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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out What is your love interest next action Towards you for those of you who like to Book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below and today is the 27th of January 2023 so I'm here in Bali Indonesia is 1 42 p.m please bear in mind that this is A collective reading for fire signs and If you were to finally got it to watch This video this message is meant for you Even if you're dealing with the same Fire sign all right now let's get your Reading started it's present Angels Please show me for fire science Leo Aries Sagittarius What is the love interest next action Towards fire signs The magician A bit of a manipulative energy here the Magician the Five of Swords So your love interests it feels like for A lot of you but some of you maybe this Is someone you've already ended the Connection with or in the midst of Walking away from this person if Somebody this could be someone Relatively new because two Aces here Candicate a new connection I think fire Signs your love interest with Ace Associate is going to tell you the truth They're going to communicate with you

Um And then the king of Pentacles here in One verse and the Three of Wands they're Going to want to talk about the future They go They're going to want to talk About commitment with the king of Pentacles and one first I think They're gonna be saying certain things Where it's although it's it's you know It's a swords the swords in our bright Position indicates honesty clear Communication right however with a Magician here a magician is a major kind Of so it will Trump the minor So what I'm seeing here is that it's This person is going to appear telling You the truth appear okay telling you The truth but actually they could be It feels a bit like I don't think this Is gonna work the form of verse but it's A reverse psychology because of the Magician here okay again this is one two Yeah the two major counters the same one First Temperance and reverse for me Indicates maybe this is may seem to be Telling the truth or that they may say To you that you know Um This is what I really want Um this is what I'm really thinking But it may not be complete truth it Feels like a manipulation or Um it feels like a reverse psychology Kind of thing because deep down the

Temperance in my verse they're not Actually feeling good about saying these Things to you because it may not Completely be the truth and the full Human verse maybe this person doesn't Want to make a fool out of themselves so They could be saying something to you to Make them not look like they were Foolish or desperate I guess the three ones here unique maybe They could be waiting for you to Actually Do something about it or initiate or say It's just an example okay for instance I'm just gonna give you an example Because Um for example you know how you have one Of those friends who always tell you Um oh I look so fat and stressed I feel So fat today just so that their friends Are gonna tell them or convince them That no you're not you look great babe You know So it's just again Now that something like pointing out Their floors like with Ace of salt here Although the force may be true but It feels as though It feels as though like they're telling The truth about their flow but the Intention behind it is not really 100 percent Um Genuine because the magician here again

It feels like it's some tactics it's Like manipulation in a way just for Reassurance sake It's just like somebody says to somebody A boyfriend a girlfriend why oh you Don't love me anymore and then And just to get that reaction so that They will they will reply They will reply of course I love you you Know why would you say that that kind of An energy that I'm getting here fire Signs so your person's next section Towards you your love interest next Section towards you it's just Point something out here with Ace swords That may seem to be very clear very Obvious But the reason behind it is so that you Would contradict it it's so that you Would say no it is not true or no No I do want you or no I do I don't mind It you don't look fat or you don't look Too skinny or you don't look ugly or Your hair looks good I'm just giving an Example here okay so That's the intention that I'm picking up On and the energy that I'm picking up on In this spread right here so with the Ace of Pentacles that you would Offer them reassurance or offer them Something to them that is valuable no Matter it's in you know in any way shape Or form doesn't really matter we've got The Eight of Cups here

So they may tell you oh I'm done I'm Walking away I've already moved on for Some of you if you're separated from This person or I'm or I'm actually Leaving just so to kind of push you off The edge a little bit with Ace of Pentacles so that you would say Something to them either to reassure Them or to offer them a commitment That's what I'm getting here because Again if I was sorts you can indicate Deceptions or two cards here That that's that's the vibe I'm picking Up on fire signs let's see more Yeah four ones I'm averse picture comes To my very seminal swords in my first See it's like Hiding in plain sight Kind of energy as well that I'm getting Here Again it feels like someone is pointing Out something and making it clear This is what I'm going to do But actually it's so that you would say No don't do it That kind of energy don't walk away or Don't change anything about yourself or I don't mind if you're this way or that Way I don't mind if you have baggages I Don't mind this and that this and that So this is what I'm getting here for our Size for for the most part and then We've got the 901s you maybe this person Is scared right of rejection and five of

