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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hello fire signs little Aries and Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we're Going to find out what's coming up for You within 24 hours for those of you who Like to book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below today is the 29th of January uh 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 9 06 A.m please bear in mind that there's a Collective reading for fire signs and if You were to finally got it to watch this Video this message is meant for you even If you're dealing with the same fire Sign all right now let's get your Reading started Spirits and Angels please show me excuse Me for fire signs little Aries Sagittarius It's coming up for them within 24 hours 601s at the bottom of the deck so this Your energy fire signs uh Leo Aries Sagittarius I think fire science 601s Five of Swords Here kind of makes me feel that If you've been planning something it Could be a competition any sort of plan I think you're gonna feel like your plan Is working or at least you're gonna make People think that your plan is working I Hope that makes sense to you it sounds a Little bit Twisted or complicated Because we've got the hermit here

Um Some of you you could be reflecting yeah Today I mean they start reading if You've been watching the within 24 hours Reading this could have already happened Or could be happening currently could Also be longer than 24 hours although They say within 24 hours prediction Reading and also there are so many Details that you may not Resonate or it may not happen may not Apply from the beginning to the end Maybe just one maybe just two really Depends for each and every one of you Because this is a general reading yeah But anyway the hermit here fire signs I Feel like sorry I've got a sore throat So the um the hermit here makes me feel Like some of you you could be wondering Did my plan work Did my plan work is it working did it Work I don't know there's this energy because Six of cups is right here There's this feeling of something in the Past Um as in your actions something that You've planned something you've Strategized I think today you're gonna Be within 24 hours or so you're going to Be mulling over it you're gonna be Thinking wondering did my plan work is It working Will it work okay

But also this could be an indication of Somebody thinking about you reflecting Over something that they may have lost Okay if I was so it's communicate Winning and losing because if you look At it these people through their swords Down while this one wins this is the one Standing up but you know it's more like Giving up though because these two People actually just threw through the Swords now okay I just don't want to be A part of this stupid game right so for Some of you Um it could be someone Wondering if their plan worked on you if Their strategy worked on you they could Be wondering that because the hermit is Like kind of looking for an answer and Feeling a little bit lost some of it's You feeling kind of lost Um Perhaps wondering if you should give up Or if you should fight for something That you actually really want because The six of Wands here feels like it's a Battle it's a battle it's not easy Because six of Wands is this person Coming back from a battle from war and Winning it and these other ones here are His or her supporters right and cheering Him on while or her it's not gender Specific coming home Victoriously so We've got also the Ace of Pentacles him

Up first and the Seven of Cups here a Month first see a decision but Five of Swords can be a little bit this Deceptive yeah because it could only Keep playing mind games someone could be Wondering right now and or within 24 Hours if their mind games worked on you Or you could be also wondering if your Mind games worked on this person okay Whoever this person is I feel It could indicate some sort of rejection Ace Pentacles ammo for seven of Cups I'm Always making a decision a very form Decision to reject someone but not Actually wanting to reject that person Want to make that person feel rejected That's really It's like someone may reject someone Um Not because they want to reject that Person they want to see that person's Reaction so for some of you you may be Able to see this person's reaction Within 24 hours or so or that you might React to somebody Playing mind games with you somebody who Has rejected you before in the past but They really didn't mean to reject you Hope that makes sense to you for Pentacles of numbers and we've got ten Of Pentacles here So let me just going to stay home yeah I See you also or it could be a family Member it could be you or your family

Member or a very close friend who come To your place I feel it'll be a lot of Heart-to-heart conversations too You might have this heart attack Conversations with someone somebody very Close to you you could go to this Person's place so this person could come To your place Um could also be with you know a family Member the 10 of Pinnacle is going to Get family but it's in a house and then With a full Pentacles in my first like Pouring someone's heart out or opening Up rather opening up in regards of Someone feeling really lost some of fire Signs you could be opening up to someone Today within 24 hours or so or someone May be opening up to you okay Telling you exactly how they feel how Lost they are and they're searching for Answers perhaps looking to get to gain Some advice from you or vice versa okay You know the hermic indicate some of you Could be feeling kind of lonely being Alone In this whole thing right whatever that Could be making you feeling as though Um that you've been dealing this on your Own and that maybe this could also be an Advice From Spirits in the universe that Perhaps it's It'll be good for you to open up to Somebody that you can trust okay

