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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Neuroscience Gemini Libra and Chris Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we're Gonna find out who will you be in your Next serious relationship with today is The 2nd of January 2023 time is time is 6 15 a.m here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Um yeah Happy New Year to everyone and This is a collective reading for air Signs and if you were to finally guide It to watch this video this message is Meant for you even if you're dealing With the same air sign now let's get Your reading started visit Angels please Show me four air signs Gemini Libra and Chris Who will they be in your next serious Relationship with The Sun at the bottom of the deck so This is really good I I do see two Different story lines here air signs so It's just you just take whatever's needs With you Um for one group of you air so it's the Harry found the emperor here makes me Feel like this is someone who may have The same kind of belief or principles Principles moral values as you are could Be an indication of like same you know It could be same religion or just both Of you are so Both of you believe in the same thing

Um on us always on the same page that's What I'm seeing here it's definitely Going to be a very very committed Serious relationship and I feel like This person is going to be very very Serious with you and for some of you Maybe you haven't met this person yet if You haven't met this person yet you may Not resonate with this reading so maybe You've already met this person but I see This person as somebody who is in charge Someone whom is going to pay for things Or somebody who is very responsible There's a very strong father figure that I'm getting whether they're older or Younger it doesn't matter but I just Feel like a very mature this person has A very very mature energy about them the Six of Swords in my first indicates this Person is going to stick around it feels Like this person is not going anywhere Okay and we've got the magician here as Well so this is somebody who could be in An entertainment industry Entertainment industrial somebody who Has like a huge Network Know a lot of people somebody who can Pull a lot of strings Um somebody who makes things happen Somebody is powerful I would say the Emperor and the magician is two cards Very powerful energy and 701 this person Would like fight for you will defend you Will take care of you for sure and but

Also this person may not have a really Good past six of cups in my verse 10 of Swords here maybe they've had an ending A couple of endings in the past Um Unfortunately but I think I think both of you may share similar Background as or similar life Experiences in the past okay something That is similar that could have been sad Or heartbreaking at one point in the Past and Knight of Pentacles in my birth This person may find It really hard to just commit to anybody Or this person may have experience being With someone who almost a liar or a Cheater or just I just feel this and energy of This person dealing with somebody in the Past that may not be suitable for them Um or may not be committed fully or that They may think that they couldn't commit To this person in the past so But with you it feels like you're gonna Make them want to commit you're gonna Make them feel with the six of Cups here In reverse that they would never ever Want to go back to their past or revisit The past or even they won't even think About reconciling with somebody from Their past I think this person will do Whatever it takes to make it happen Between the two of you definitely a very Determined energy I'm getting here and

The world in Reverse can make it you Know something that was stuck in the Past again that I feel I feel it has Something to do with their past a very Difficult past and the sun here Indicates that this person is Um Good for you I would say because it's a Very positive energy or this person has A very positive outlook now that maybe They have changed because the emperor is A major kind of or this person you will Meet this person while you are either on A vacation or during summer time or or When you both you it could be you or This person or in a very happy place or Like or having fun okay it could Indicate that I feel like this person Has a very again important job Um and people respect them this person Could also be a teacher or Um I feel like most a teacher or student Okay could still could be a teacher or Student but the higher fund indicates to Me there's a lot of respect there so it Doesn't matter what they do but it just Feels like people listen to this your Person and respects your person because Of the power that they have to get Things done or some sort of Power Authority you know may not be a serious Kind of a like It doesn't matter okay it doesn't matter

It's very subjective it just for me Feels like this person has a lot of Respect from a lot of people around them Because they they are in charge or that They have power over An organizational Or their career or just them as a person As something about respect that I'm Seeing here very strong energy of Respect like people respect them okay Although they could come from a very Respectful family or Also may indicate They may have a dad Who could be a CEO or somebody who holds A very important position Um and at work it could be that or just People in general respect this person Okay this person's dad or family yeah The sun candy came maybe both of you Will end up getting married with a Higher fund here and have a kid to Gather at least one child Um and both of you have a lot of fun I Feel the sun's like we both of you go on Vacations a lot happy definitely a very Very happy energy that you may feel that You can actually trust this person I Don't want them advice and I feel like Things will escalate very quickly Between the two of you with the nine of Swords will turn into a serious one very Very quickly and then we've got the Queen of Swords here Emma first Yeah you may not be 100 clear like if

You want this person or not if this Person could turn in like this Connection could turn into a serious Relationship but you wouldn't expect it It feels like suddenly things are just Gonna escalate and this connection will Just Grow very very quickly Um yeah It's kind of like an energy where it's Like I because the night of slots again Very fast it may not even really expect This connection to turn into a very Serious connection Um and the second storyline that I'm Seeing here are signs for some of you It's it could be an X an x that you may Know this is the second storyline and It's not going to apply to all of you The cups and rubber is going to get a Return okay And I cannot help but tell you this Because six is swords and over it's also Calicut somebody returning so for some Of you this is someone returning from Your past Um that maybe this person has learned From their lessons with the horrified Here maybe they will step up from the Knight of Pentacles and reverse to the Embry here and this person is stuck the World reverse hasn't quite moved on yet And this person might do the best that They can to fight for this connection

With the seven of Wands here and both of You will successfully reconcile with the Sun and love first and it might happen Very quickly again with the Knight of Swords and this could be someone you're Upset with From your past okay this person may have Betrayed you or Um The ending may have been very painful For the both of you you may also even Have a child with this person or Um And maybe doesn't mean that but the sun Could mean that for some of you yeah Earth science Gemini Brian of course is Your reading and I hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe I'm going To leave you with a couple of playlists On the screen right now first one is From my second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it out if you want to And the second playlist is from this Channel has all of the readings that I've done for you and for the rest of The science but different topics and Different questions but these readings Are still new so that they're still Relevant I update them I mean upload Them right away so they're very very Updated twice a day even I upload okay Um take care it's nice hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow bye

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