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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi fire signs Leo Aries and Sagittarius Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're gonna find out What's coming up for you in love for Those of you like to book a personal Reading with me information is in the Description box below and today is the 8th of February 2023 time here in Canberra Australia is 10 27 a.m please Bear in mind that this is a collective Reading for fire signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same fire sign I titled this reading individually so It's easier to search okay now let's get Your reading started spirits and Angels Please show me for fire signs Leo Aries And Sagittarius what's coming up for Them in love Ace of cups at the bottom of the deck it Kind of feels like a Renewal Energy here Five signs I feel it with the seven of Cups is this energy where you're gonna Be making a choice a decision because Six of cups in my voice is like do I go Back to this person or do I you know do I go back to this person and start over Or do I Start something completely new that's What I'm seeing here because ten of Pentacles here is similar verse there's This confusion energy in regards of how Is this going to pan out for those of

You fire signs you're currently Connected with someone Or if you need to decide between couple Of people or three it doesn't matter how Many These days you never know huh but anyway So we've got the ten of Pentacles here In my voice thinking about the future And I something about I don't want Things to repeat from the past so a lot Of you may not want to repeat something From your past same kind of people same Kind of experiences I mean same kind of Lovers ex-lovers or you know same kind Of memories it feels like a repetition Because of the world here in my verse so That means going round and round and Round in circle having things either Constantly happening the same way or the Same type of results Um Or just don't really want to return to How things used to be with a certain Individual it could mean that as well so Is there going to be a future I feel Like you're going to be contemplating it Could be someone Um new for some of you if there's Someone new coming into your life you're Going to be wondering if if there is a Future between two of you and also Calculating certain risks or six of Cups Here in my first kind of feels like I Don't want things from the past to

Repeat right so whether it whether for Some of you is the same person from your Past or it could be Um new person With similar I feel I feel it has more to do with Fear if there's somebody new with ace of Cups here it kind of makes me feel like I don't want to repeat something from The past me I mean it may or may not Have anything to do with someone from Your past someone maybe it is but if you Should repeat someone with your past or Someone where you may have bad memories With in the past okay so the Chariot in My first 10 on wands and the three ones Here definitely I feel like a lot of you First and you're gonna be thinking about The future and the 10 of ones here Indicates okay Is this gonna be hard Can I walk away from this connection can Oh can I walk away from past trauma I really don't want things from the past To repeat that's what I'm seeing and I Share it in my verse wondering will this Be successful some of you it's it's you Wondering if you were to give a chance Give somebody from a pat your past a Chance or someone whom you may not be Someone whom you may be going through Some issues with currently a chance you Could be wondering will this be Successful

Um I'm not sure that's what I'm seeing It because seven cups again indicates Confusion feeling just unsure and really Don't want the past mistakes to happen Again or past experiences happen to Happen again or to repeat something from The past you know there are two tens Here 10 or ones and then the ten of Pentacles here one first kind of makes Me feel like you know It's a completion number and it's not Completed yet because the ten of Pentacles here is somewhere very so for Some of you you wonder if you should Complete like end the connection with Someone Um because this person may have been Given giving you uh bad memories in the Past right and with the 101s it feels Like one person is carrying all of the Burden somebody may be feeling like why If you're in a connection right now you May be feeling that you're alone in this And you're carrying all of these burden Responsibilities on your own and if That's the case will there be a future With the three of ones here but this Could also be an indication fire signs For some of you if you are single and if You're wondering if there could be a new Love coming in with the ace of cups here For sure indicates a new love is coming In but you just have to keep moving Forward

Um looks like there's a bit of a delay Here with the Cherry in my verse however The three ones also can indicate that Your ship is selling in soon the new Person is coming in soon possibly within Three days three weeks three months I Hope it's not three years but it could Be okay but there will be a delay here With the Cherry animal verse for some of You fire signs if you If you continue being confused and Continue mulling over the past or Overthinking that's what I'm seeing here Um just keep moving forwards but it's Definitely encouraging you to do that For some of you with the five of Pentacles in my rest of the world and What verse in the Five of Swords you Know you could also if you're currently Connected with someone you could be Feeling like this person is playing Games with you and you also will be Wondering if you should fight for this Connection or let this connection go Completely there's definitely a stuck Energy in the foul Pentacles involved First yeah should I return Or should I should I move on well it is Your choice right fire signs but Specifically encouraging You To Love Yourself ace of cups respect yourself Love yourself and then you go from there That's definitely what I'm seeing here But let's pull out a few more chords

