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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Neuroscience Chennai Libra and Chris Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're gonna find out for Those of you in separation right now Will there be a Reconciliation for those Of you who like to book a personal Reading with me information is in the Description box below and today is the 1st of February 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 6 56 p.m please bear in Mind that there's a collective reading For air signs and if you were to finally Got it to watch this video this message Is meant for you even if you're dealing With the same air sign all right now Let's get your reading started spirits And Angels please show me for air signs Chennai Libra and Aquarius will there be A Reconciliation between air science and Their person Hmm Judgment him up first at the bottom of The deck to the particles the first card That came out this is like a maybe okay Maybe yes maybe no but also I can't Indicate somebody feeling indecisive When I say somebody that means it could Be you or your person it could go vice Versa okay so King Of Wands here is a More verse so this person could be a Your person could be a fire sign Aries Sagittarius or a Leo unless this is you We may have a lot of fire Somewhere In Your Chart

Um I see cancer here with the chariot But um I would say pies cancer scorpio Yeah can be any sign but definitely Strong fire I'm seeing here So two particles it feels like somebody Is indecisive this is such a good idea With a six of Cups your members to Reconcile or not because it seems like There could have been some bad memories In the past right King Of Wands and Reverse candy cane maybe this person or Somebody could be you or this person was Unreliable or in and out of the Connection or may have been A cheater or inconsistent it could be Any of these things but the king of Wands remember it's basically is not Such a good King right Um So something about this person or it Could be you or this person that could Have created certain bad memories in Regards to the Past obviously there was A reason why there is a separation Currently and also Airlines I just want To remind you that in this type of Readings I reconciliation reading I'm Not gonna promise 100 that it's going to Happen like it's gonna that it's gonna Come true because I don't want to give Any false hopes so my advice is always To keep moving forward if you're Separated from your person work on Yourself focus on yourself

And who knows by the end of by the end Of it all if your person returns you may Not even want them you may be a Completely different person already you May want something different or you may Meet somebody new so keep moving forward Um Yep that's what that's what I would Usually advise so again I just don't Want to give any false hopes Okay so We've got the four of cups here and with The nine of swords and the Sun Well someone I would say either one of You will really want to reconcile what While the other one while the other Person is not sure Two of Pentacles And we've got the Ten of swords and Marbles and we've got the seven of Cups Here in one of those feels like this Energy okay I'm gonna give it a try I'm Gonna make a decision my verse to heal This connection the cherry and the sun It could indicate that somewhere before Of Cups can get rejection perhaps there Will be a Reconciliation attempt by Either one of you and that could be a Rejection because someone is illuminated With a son here so for some of the Airlines it could be this person Returning your person returning to you And you may be illuminated but the sun Seeing things very clearly that you Don't actually need them and The Chariot Here you may be

Um you you may be on your way out Already you have full control of Yourself and you feel much more positive About being alone and doing things on Your own without this person okay Unless the rules are being reversed here But they're definitely two Pentacles one Is Keen or will be Keen in reconciling While the other one not so Keen with the Four of cups here so there'll be some Stress here in regards of rejection Either you're gonna reject this person Or this person may reject you but there Is definitely going to be an attempt of Reconciliation okay Release as well somebody could be making A choice I'm just gonna release this Connection and I'm just gonna move Forward with the Chariot here I'm Sensing for a lot of you it's you moving Forward it's you gaining this confidence Not needing this person to be in your Life because you've got really bad Memories from the past with the six of Cups your mothers and not wanting to Repeat it repeat it unless again rules I've been my first year for once more Was judgment in one of us this also Could be saying maybe not such a good Judgment call to reconcile with your Person at least not right now not at This moment because the king of Wands Here is still remote first that means It's still kind of like if if both of

You would have reconciled is this even Going to last will this happen again Right with the six of Cups here so the Moon here indicates uncertainties right So even if there is going to be a Reconciliation there will be Uncertainties in regards to the future If this is going to happen again so That's something for you to find out Yourself because the Moon is mysterious The moon indicates you needing to go Through all of these things you need to Experience it yourself and to learn from It and in all and also it helps you to Find out if this is truly what you want Um it's for you to find out yeah the Moon Um that's what it says and also we've Got the Justice here and we've got three Pentacles and three of Sword developers Yep there'll be questions surrounding Whether or not Reconciliation would be a good idea Right the three of Pentacles and the Justice here indicates some really Serious Um How do you say actions need to be taken In order for this reconciliation to be Successful and the three of Pentacles Also indicates needing to meet in the Middle and needing to work hand in hand And with the Justice here indicates Being really serious about wanting to

Make things work between the two of you That could be an attempt again an Attempt to reconcile and I think some of You you know maybe you're gonna doubt Whether this is even gonna work out even If both of you wouldn't reconcile is This even gonna be worth it so a little Bit of a rejection energy Here Again Full of Cups but just as being a major Color in the sun here these two courts And The Chariot all three in an upright Position but only the only problem is The moon here so and the two Pentacles Look at the Two of Pentacles two rounds Here right And then we've got another two circles Which is the Moon and the Sun so this to Me indicates it could go either way it Could go towards negative or towards Positive with the sun here it really Depends on the discussion the three of Pentacles if both of you could actually Meet in the middle or both of you are Um or if both of you equally want this Then yes that could be a Reconciliation Could be a successful reconciliation as Well because adjusted again is in an Upright position only if both are on the Same page if not four one some of verse Indicates a very shaky ground and that Might it might collapse all over again So something about needing to make sure And the air signs if your person is Returning to you and wanting to

Reconcile with you I feel like it is Best to Um kind of take Important steps for it Um official steps I would say yeah That's needed in order for this Reconciliation to be successful but we Will have to be on the same page and We've got the Knight of Pentacles here So your person could be a Virgo Capcom Or a Taurus that will be an offer that's For sure and offer to fix things an Offer of commitment an offer to start Over with the sun here and The Chariot Someone is gonna maybe try to convince The other person to reconcile however You know the moon here and it gets doubt So someone is going to be doubting is This gonna work am I wasting my time Right Hmm so I feel like it could go either Way air signs to be honest Um it's definitely a choice with the Two Of Pentacles here all right this is your Reading Gemini Libra in Aquarius I hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe if you'd like to watch more of These videos that I post every single Day and I upload them and I upload them Right away so they are very very new Okay Um yeah with different topics even Questions check it out if you want to

And also Um yeah I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below to send me An email and I'll reply you with a Necessary information okay and yeah all The information is also in the Description box below I'm not sure if I Already said that and last but not least I'm Gonna Leave You with a playlist on The screen right now the playlist is Gonna take you to my second channel it's A travel Vlog Channel if you like to Check that one out as well and don't Forget it hit on the videos or daily Readings button it's on the screen right Now the playlist and if you like to Binge watch the rest of the videos I've Already posted you may have missed them Because I post them at different timing Yeah just go ahead and I hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow take Care science bye

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