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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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My fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we're Going to find out what's coming up for You within 24 hours for those of you Like to book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below and today is the 31st of January 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is zero Nine zero nine yeah am Um yeah that could be your angel number 0909 you can just Google it there could Be some other important messages for you Over there And um yeah fire signs please bear in Mind that is a collective reading for Fire signs and if you were to finally Got it to watch this video this message Is meant for you even if you're dealing With the same fire sign all right now Let's get your reading started spirits And Angels please show me for fire signs Little Aries Sagittarius what's coming Up for them within 24 hours Okay so once a new interest Or Starting something new Misses you so I like it because we've Got the aso1701's page of Wands this is Definitely your energy right Leo Arie Sagittarius 701 for swords and then We've got ace of cups and one very some Of you are hungover Please bear in mind that there's a

There's so many details in this reading It's not gonna it's not going to apply To you from the beginning till the end Some of you are hungover but then still Have to work because of the three of Pentacles here Um because the star came up first you Gotta feel really hungry or if you could Be feeling unwell doesn't have to be Hungover the only reason why I'm saying It you could be hungover because of the Ace of cups here in one verse that means Drinking too much Something in excessive drinking or Eating right cups candy Cape Food and And drinks that's for some of you if It's not that I'm hearing vitamins as Well some of you are Um lack of vitamins Something about your diet or it could be Not taking any supplements Um and maybe this is why the storm over Is not feeling too well some of you it Hung over some of you it's just maybe Something to do with your diet Or That you're just not feeling well in General okay could be a bit sick some of You if you're a bit sick through Particles and I feel like you still have To kind of work a little bit Yeah you Still have to work because you want to Keep the peace with a ton of Cups here Spirits could be also encouraging you to

You know you might have to push through With the 701s here even if you're not Feeling at your best it could be also Mentally okay some of you for all sorts To start more verse you know just that That feeling like oh I don't want to Work today because I don't I need like a Mental health break some of you it could Be that but you still have to kind of Push through through your Pentacles to Keep the peace with the Ten of Cups so You don't upset people that you work With that's for some of you okay page of Swords in my verse the Sonoma verse and The Pedro wands and ASA wands I see a Lot of people get through it Even if you're not feeling lost I see You're still kind of working Um or that again it could be encouraging It to still work but someone is possibly Keeping an eye on your page of swords in One verse will be unhappy if you don't If you if you take a day or days off You're not feeling well in whatever way Shape or form mentally physically Um Emotionally But yeah this is what I'm seeing here at Fire science if you don't feel too well I don't know I keep getting this message Where someone may not be too happy if You're taking too many days off or that You don't seem to like excited about Going to work or that you if you're

Slacking off Um someone's gonna notice that and Someone's it's definitely keeping tabs On you and with the sun here and lovers May say something not so nice about you Okay that's what I'm seeing here for Some of you Pedro once can indicate Communication Exploration adventure Or travels for some of you okay some of You you could be looking into traveling Within 24 hours or so that's just for Some of you I feel and someone may be Traveling because of work with the three Of Pentacles here traveling may always Mean flying could be just driving a lot Let's see more sorry Still have some sore throat but It's almost gone now so we've got the Ten of Pentacles Ace of Wands and a king Of swords Yeah I feel like a lot of you are gonna Be putting a facade on as you know even Though if you don't feel really that Well here with the star in my first I See you pushing through certain things That you don't really feel like doing Either because of you not feeling well Or it's something that you just don't Feel like doing I mean we all have been Through that right just I just don't Feel like doing this today I just don't Feel like working today it could be Going to the gym or

Seeing your family ten of cups of Or attending any sorts of Gathering because there are people here Three of cups are 33 Pinnacles and a ten Of Cups here so I feel like you're gonna Be forcing yourself to do something that You may not really feel like doing okay Again so maybe it's it's work related it Could be going to the gym it could be Meeting certain people that you don't Really want to meet because of the the Devil here and the Queen of Pentacles in One verse Um Yeah it looks like you're gonna be doing Something that you don't really want to Do within 24 hours or so because you Have a very either you don't feel well Very negative you know with a devil here It's just like some it feels like the Devil is like the devil's talking to you Like uh you can be lazy today you don't Have to do anything if you don't want to But I see resisting it right with the Seven of Wands and the the King of Swords here that's this devil we all Have a devil and an angel inside of us And I feel like the devil is gonna try Try to convince you to do things or not To do things Um That Um that you actually it's like you Really don't want to do it but

