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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Hey Gemini welcome to my channel and Welcome to your bonus reading my name is Chelsea thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to get you some important messages That you need to hear today and today is The 30th of November 2022 time is 1 10 P.m Bali Indonesian time all right let's Get your reading started spirits and Angels please show me Important messages that Gemini need to Hear today Foreign Sorry for the cough So we're cups I feel like Gemini Definitely one second Oh okay Two cups three cups three of Pentacles This for me indicates a union that is Being restored because of the third Swords here in love first so somebody is Gonna be gaining Clarity today whether It's you or this person that this is What I want this is the person I want to Um spend my time with this is the person That would like to invest my time into Yes it is not perfect but I would like to put in effort into this Connection so again it could be you or This person who could be feeling this Way of thinking about this right now at This moment got the Nano ones and also

We've got the Ace of Pentacles in my First That could be fear in regards of okay we May be promising to each other that We're going to be with each other long Term or That we're going to work together as a Team but Is it really gonna happen that's what I'm getting here somebody could be Fearing that but with the 10 of ones Ace Of Swords and the three of Pentacles It kind of makes me feel that Um someone here it could be you or this Person Is really determined to make it work Okay So this person could be excuse me this Person could be very determined to make Things work between two of you or it Could be you feeling really determined To work with this person some of it's Both of you because two of cups is in an Upright position to heal this connection And follow sorts of numbers and fourth Cups in my first someone may see you as A missed opportunity or don't want you To be a missed opportunity wanting to Really put in a lot of work a lot of Effort into this connection Ace of Swords again it's this like starting a New but it takes cutting something off In order for this new beginning to Happen but also it can indicate Clarity

Success right with the crown and a Wreath here so someone is determined to Make sure that this connection will be Successful okay again it could be you or This person or could be both of you Let's see a little bit more Sorry about the cough and thank you so Much for all the suggestions to remedy My cough Actually I'm in a much better place now Than before my friend from Australia She's she went back already to Australia She was here with me in Bali and she has Been really really sick Um she had a really high fever she was All kinds of symptoms so mine is Considered really really minor to be Honest but anyway Eight of Cups in my First time I've got the Ten of cups in Her first Yeah this is somebody coming back around I feel I'm wanting to restore harmony With you want to reconcile with you for Those of you involved in a third-party Situation I see you hearing some good News in regards to somebody wanting to Change and maybe your person or it could Be somebody close to you who whom could Be going through a third-party situation Okay but there is this energy of you Know I'm gonna cut off the third party I'm gonna put all my heart and soul into This connection and make sure that it's Successful with the three of Pentacles

Here Only for those of you if you think you Know your person has somebody else Unless it's you putting your person in a Third-party situation We've got the high Precision of first Four ones two ones and the Sun so the Sun is Gonna Shine all over again Um It Feels Like A New Beginning again Ace is a indicates A New Beginning so a New positive beginning of a connection Between you and somebody for some of you This is a love connection for some of You this is a friendship collection for Some and for some of you three Pinnacles You canniquette this is a co-worker Uh connection okay or you um people you Work with that's what I'm getting here So um the high process here is in my First I feel like this may be an Indication of somebody opening up as Well because again it is a swords feels Like someone is going to open up telling You the truth that they want to be with You they want to take the relationship To the next level or it could be you Gemini the two ones here but there's Some indecision going on can this Materialize can this happen right with Another ones Fearful of Taking the next step Fearful of reconciling but I feel like No matter what with the sun being a

Major kinda and you know the major that Kind of Trumps all the miners here Except for the high Precision Mufflers Someone is going to make when I say Someone that means it could be you or This person someone is going to make a The right choice a positive choice and It will yield positive results positive Outcome because it feels like with the 10 ones three Pentacles and AIDS of Swords here and the two of cups that If both of you do come together both of You agree upon certain rules it could be That three of Pentacles certain Obligations or rules Um agreed to Future plans I I see this being a Successful Union or reconciliation Between you and somebody or a friendship A friend or a company okay And for those of you dealing with Somebody who could have been playing Mind games if I was for TMO first this Person this player or this personal Place Mind Games will actually try to Communicate with you and regards of the Reason why they've been doing that okay The reason why They could have Um been hot and cold the reason why This connection didn't take off the Reason why they didn't follow through What they said that they were gonna do Yeah you may hear from this person it

Could be today on or in the near future See three cups here the sun could Indicates celebration for some of you it May have something to do with Um Pregnancy baby shower something to do With family some of you Gemini this is Very specific it's not for all of you Yep Um there's this energy where maybe Suddenly you may hear something from You a family member family member may Tell you that hey you need to stay Because we need to plan this party Together or that you need to attend this Party or this wedding So there may be a bit of a change of a Plan for some of you where you may have To stay back and can't travel as planned Okay that's just for somebody that's Very specific not for all of you But definitely good news I'm seeing the Sun for once could be surrounding uh Children again or marriage proposals a Union maybe work related as well through Pentacles something you've been waiting For something you may also hear from People it may or may not be directly Direct directly How do you say directly Directed to you I can't even find that Word but anyway I'm pretty sure you you Got what I mean but anyway take care Gemini I hope you resonated in some way

Shape or form if you did please hit like Share and subscribe I'll leave you with A couple of playlists on the screen Right now check them out if you want to And I post your videos every single day Almost every single day so once I'm done With the reading I'll post it right away So it's as live as it can be okay I just Saw zero nine zero nine checkout in your Number if you want to hope to see you Back here again tomorrow take care Gemini bye

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