Somebody saw it said no Pentacles Somebody mature or somebody wise perhaps You could gain some advice some Information Or maybe you could feel much better About whatever that you could be going Through right now that makes you feel Lost or lonely Then we've got the flower Pentacles here Three of swords and there's six of Cups Yeah for those of you going through a Separation or feeling really lonely Again there's a very lonely card uh with A Hermit here I think some of you are gonna just wanna Stay home someone is coming to visit you You're gonna visit this person and it's Really encouraging if you're not Thinking about doing that it's Encouraging you to open up to maybe your Best friend in regards to something that You could be going through right now Something you can trust someone somebody You've known in a while six of cups or Feels like a soul mate to you okay Unless doesn't mean you know it's a Romantic connection could be just Anybody okay your best friend or Somebody you trust Um somebody who gets you somebody who Understands you and the Three of Swords With the five particles yeah it feels Like some of you could be going through This heartbreak currently five Pentacles

Feeling left out in a cold but if you Look at the five particles there are two People here so so does the six of cups Hmm Especially trying to say that you're not Actually alone alone you do have people Around you who it Who would help you feel much more Comfortable who would understand you Perhaps opening up to someone today will Be such a good it will be a good idea if You're going through A heartache with a three of swords Feeling really sad and again feeling Really isolated Feeling lonely okay Um or it could be someone Fireside will Be reaching out to you and asking to see You maybe this person is heartbroken I May need your advice okay I feel like There's someone very very close to you It's it's either a family member or it Could even be your children if you have Children or child or it could be a best Friend it could be someone you could be Also romantically connected to currently It could be anybody but it just feels Like there's a very close and like Closeness kind of a connection let's see More But I see you putting your best foot Forward with the 601s look at the Magician I'm not even surprised to see The magician I feel like fire science

This could be how you're feeling right Now for some of you this this reading is Just for whoever needs to hear it okay And the six of Wands in the Magician even though you're feeling Heartbroken I see you not wanting people To see that I see you still trying to Put your best foot forward still trying To smile still trying to do something or Participate in something some of you Staying home like this isolation card Some of you you're gonna be out there if Even if you're outside if you're Surrounded by people I feel like you're Still gonna feel kind of lonely on the Inside uh all that currently is how You're feeling and then magician you Know it's also a deceptive card so I Think for a lot of you maybe deceiving Everybody thinking that you're doing Great but deep down you could be going Through something here okay fire signs But also for some of you magician here 601s flower swords somebody Um Somebody who thought that That they've won this game Um it could be a competitor it could be An extra different I feel like this Person is starting to also look back Into did I actually win did I actually Win this whole thing Well do I deep down Truly that I have lost in this game okay

So again a lot of reflection going on I Feel it could be someone close to you a Virgo or someone like you or fire Science new Aries Sagittarius Levi Dramaticus what could be you okay not Cops here is my first full swords is Pentacles four Pentacles through swords Yeah there's a lot of energy here that Fire science I feel That a lot of you just putting trying to Put like you know a facade as though Everything is fine but deep down I just Feel like you've been thinking a lot or That you're going to be thinking a lot Feeling kind of unhappy so maybe not Even eating enough food Um it could be because of diet some of You going on a diet And you're soldiering on with your diet Or a certain type of routine discipline I think you're soldiering on even though You don't really like oh you may be Feeling weak you may be feeling kind of Not a coffee remember as well but the Satisfied like that you have to go Through this that's just for some of you But be aware of overspending money as Well for Pentacles is Pentacles in one Verse some of you think twice before you Reject something or reject someone or Reject an offer Think twice take your time because the Hermit here makes me feel like you know If you reject this offer here it could

Be a job offer it could be a race it Could be any any types of offer 10 of Pentacles here it makes me feel like you Might miss this opportunity in either Developing or building something very Important in your life or building some Sort of stability or friendship forging A friendship forging a relationship or This could also be related to money or Career that you could actually Um that attendant number 10 is is a lot It's a lot so you might miss this Opportunity if you are too hasty with You know make rejecting something here Okay or someone Um don't be too quick to reject it could Be rejecting someone's advice or Rejecting someone's support or an offer Of commitment something that is supposed To be valuable to you I feel like just Be aware of not rejecting it and just Take a time to kind of Process process what ever this person Has got to offer to you okay Because it could turn into something Really really good but the only problem Is for Pentacles and Rosa is Pentacles And memories you may reject it you might Let it go which you know would have been A missed opportunity with the Ten of Tentacles here C5 Pentacles you will Come to regret it that you rejected this Opportunity whatever it could be okay Some of you it's money again some of its

