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How to Explore and Expand Your Psychic Ability

How to Explore and Expand Your Psychic Ability

Have your ever had an experience you thought was a coincidence, but a nagging feeling made you feel there was more meaning to it? Those nagging feelings may be the very seeds of your own psychic ability waiting to be cultivated.

Your psychic sense can be compared to the bubbles that surface on a quiet pond. As you quietly stare into a still pond, you will soon notice the movement of the water. When you continue to focus your attention into the small body of water, you will eventually see tiny ripples of water and small bubbles emerge from the depths of the quiet pond. That’s exactly the way your sixth sense will respond, when you pay attention to the “psychic bubbles” of insights that surface from the depths of your mind.

How can you develop your psychic ability naturally? Set aside time to do nothing but experience your senses. Absorb everything you observe or feel around you. When an image flashes into your mind or a feeling runs through your body, don’t be quick to dismiss it. Instead, allow yourself to savor it as you would a delicious dessert. If it is an image, observe the details of it but also pay attention to the way the image makes you feel. If it’s a feeling, try to make it into an image. Imagine it as a sound or a smell.

Try new activities and do old things in new ways. Loosen your focus on goals and try being flexible enough to stimulate your mind by doing something out of the ordinary. Follow your impulses and lean toward the unusual. As you do, you will be exercising your mind to function psychically.

Studies show that the brain waves of subjects change when they’re introduced to new materials or experiences. A person who is receptive to new experiences, new information, and has been exposed to unusual and varied life experiences, will find it easier to develop the ability. Therefore, act like sponge! Soak up as many experiences as possible to feed your mind the subliminal stimuli necessary to cultivate your psychic ability.

Exercise your extra-sensory mental muscle naturally with these simple tips:

  • Travel as much as possible and observe everything.
  • Change your routine by driving a new way to work or in some other way.
  •  Try an exotic food and savor the experience.
  • Talk to someone you think you have nothing in common with.
  • Solve a problem by listening to a “hunch” or “gut instinct”.

The Power of Observation

One of the basic foundations of psychic reading is observation. Through careful scrutiny, psychics can learn a lot about a certain person.

The way that person speaks, dresses, moves and generally behaves give away a lot more than you ever thought possible. The more experienced psychics have already perfected this first step. Just by looking at the subject for a few minutes, they can already determine basic attributes about the said subject’s life.

For example, a psychic calls on an overweight person onstage. Just by that physical factor alone, the psychic can deduce that life must be challenging for the subject. He can cite personal issues such as insecurities and health issues such as high blood pressure.

The Importance of Preparation

As an important part of the psychic reading session, psychics also tend to prepare their subject for what is to come. Each one has a different technique, but it more or less starts with the psychic looking deep into the subject’s eyes and introducing himself as someone who can communicate with the spirit world.

He then asks the subject’s name and repeats it to give the subject a feeling of connectivity. Next, the psychic will go on to tell the subject that he is only a bridge between the spirit world and the next, and that he will still need all the help he can get.

This statement alone prompts the subject to be more generous with details and protects the psychic for any mistakes that might occur during the session.

Finding a Willing Subject

As important as the first two factors are, psychic reading actually starts with choosing the right subject. It would be counterproductive to choose a highly skeptical person.

Instead, psychics scan the audience and look for a person who believes in communicating with the spirit world, or at least, someone who wants to believe all that is possible.

Psychic cold reading has always amazed people. And what’s not to be amazed about? Even if the person cannot really read your mind as he would read words in a novel, there’s still something undeniably astounding about a person who can profile you in an instant.

Developing your psychic sense is a natural as learning how to exercise. One is for body fitness and the other is for mental fitness. Both give you the tools to reach your full potential and the ability to create an even better life than you have now. To develop your sixth sense naturally set aside time to accomplish nothing. Instead just experience the moment through your senses and become aware of everything as though you were just born.

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