's not for all of You if you're in the same general Relationship your person will be

Ghosting you because they are the other Connection other relationship or Marriage is with an opposite gender Okay So They may be They may swing both ways that's what I'm Getting here perhaps they don't want Their partner to know that To know their sexual orientation okay Yeah that's what I'm seeing here They feel like if you were if that Person was to find out they're gonna get Kicked out of the house because it's Full ones are kicked out of this Connection They're gonna be in Jeopardy Um it's gonna ruin your life that's what I'm getting and not all of you are Interesting general relationship even if You're not in the same general Relationship I feel like this person Will be pulling away a ghosting because They don't want their person the other Person to find out Because you have to face Certain consequences could be related to Home related to money or just you know Generally don't want to be kicked out or Don't want to end up separated from that Person okay is this something that they Feel Again that it's they'll have to face a Really bad consequences they have to Face really bad consequences all right

I'm gonna pull out more this is why I Was feeling like with the hard font here It's like it's important right the hard Fund is a major corner so if a person is Pulling away from you they feel like If they get found out by somebody by a System Society or Community religion [Music] Can be anything something that You know they've always believed in If they get found out that they have This connection with you Maybe they'll be punished yeah So it's a very restless energy for sort Of marvelous the sun this God makes me Feel like they cannot find out they Cannot find out if they find out I will Be my life will be in jeopardy with a Pentacles here my life or my lifestyle Um Feels like they already have something That is a connection that that is stable The Hyphen also can get marriage perhaps They could be married someone engaged to Someone else Um Or may have a whole nother relationship Elsewhere it feels like they cannot let It's it's a taboo okay the taboo could Be because of same gender Saying a sexual orientation orientation Or it could be because Um of work situation For some of you it's like if you work

With this person in the same company If it gets found out then maybe they Will lose the job or you will lose the Job could go either way or if they're Married Or engage with someone if If your connection with this person are Being is being found out then They will They will have to face certain Consequences with the Pentacles here Right it feels like a taboo kind of an Energy okay air signs It's a taboo Yeah it's a taboo so with the nine of Pentacles here and the Queen of Wands And lovers Your person who is pulling away things That you don't actually need them like Ah he or she will do fine without me Anyway so it's okay for me to pull away From them it's okay for me to ghost this Person to ghost air sign queen of wants Him over his candy kids a potty Situation right some of you maybe There's a third party you could be the Third party whatever the case is but There's someone else there's something Else I feel again it's a taboo and You're personally pulling away from you Because they think this is not right and They're gonna lose something in the Process of it if they were being found Out okay I've got the fool here

Yeah they may want to start over and Liberate themselves from you from this Connection freeing yourself from it Because again there are certain Consequences that they will have to face And then rather not okay I'm gonna pull Out a few of these oracles here let's Find out more I feel you even though we are apart I Say they really don't want to actually Air signs if If they could they would like to keep in Touch with you okay to continue with This connection so many things remind me Of you yeah despite all of that they do Miss you I left when I saw you with Someone or they could be leaving because They have somebody else okay or it could Be you you having somebody else hence They could be or it could be both of you For all we know yeah this could be a Reason why they could be pulling away or Ghosting you I don't react when people Mention you so it feels like a secret Something that they don't want people to Know even maybe maybe because somebody Around you around both of you may have An inkling of what could be going on Between two of you but I feel like They're doing the best that they can 701 Stay away from being found out right We've got the sun him up right so a very Uneasy energy I don't really don't Really want people to find out about us

Sometimes I stay awake thinking about You so yeah despite all of that they do Miss you they do think a lot but you and Your life isn't you know my life is not As together as it seems so it does feel Like they could be Going through some issues as well with a Person somebody else they could be Connected with currently okay And maybe they're not really All there or not really [Music] Um Sure about something here okay I Couldn't let you get close to me see It's a taboo air science is something That they don't want to be found out if They would if they got If people were to find out about the two Of you or anybody important to them are Going to find out if they will find out Between what's going on between two of You I feel like it's gonna be A big thing yeah they have to face the Music so they're rather not so I feel like this one of the main reasons If not the main reason why they could be Pulling away from you all right take Care Is this your reading and I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is

In the description box below And yeah don't forget to subscribe to Both of my channels one is this this is My original Channel Chelsea Love Tarot I Post a mixture of everything while my Chelsea 2.0 Channel my latest channel is The one that I post Um once a week now only once a week it's New only individual sign readings and it May take care as lines hope to see you Back here again later on tomorrow bye

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