Commitment and offer of a home it could Be anything but I think you know the Sixth was the file so it's don't get a Little bit too cocky about it Um and rejected thinking I can do Without But it feels like you're gonna end up Like feeling kind of disappointed if you Rejected this offer or this opportunity Okay So this possibly coming up within 24 Hours or so so just take your time the Hermit here to Just if you can't decide right now just Say can you can you give me some time Like within 24 hours or two days or 48 Hours and I'll get back to you that's What I'm seeing here okay and six of Cups ten of Pentacles candy cake is Spending time with your family or spend Your time with children Um but I do see you needing support here Okay five pound goes in the Three of Swords some of it could be children Um or family needing your support Someone may ask to borrow money from you For some of you five Pentacles and six Of Cups here Someone may not be doing too well and Maybe borrowing money from you or if You're one of the fire signs for not Doing very well financially Perhaps a friend will help you perhaps You seek for help from a friend to

Borrow money that's for some of you Obviously not all fire signs are exactly The same so just take what resonates With you go to Justice here I've got the Ace of cups Hmm And then we've got the strength here so You're trying to be strong or spirit's Gonna be telling you to just be strong Just hang in there feels like you will Win this six of Wands something that You've been trying to achieve Some of you I see you achieving it Within 24 hours or so But it is a cup strength and then the Justice here can indicate for some of You are going to be dealing with Something important that's related to Hmm A contract something legal could also be Marriage A New Beginning ace of cups and Love or you could be taking care of Yourself self-care self-love with ace of Cups strength here somebody getting a Massage or thinking about getting a Massage within 24 hours or so Um you know the ace of cups this Actually kind of reminds me these two Cards it reminds me of when me and my Friends when I was back in Malaysia we Were getting many cute oh no pedicure And then we were like drinking champagne And then getting Getting pedicure and like chatting with

Each other some of you maybe are doing That you're not all of you obviously and The nine of Cups here it looks like Little toes except there's one missing One So it's like it makes me feel like a Look it looks like a pedicure session Some of you is a massage session facial Maybe space could be encouraging and do That within 24 hours or so just to Just to practice self-care self-love and That's that's just about it I feel full So it's taking a break From constantly wanting to make things Happen or constantly being on a go for Those of you busy fire signs okay But some of you justice magician ace of Cups not cops about first I think Someone could be holding back from Offering you love or you could be Holding back from offering somebody love Um And there's this energy of like do I Really want this do I want to keep my Options open do I really want to commit If I do commit it's going to be I'm gonna go all in so it could be Someone thinking about that in regards To you that if they were to come in Offer you love they're gonna have to go All in and there's no turning back and That kind of an energy unless this is You all right fire Sciences you're Reading

17 minutes what's going on I forgot to Um reset my stopwatch but anyway there's Your reading fire science Leo Aries Sagittarius you'd like to watch more of These videos which I post every single Day and even couple of times a day and I Post them at different timings so you May have missed it click on the daily Readings Playlist and you will see all of the Readings and they are different Different questions yeah it's not Exactly the same all of it because this Is what I've always wanted to do is just Not repeating the same thing over and Over again every single day Um yeah I feel much better doing this Even though there's so many people who Don't like it don't like this new format But Um but it keeps me being creative it Keeps me From Like losing passion and doing tarot Reading because after a while it's the Same old same old you just kind of get Um bored with it so I just don't want to Get bored but anyway check the other Videos out if you want to Um if you cannot see the playlist on the Screen right now it you can click on Videos and scroll the way down just look For your sign and I have binge watch all

You want And sorry my throat hurts And um for those of you like to book me For a personal reading my information is In the description box below I've added Few more options including emergency Reading I don't do live readings yes I've gotten a lot of emails asking me to Do a live Zoom reading I cannot do that Because Um that's gonna block my time because I Do a lot of reading so I need to do the Readings on my at my own pace yeah Within two to three days it's a Turnaround for the normal readings but If it's an emergency reading it's within 24 hours but anyway all the information Is in the description box below if you Like to know more information in regards To booking and personal reading with me Just send me an email All right fire signs oh last but not Least a playlist That I'm also going to be leaving you on The screen here is title Asia it's gonna Take you to my second channel it's a It's a um travel Vlog Channel if you Like check that one out I'm taking my Time more to like explain everything at The end of the video Because usually I rush through it but Anyway take care of fire signs hope to See you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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