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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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High air signs Gemini Libra and Chris Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out Who has been manifesting you Romantically to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below today is the 6th Of March 2023 so I'm here in Marseille France is 1 46 p.m please bear my nut is A collective reading for air signs and If you were divided guided to watch this Video this message is meant for you even If you're dealing with the same air sign All right now let's get your reading Started speaks and Angels please show me For air science Gemma Oliver and Aquarius who has been manifesting air Signs 501 is my first at the bottom of the Deck air signs you know who this person Is page of soul to move first Sometimes You wonder how they're doing This is you Gemini Libra Chris unless Rules are being worked first year this Is someone you're not speaking with Carly not a swords here I'm up first you Still deep down kind of holes certain Resentments towards this person one Second Sorry I was coughing Just drinking some water sorry about That Still kind of sick but anyway This is the one you've had drama with

501s in one verse you know who this Person is air signs Um 601s a month first they've been Contemplating whether they should try And get your attention or wondering if You are paying attention to them this Person has been wondering if you have Been spying on them you know Two of Pentacles here For some of you hmm Eight of Cups in my birth yeah it feels Like this is someone Whom could be contemplating whether they Should try and return try to get back Your attention will you speak with them Or wondering why haven't you been Speaking to them in a while Um why have you been angry or trying to Figure out some conversations that both Of you have had have had in the past Seven Pentacles here so this person I Think has been observing trying to Figure something out here Um this could also be someone exercise You've been I feel strongly this is Someone you always would wonder Yeah at least once a day this person's This person will cross your mind You will wonder how this person is Um Actually both of you haven't been really Speaking with each other And Three of Wands here is someone verse Someone even return your back on you've

Given up on them not once but first Because they've hurt you enough This person has hurt you enough I think It came to a point where you've decided Enough is enough yeah Queen of Pentacles This could be you or this could be this Person but hmm Quinnipentacles maybe for a lot of you Air signs you're focusing on something Else you're studying your priorities Straight and you're ignoring them you're Not really paying them any attention so They've been trying to manifest you I Think manifest trying to manifest a Conversation with you at maybe wanting You to initiate like some sort of Conversation with them Unless this is them Queen of Pentacles This is somebody Who Miss who I think This is somebody Whom place a pace A lot of importance in their money to a Point that it could be a little bit Obsessive Could be a little bit too much Like money is the priority money is the Priority this person who is who has been Trying to manifest you to them money is More important than anything else Anyone else in this world Makes me feel this way I'd rather I Rarely read Queen of Pentacles in a bad Light I'm only reading her this way

Doesn't matter he or she not gen Specific this person could be a male or Female But I think the surrounding cards are Actually making Shining not so such a good light onto The Queen of Pentacles okay those are Someone either very materialistic or Somebody Whom Place pays importance In their finances Um who prioritize their finances their Money this is someone who's like Money above anything else above anyone Else okay Or whatever whatever that's available to This person so it could be somebody who Loves their car a bit too much somebody Who loves their bike a little bit too Much loves their house something Material a little bit too much their Reputation or something that's something That they love more than you than anyone Else or anything else in this world okay That's what I'm saying for a lot of you Hairstyles you're actually the first Reading Me or my third reading but you're Actually the first reading that But I can feel strongly that this person Whoever has been trying to manifest you Is someone you already have a history With okay the other signs they also had Someone new but this is for me it's a

Past person yeah see seven of Swords Very very selfish so this person puts Themselves first You are last not just you don't take it Personally it feels like they're this Way to everyone else I think they could Be trying to manifest you know a Conversation with you Um wanting your wondering if they've Gotten you any of your attention if You've thought about them 10 on wands I Would say there's somebody like a hard Worker somebody who may have Either A lot of talents a lot of skills whether It make where they put use good use to It I would say to someone again Successful career-wise financially as Well and the reason why they work so Hard I think and maybe due to Past trauma maybe this person has a Parent who is a single parent that just Was all one only one parent that was Responsible okay it doesn't matter Single parent or two parents together But that's just for some of them but I Feel like air signs this is definitely Someone that you still are holding Grudges towards like maybe this person Eve owes you money too seven Pentacles Or owe you something that you deem to be Valuable not saying you know that people Who have money but then they're stingy They don't want to give you know their

People like that too this could be Somebody like that or maybe they have Come to success now they're successfully They are successful financially but Um but kind of Stingy someone of Pentacles Hiding their money here that's what I'm Seeing just maybe contribute a little Bit some of you you may have a child With this person or children with this Person okay not all of you because the Page makes me feel like it could be a Bit of a young young kid Um not a baby not a baby definitely a Child that can who can talk and walk and Run already okay Ah let's see just a little bit more air Signs See this is you again so this is Somebody air signs that you you're upset With still you're holding a little Gorgeous towards this person For being so sneaky for being so Self-centered And maybe this is why I was thinking 101 Is the Queen of Pentacles some of you Could be a single mother a single father And having to pay for everything A lot of responsibilities you're Carrying all of the burden that's just For some of you if you don't have a Child children with this person then It's like you could have been that one Person who is carrying a lot of Burden

Responsibilities when you were in this Connection with this person okay ace of Cups here is another verse so this is Someone you rejected or they have Rejected you love at one point in time Was beautiful was romantic but it didn't Take off And through thoughts is someone who has Hurt you and this person could also has Been hurting if you don't think this Person is hurting right now because this Person also seemed kind of narcissistic Right I rarely use the word narcissistic or Narcissist but I'm sensing for a lot of You you know this person could be just Too selfish it could be a narcissist Could have hurt you and you you had to Do a lot of things on your own even Though they could have helped but they Didn't okay See two Pentacles they may have along The plate or that they juggle a lot or This person may have been juggling two Percent at the same time at one point in Time in the past we have fallen from Grace if you you may have found that out Okay this is someone you find it really Hard to move on from to move forward From because of what they did to you They've hurt you here right 501s in one Verse some sort of drama involves Something else someone else external Factors into the factors yeah

I think this person is still up to no Good seven of Swords here See the way the Queen of Swords is Looking at the seminal swords here you Still you still cannot believe what they Did you still hold again a lot of Courageous resentments over what this Person has done for somebody this person Is still still doing something Shady Here okay They could be trying to manifest you to Believing them to Believe in it sorry I'm not Sure if I can say the word I Don't I really really swear that was an Accident but anyway take care science Jamily Brown of course is your reading And I hope you resonated in some way Shape or form if you did please hit like Share and subscribe I'm open for Personal readings if you like to book me My information is in the description box Below Um feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels this is Chelsea Love Tarot Which is my original Channel I post any Individual sign readings Collective Readings different topics different Questions I post a lot on this channel However I have my other latest Channel My newest Channel Chelsea Terror 2.0 on That channel only post individual sign Readings possibly once a week initially Thought I would post every single day

But I don't think I can do it maybe once A week or twice a week anyway take care Science hope to see you back here again Later tomorrow bye

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