The feeling is so strong it it's kind of It's gonna make you kind of upset Certain people if you don't do it that's What I'm seeing here because there are Other people here three of Pentacles ten Of Cups but I see you just going no I Need to do the right thing yeah so you Might be Enticed by this devil energy here to do Something or not to do a certain thing And I see you kind of again with the Seven of Wands you're just resisting it Right got the queen of Pentagon first This could be a vertical Contours Individual God they follow swords the Horrified here among first and the Ace Of ones teleponicles for some of you Fire is nice you you maybe you're gonna Be obsessively thinking about somebody Or obsessively thinking about your money Or maybe within 24 hours or so you gotta Find out someone has been obsessively Thinking about you and the high fun in Reverse it feels different Um this is that energy you know Five of Swords if there is someone whom has been Kind of uh playing mind games with you Or someone very different but you just Can't help it but Feel very drawn to this person and an Ace of ones here makes me feel also that You you'll be so interested in this Person because this person is so Different or that this person is not

Really investing fully or this person is Just so good at playing games with you Where it's gonna kind of make you feel More attached to this person for some Reason more interested in this person For some reason there could be this one Person here coming in or this is already Happening unless fire science roles are Being reversed here that means There could be Someone who just can't help it but be Attached to you Yeah And this person possibly is very very Attracted to you it's the ones And could indicate manipulation as well With the devil this person you might be Manipulated by someone okay with right Now hold within 24 hours or so you might Be manipulated by someone here Um because I think this person wants Something with you or wants something From you So just pay attention to that the ten of Pentacles candy again found me ten of Cups down Pentacles you could be Spending time with your friends with Your family and maybe somebody is gonna Say something that's gonna kinda with The devil here makes you feel like you Need to tell this person Off Um because the queen of I'm sorry the King of Swords here is somebody very

Very straightforward as well I would say But also calculative so there could be Some back and forth bendering between You and people you're close with or Could be friends or family It could also be someone with someone New here is the ones if you have someone Knew that you could be currently Connected with It's quite interesting fire science Um I say with the Ten of Cups and the page Of ones there will be an agreement being Achieved here but still somebody paid Your swords and numbers is going to kind Of keep tabs on you or you're gonna keep Tabs on this person it feels like okay Let's agree to do this together but then Doesn't quite trust that agreement Perhaps risk could be saying you know be Aware of somebody whom agrees with your Home seems too agreeable maybe behind Your back And over the pages towards you in one Person this time I was they don't really Quite agree with you hope that makes Sense to you or just keep tabs on Somebody whom you may have See the heart of fun yet and then three Of Pentacles there's something about an Agreement okay between you and somebody Or a company just make sure you you read The contract properly and make sure that Um

Make sure that There is like it's it's not just a Verbal verbal contract but putting Things down in paper because it's a bit Sketchy with a Sonoma verse and a page Of Swords this person is going to make You feel so excited about it with a page Of ones regards of working together But something a bit sketchy because on The same row as the the devil and the Sun in my voice so be aware of anybody Promising you anything but it's just Verbal and it's not even if there is a Contract you need to look through it Properly okay This person might promise you a lot of Money ten of Cups 10 of Pentacles I'll Promise you you're gonna be very happy With the results And for some of you this may be love Related so Don't trust that easily that's what I'm Getting here this is your main message Today do not trust so easily within 24 Hours or so alright fire science Leo a Research here is this your reading hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe And if you'd like to watch more of these Videos that I've already uploaded every Single day they're all very new because I upload them right away with different Topics and different questions click on

The daily readings playlist I believe It's on the screen right now if you Can't see it click on videos and scroll The way down look for your signs Um and you that could be some other Import messages for you over there and Also I'm open for personal readings Um yeah Few different options I've added to Booking a personal reading with me for Your convenience so check it out don't Forget to go go ahead and binge watch This playlist daily readings I find it Sorry I find it really interesting Because not many tarot readers do this Whatever that I'm doing right now which Is you know doing Collective reading but Also with all different questions Different topics so check them out Because I don't want to get bored and I Don't want to bore my audience as well But that some people don't like I made That I've made these changes but I hope You stick around anyway take care first Lines Leo Aries Sagittarius hope to see You back here again later or tomorrow Bye

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