Cups here isn't my verse this person is Holding on to some hope that maybe you Would accept them for who they are or Whatever that comes with them the four Ones in my verse indicates a shaky Foundation a separation some of you if You separated from this person I see Them Maybe manipulating You by telling you Something as a sword something that's Gonna like kind of stab you it's the Truth or at least they may make it seem Like it's it's a truth just to kind of Hurt you a little bit put you down a Little bit Queen of Wands you move first Pretending that they are doing better Than you are or pretending that Um It's a pretentious energy magician here I'm sorry but yeah I just feel like They're gonna pretend like okay I'm done Or Or that I'm happy without you you have Been a mistake you see all these things Because sword is a very cutting energy So this person may say something to kind Of cut you or stab you in your heart Here In the midst of walking away or if They've already walked away from you Okay unless you unless you're the one Who has walked away from this person so They're gonna say something to hurt you That's what I'm getting here

This kind of reminded me of this story My friend just told me recently She's going through a separation with a Husband and the husband was being extra Nice to her when she asked for the force But then Um Well he wasn't nice at first and I Became nice Just to convince her to not get the Divorce but then But then she said no it's too late then He became mean again the mean things he Said were so mean like you're nothing Without me you are zero and yada yada so I feel like fire science it's like a bit Of provoking energy here as well Especially if you're separated from this Person or on the way to separation They're gonna say something just to hurt You Because they are hurt themselves with The 901s here So it's a very childish behavior page of Cups in one verse because your Connection with this person is now very Rocky it's not stable And you should know as well fire science Summoners this I think you get an inkling like your gut Feeling is gonna tell you That they are kind of Faking it you know This person's True Colors through the Seminal sword here I'm up first because

This person relies on you now first Depending on you but you may depend on This person either or I think this this Storyline is just for those of you if You're separated on your or on your way To separation From this person If this is somewhat relatively new fire Signs they will tell you the truth about Their past mistakes Um but they could also be hiding Something because Of the magician here and the Five of Swords because it's still very new in The game it feels like I can tell her or Him the truth I can tell fire signs to Choose but I cannot absolutely tell Everything yet because I'm still kind of Watching I'm still not 100 sure because Our connection is still very new so There's something that I feel that is Still kind of holding back and not Wanting to tell you because afraid that You will like Feel put off and walk away from them if This is someone new But they will talk to you Ace of Swords As much as they can to tell you the Truth about something perhaps for some Of you involved in a third party Situation Your Love interests has Somebody else they may take actions Towards that third party they may cut That the party off because the Queen of

Wands here is someone first and then Offer you a commitment telling you that They are walking away from another party That they are done yeah we've got three Ones here as well and that is all done Seminar sort of mothers that they could Be telling us that party about you And then leave the third party and offer You a commitment this is just for some Of you yeah Again the rules can go vice versa take Care far as nicely every Sagittarius if You like to watch more of these videos That I post every single day even a Couple of times a day with different Topics and different questions each Videos are just like about 10 minutes Long or a little bit longer but um Yeah you can binge watch them on this Playlist it's titled daily readings if You can't see it on the screen right now You can click on videos and scroll all The way down you can see all of the Latest videos that I've posted and the Difference about my channel and the rest Of the tarot channel is that I post very Often but my videos are shorter and with Different topics and different questions Because I get bored easily and I don't Want to do the same type of reading Every single day over and over and over Again I just want to mix things up so Um that's all there are always some new Questions that we'll come up with

Whenever I feel inspired or if I see Something and I feel like hey I want to Ask this question today for my Subscribers so that's what I I do on This channel all right so check them out And you can again binge watch it if you Want to on that playlist daily readings Or videos and Um last but not least well second last But not least I'm open for personal Readings if you'd like to book me my Information is in the description box Below I've added a few more options Including the emergency reading options Option and yeah obviously it's a way More accurate Um To do a personal reading then they you Know General reading so if you're Interested send me an email I'll send You details my email address is in the Description box below and the pricing Everything is also in the description Box below Um and last thing I'm Gonna Leave You With the last one playlist as well on The screen this playlist is titled Asia It's from my second Channel I document My travel Vlogs but I haven't posted in Eight months already I think or nine Months Because I've been way too busy with this Uh with this channel but anyway take Care of our science I hope to see you

Back here Again maybe later or tomorrow take care Bye

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