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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Foreign Sagittarius welcome to my Channel my name is Chelsea thank you so Much for liking and subscribing I really Appreciate your love and support in this Reading we are going to find out who Will you end up marrying in the future Um today is the 12th of December 2022 Time is 8 54 well 8 55 p.m call room for Malaysia I just flew in from Bali to Kuala Lumpur last night hence the table Looks different the setting looks Different but anyway let's get your Reading started Spirits and Angels please show me for Fire signs Leo Aries and Sagittarius who Will they end up marrying in the future Excuse me 200 cups of reverse at the bottom of the Deck I don't know why but fire signs okay for Some of you if you haven't met this Person yet It's not gonna totally relate to you Okay you're not gonna resonate one Second Some of you Maybe you've already met this person But what I'm seeing here is that this Connection is gonna it's gonna be really Challenging in the beginning okay Because these Pages here feels like they Are young so it feels like it's in the Beginning part of your relationship or

Connection with this person I think that say 101 here indicates Some struggles I I just feel like this Connection is not going to be easy In the beginning Um either one of you or two of you will Have a lot a lot of doubts in regards to This connection But Knight of Pentacles is right here so Eventually it feels like look at the Devil they're tied together right They're chained together and we've got Eight of Swords here and we've got the Three of swords and then we've also got The page of Pentacles here okay there's Another scenario that I'm seeing here But I'll tell you later right now at This moment I just feel like fire Science you may have been with this Person before or in the future when you Meet this person both of you will have An ending at least one time Three of Swords ten of cups in my first So there may be a separation at least Once or it could be even twice for some Of you okay A separation once or twice And then there will be a lot of doubts In regards to this connection with the Moon The devil can Decay a lot of fear Um that someone may have in regards of Commitment When I say someone that means could be

You or this person this person could be A Virgo cap Contours or Pisces cancer Scorpio Can be any sign see the eight of swords And then we've got the father wants them Up first it feels like okay the second Scenario that I'm seeing here is that For some of you the person you're gonna Marry Is somebody I think could be putting you In a third party situation And then eventually somebody is going to Make a choice because there are two Pages here One is a page of cups and then one is The page of Pentacles so it feels like That could be two people this is the Second scenario okay There could be two people that you're Gonna have to choose from And then we'll have to break the other Person's heart in order to be with this One person here which Both of you might end up getting married But I I just feel like there is going to Be a delay ten of Cups here in reverse Ton of Cups and reverse doesn't mean That you know it's not going to happen It feels like it's just gonna be delayed Either because of somebody's doubt and Fear or it could be a third party Situation regards to a choice between Two people or that there'll be a lot of Obstacles in the beginning part of your

Connection but the devil here like these Two people are chained together so it Feels like someone is going to choose That one person that they feel they Cannot live without okay Excuse me I'm gonna put a few of these Articles But number 10 also indicates a Completion Um So something has to end and a new Beginning can happen but then somebody's Heart is gonna Get hurt or get broken Um so okay it could go vice versa right It could either be your person choosing Between you and somebody they end up Choosing you and both of you get married Or You're going to have to choose between Two people and you're gonna choose one Person Me and my friend we both were just Talking about how we both got sick at The same time she came from Australia to Bali and we both Started coughing at the same time and on Our coughs still haven't Gone away yet it's still there and we've Been complaining how it is so annoying Right But anyway sorry about the cough let me Get some water [Applause]

But it's not covet because she checked Like four times she she doesn't have Kobe so that means most likely I don't Have it Problem is we've been sharing drinks Water Drinking from the same bottle so but Anyway Um we're gonna pull out some of these Oracles okay Thank you Calling in your soulmate so somebody is Going to choose either you're gonna Choose Somebody that you feel like they're more Like a soul mate somebody who Understands you somebody you can really Connect in a soul level well this person Might choose you because they feel like Both of you connect At a soul level okay Retreat candy cake Maybe some of you you may be meeting This person if you haven't met them yet Um while you are disconnecting from your World okay from the world uh Retreat can You keep maybe some of you meet this Person while you're traveling or Some of you may have already met this Person Retreat also Connecticut you know When both of you are in a good place Or when you are in a good place See both of them are actually I think Holding hands Feels very peaceful feels very

Harmonious It's also a marriage card because she's Wearing white and he's wearing black Right So let's see Express your love so that's definitely An expression here with a page two pages And we've got the codependency Codependency is the devil card so Someone is gonna choose Um the person that they're gonna marry That person that they cannot see Themselves living without okay True love Yup I feel like fire signs you're gonna end Up marrying your true love but the Codependency card here for many kids This is an energy of Um I'm not saying that both of you are Going to be codependent on each other But there's this feeling with the devil Here it's like I don't think I can live Without this person Maybe because of the soulmate connection Here because nobody else understands you As much as they understand you on or Vice versa could also be both of you Okay it looks a little bit complicated Here fire signs but It could be good because this person is Somebody whom is gonna love you Genuinely and you will also love this

Person genuinely it feels Mutual to me Excuse me All right I'm done fire signs and I'm Done with my coughing I'm so annoyed Pretty sure you guys are very annoyed Too it's been going on for so long but Anyway take care Um I hope to see you back here again Later or tomorrow if you're resonated in Some way people form Even if you don't if you enjoy this if You enjoyed this reading don't forget to Hit like share and subscribe I hope to See you back here again later tomorrow Take care of our science bye

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