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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi Leo welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea in this reading we're going to Get you some important love messages That you need to hear today and this Video will be uploaded to both of my Channels Chelsea love Tarot and Chelsea Tarot 2.0 to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below today is the 4th Of March 2023 time here in Marseille France is 1204 PM all right now let's Get your reading started spirits and Angels please show me important love Messages that Leo's need to hear today Wow Extras I'll take it and we've got the Ten of cups at the bottom of the deck Okay Leo I'm so sorry for this uh late Reading because I was traveling from Australia to France and also it was a Very very long flight and also I got Really sick so and on top of that my Luggages were missing and I just Received it today this morning Um but anyway let's get our reading Started we've got the page of Wands it's Definitely you Leo Arie Sagittarius Um doesn't matter rules can be reversed Between you and whoever you could be Thinking about or dealing with Romantically currently if there's Anybody at Olio if you're currently Connected with someone I feel like this Person is definitely sussing you out

Right with a page of Swords here trying To see if you could actually be perfect For them nine of Cups now we've got the Lovers indicates a choice that they Could be trying to make and also six of Cups of movers it feels like this person Doesn't want to make the same mistake Again from their past okay maybe they've Had bad experiences when it comes to Love in their past unless it is someone You have been connected with you have Been connecting with in the past then it Could be it could it could also mean That this person doesn't want uh Something from the past Um to repeat itself which may have given Them um some bad memories Again roles can reverse between you and This person and we've got the five of Pentacles here and one first hmm Essentially of some of you if you if You're currently not connected with Someone new right now if this is someone From your past they're definitely is Spying on you page of Soto at least Wondering how you're doing right And also remembering past situation past Bad memories bad and good memories I Would say this person could also be Wondering if you are done with them if You're already completely close the Chapter with them wondering if you would Actually reach out to them will you will You speak with them

The moon him up first will you open Communication This is just for some of you if Um you have someone from your past home You know I feel like lately Leo somehow The pager wants these two pages Indicates Messengers right so messages May not always mean a direct message it Could indicate it could mean telepathy As well like if you ever thought if You've ever thought of this person this Person may have thought of you as well At the same time that's for some of you But for a lot of you know like Pages can Make a new a new Energy new connection As well if this person is not in your Life right now it could be an indication Of this person is you know coming in to Your life and I feel like with the Lovers here and the world this is Somebody well traveled well travel if There is a new person coming into your Life okay unless this person is already In your life but a well-traveled person I'm sensing here and this person is I love her right a lover and definitely Not Definitely not somebody angry that's What I'm getting here uh maybe this is Somebody who loves the nature who who Loves the universe loves to travel Um appreciates diversity appreciate the World in in general the world here Sexist with the Cherry yeah this whole

This whole Um stretch here for me the chariotics There's so many cards here that Indicates travel long distance okay if Some of you could be in a long distance Relationship with somebody or a Long-distance relationship is coming in To your life it could be a new beginning That Either this person Lives far away from you Or may have a different ethnicity Different background or that both of you May end up being in a long-distance Relationship where I think both of you Will be reunited with the lovers and the Ten of cups I see this is a really happy Union to be Honest with you so many major arcadas One two three four Five five major arcanas Um this is a major major connection I Think that is going to change your life Change their life as well I feel like Both of you will have to compromise Or to also assessing each other out with The page of Swords to see if this could Actually work out the nine of Cups you Know it's a bit this energy makes me Feel like somebody when I say somebody That means could be you're this person Somebody may be wondering if could this Person be the one And also

Nine of Cups nine is almost ten this Person is almost perfect so I don't want To pass this I don't want to pass this one up maybe Maybe there could be some external Factors involved in this connection Where it's not going to make things As easy Um It would make things Easily for the both of you like this Connection maybe there could be certain Things I feel that both of you will have To make extra effort in order for this Connection to work although I feel like A lot of movement here right traveling Or moving Um or maybe it's because of background Different background some differences Here but I feel like someone is going to think That this is going to be well worth it Or you're going to think this is well Worth it to put in extra effort or to Cross the sea for this person to learn This person's new language or religion It can be anything but Um As different as both of you could be Um for each other I feel like it works It takes certain sacrifices hence the Page of Swords is here and then the five Pentacles in one verse and six of Cups And one first I think this is so not

This is not uncommon for you guys Leo This is not uncommon for you guys Um To be with someone or to have been in Relationships where You're kind of open-minded about it Um Doesn't matter they're raised so it Doesn't matter their religion or where They live there are a lot of differences Here people you you kind of attract or Feel attracted to people who are not Exactly like you are it could be in any Way shape or form Um this could be someone new coming in Or that you know it's I just don't see Leo that this is like such a huge huge Issue for any one of you Um to move forward with this connection Or unless if it's not you it could be That person yeah it could be that person Home may not see this as an issue Um If there's a distance involved or Different Religion different ethnicity Anything that is different between two Of you I see this person is not gonna Look at it as in like it's it's a big Issue it's not a big issue the moon here Isn't reverse it kind of makes me feel Like maybe this person is used to it or You're also used to it you or them again It could go vice versa could be both of You like used to this type of connection

Where it's very different very unique Right but the world they love us you Know both of you speak Even though both of you are so like Worlds Apart very different from each Other could just be a metaphor Metaphorically both of you just so Different from each other but Um You both speak the same love language Yeah the lovers here yeah it doesn't Really matter it feels like it doesn't Matter at all as long as both of you Excuse me I'm a bit sick still so as Long as both of you speak the same love Language that's what I'm saying and ten Of cups it's just too good to be true For some of you hence the page of Swords Is just gonna be like Oh I'm not too Sure is this too good to be true and you Get to know this person better so that's Why the two pages are here some of you Could be in the same Um same what do you call Same Gender relationship sorry Leo so but Anyway Just giving you an example like um me And my boyfriend he speaks French Obviously and and he doesn't really Speak much English and I don't speak Much French I speak obviously English But with being Google translating and Things like that but you know at the end

Of the day it feels like that Leo he's Not Leo he's an Aquarius and I'm a Virgo But this actually feels like that a Little bit Leo maybe this is someone That's coming in or you could be Currently connected with it doesn't Really matter if both of you don't speak Each other's languages or you know come From a different Background but both of you speak the Same love language I think that's the Most important thing and you know the Ten of Cups here Indicates you know but I can see being Happy with this person so why not that's What I'm seeing here but a little bit of A guarded energy afraid to you know do Something to make the same mistake again Or make the wrong choice again hence you Know someone hear you or this person Could be trying to wait and see how Things pan out between two of you but it Looks really positive it looks like Someone really has Faith both of you may Maybe both of you have faith that is Gonna work out eventually and The Chariot here indicates for movement Successfully so very successful Connection if you were to move forward With it but it feels like you may have To leave something behind or your person May have to leave something behind And it's like no doubt the moon him Lovers there's no doubt that this

Connection is gonna work out anyway Because maybe both of you speak again The same love language or the both of You Have the same heart have the same Intention have the same ones and wants Each other Um feelings are mutual that's definitely What I'm seeing here all right Leo this Is your reading and I hope you resonated In some way shape or form if you did Please hit like share and subscribe Uh I'm open for personal readings if you Like the book me my information is in The description box below feel free to Subscribe to both of my channels Chelsea Tarot 2.0 is my latest Channel I only Post individual sign readings and uh Chelsea love Tarot is my original Terror Channel where I post a mixture of Everything all right take care Leo hope To see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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