I did 901s a lot of you gonna feel kind Of guarded Um afraid to get hurt again possibly From this person or from someone new Again you know the main theme of theme Of this uh reading is fire science you Just don't want something from your past To repeat itself you don't want it to Repeat because it has given you bad Memories or upset you hurt you Um whether it's someone you you've had These these experiences with in the past Or it could be someone new you just Don't want to repeat or it could be Spritz way of saying not to repeat Something or someone from your past We've got the three of Cups here can Indicate for some of you it's a Repetition uh no I see I keep seeing Repetition repeat so it's repeating you Know three of Cups candy cane reunion Reconciliation some of you it's Repeating with someone Reconciling with someone I'm not saying That this kind gonna be 100 if there is Going to be a Reconciliation between you And somebody it feels more like someone It could be you or this person Considering considering a Reconciliation Because you know it's real Cups maybe Because the love is still there with the Ace of cups but also there's some Confusion in regards on in regards to How someone feels about you or how you

Feel about someone But I See Fire signs if you are Completely completely single there is a Chance for you to meet new love ace of Cups here But it says you need to put yourself out There with the three of Cups because the Three cups indicates Um social being social socializing could Be through social media you can also Socialize on dating apps I'm not saying Some people say ah even dating apps I Hate dating apps some people will be Seeing that like commenting that I've Read it before I'll never go on a dating App okay it doesn't matter what what Your choice is it says to socialize okay Whether it's dating app or going out There going out being out there doing Things with people surrounding yourself With people the more you know fire Science the more you stay at home and Not do anything about it at least for Those of you if you're single and Looking Um you know least likely will you meet Somebody New somebody yeah somebody new but Definitely seeing here fire signs your Chances increase if you're single and Want to meet someone new there is a Chance of you meeting someone new that I Feel with the ace of cups here is um Somebody genuine somebody genuine

Somebody who who is into food and drinks Okay someone who likes to socialize some Could be a social butterfly as well it Could mean that and some of you with the 901s you may be a little bit skeptical About this new person because maybe it Still work maybe it's different you know The community friends or maybe this is Just their character liking to be you Know out and about socialized networking Loving food loving food drinks or Entertaining you may be a little bit Afraid with another ones here can I Trust this person this person is always Socializing okay that's just for some of You what uh fire signs some of you could Be this person could be a water sign is A cups you know these cups here candy Kit water signs up maybe this person Could be a Pisces or a Scorpio this Could be someone new coming in and for Someone maybe you've already started Connecting with this person but there is A new love here the 901s again feels Like there could be some fear in regards To this connection it could be Insecurities as well Um But the tower here in my first fire sign For me indicates for some of you yeah There is a situation if you're currently Wondering or your person is wondering if Both of you should be should stay Together or should reconcile there's an

Energy of wanting to do some damage Control here whether to reconcile to Renew this love is a Cup's a renewal Um But there is fear 901s can this be Successful Um will this be successful should I Fight for it should I continue putting In energy into it or should I just let Go so there's a contemplation here five Signs could be you could be a person Could be both of you as well but I feel Like generally fire science be saying That it is your choice you know an ace Of cups decide based based on how much You care and love for yourself and also Another very weird energy also choose Also choose someone whom is going to get Along with your friends with your family That's when I'm getting you that part is Kind of different yeah not just you but People who are close to your friends and Family somebody choose and choose According to of course ace of cups Self-love self-care but also if this Person will care and love for people you Love and care about hope that makes Sense to you okay take care of our size Leo Aries and Sagittarius is your Reading and I hope you resonated in some Way shape or form if you did please hit Like share and subscribe if you'd like To watch more of these videos that I've Been posting every single day with

Different topics and different questions You can click on daily readings playlist So you can click on videos you can see All of my latest videos where I post Them again every single dinner upload Them right away so they're very fresh Still new because I post them at Different timing random timing so you May have missed it Um And also for those of you like to book Me for personal reading my information Is in the description box below Um take care of our science hope to see You back here again later or tomorrow Bye

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