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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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High air science Gemini Libra and Aquarius welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're gonna Find out Um what did your person think about you Before they went to sleep last night to Book a personal reading with me all Information is in the description box Below today is the 16th of March 2023 Time here in Genoa Italy is 10 38 p.m uh Sorry am well this is a collective Reading for air signs and if you were to Finally guided to watch this video this Message is meant for you even if you're Dealing with the same air sign alright Now let's get your reading started Spirited Angels please show me for Gemini Libra and Aquarius Airlines their Person What do they think of them before they Went to sleep last night I'm still on a boat I'm gonna be here For a month so Somebody said Chelsea are you saying that we're gonna Get seasick yeah probably If you know because on the last video I Mentioned how the boat is swaying back And forth I mean side to side I keep Seeing it back and forth side to side Because I'm on a water at a marina But it still moves So Just in case you feel wondering

And also I still have my sore throat Although I'm getting better So please bear with me 10 of Wands at the bottom of the deck Okay hmm Interesting so Hmm this is what I'm Seeing ace of cups your person before They went to sleep last night They were thinking how much they Actually care about you yeah ace of cups But three of swords it's a it's a Contradicting feeling that I'm getting Here it's like on one hand they are sad Or heartbroken but on the other hand They care about you they love you Because the five of Wands is a Conflicting energy as well so they could Be thinking how this is difficult It's like they may have done something For you or to you because they actually Love and care about you They may have done something that hurt You but it's out of I I don't know why This sounds so Twisted but let me know In the comment box below if this part of The reading Um resonates with you because it's like Ace of cups it's like The reason why I said or I did what I Did was because I love and care for Gemini Libra and Aquarius That's the reason why but it hurts Through your thoughts it hurts to do That or maybe they could have hurt you

When they they did that or said that Hmm Yeah so not a cup see So they could be thinking about how much They do love you how much they do care About you how much they would like this Too Um grow into something beautiful But we've got the two swords here But there's a decision that they need to Make or perhaps have already made for Some of you The decision would be like Can we work together can we work as a Team Is this fixable If both of you are separated if not if This is a newish connection That You know where everything is going Pretty okay but there are some issues Then I feel like it could be thinking is This workable can this work out can this Connection sustain Can we get along and Ace of Wands here But I really want to be with Gemini Libra and Aquarius I really want to be With them An Eight of Cups should I give up should I walk away even though I care so much About you Right and the star him up first is this Again fixable Can this be healed

Is this even meant to be that's what I'm Hearing If this is like it feels a little bit Difficult yeah Um Gemini Brown of course it feels Difficult It's almost like This is not an easy task this is not an Easy relationship it could be due to Religion money work Distance Fights arguments Disagreements because see look at the Five of Wands and the three of petals Right next to each other right so it's Like a lot of arguments or disagreement And through Pentacles okay let's see Let's see if we could work things out That kind of an energy right 10-1s This is so hard right they could be Thinking this is so hard I feel I'm Alone in this And then and it's like They think you don't understand where They're coming from whatever they've Said to you this is why there's like These five of Wands here like Misunderstanding or just not getting Along not understanding each other Fighting Petty fights or it could be a Small fight or big fights but But at the end of the day somebody cries Right through swords So they just find it really difficult to

Deal with the situation right now or to Deal with this connection right now but They really want to ace of cups they Love you they care about you and they Are crazy about you the Acer wants here I would say that you know you turn them On you're very sexy to them but also They have developed feelings for you They love you They want to be your knight in shining Armor doesn't matter he or she is not Gender specific They want to be the one to care care for You love you But then there's some something here Okay If you're separated from your person Right now Then they could be thinking you know I'm Indecisive whether if I should Completely walk away from this or should I try and see if there could be some Sort of a solution here Where both of you could agree And they also could be wondering if you Would agree to it if both of you are Separated if not if you're just going Through some issues right now I Definitely see as long as this is a Reading for those of you who are like Going through some issues with your Personal separated not really in a not For those of you in a really really good You know connection relationship

Definitely not that And I just feel like they you know on One hand they care so much about you They love you they're attracted to you But at the same time it's like the Fights the arguments disagreements Uh things that may have come between the Two of your people who have may have Come in between two of you it's making It so difficult and so sad so hurtful For them okay Hmm A bit more Seven of cups at the bottom of the deck So they could be thinking like I need to Decide I need to decide I need to decide Soon with the page of Pentacles or need To find a solution very soon on how to Overcome these challenges that both of Us have right now I need to make a Decision like ASAP that's what they're Thinking they were thinking last night Before he or she went to sleep six of Wands here a month first you know Ultimately they could be thinking you Know maybe this is worth it maybe I can Get through this tunnel ones we can get Through this if If you persevere that's what I'm seeing Here if they persevere or if both of you Persevere They could be thinking about their work Situation again something about their Work

And how the balance between work and you And whatever they want to achieve here These goals with the six of Wands Success I do sense them thinking you Know they would like this connection to Be successful to try and overcome these Differences Because they do love you they care about You they want this But at the same time two swords they're Not sure is this actually meant to be is This is this connection because you know There's this thing about it shouldn't be This hard Energy is like it shouldn't be this hard It should be much easier why is it this Hard is it is this meant to be or not so They could be questioning that okay All right Gemini Libra and Aquarius this Your reading and I hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe I'm open For personal readings if you like to Book me my information is in the Description box below don't forget to Hit on the Bell notification button Because many people have told me that They were not being they were not being Notified even even after they've click On the Bell notification button maybe You should unclick it and click it again I don't know Um that would be helpful but I hope it works but um anyway

I have two channels this is Chelsea Love Tarot and I post individual sign Readings as well as collective sign Collective readings yeah like this Reading is a collective reading but I Also post individual sign readings With different topics and different Questions that I post the most often on This channel however I do have a sec Actually it's my third channel it's the Chelsea tarot 2.0 it's my newest channel On that channel I only post individual Sign readings Anyway Um take care Gemini brainer careers I Hope to see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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