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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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High fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we are Going to find out what is your person's Next action towards you to book a Personal reading with me all information Is in the description box below today is The 19th of March 2023 time here in Genoa Italy is 1 47 p.m please bear my Not this day Collective reading for fire Signs and if you were to finally guided To watch this video this message is Meant for you even if you're dealing With the same fire sign all right now Let's get your reading started spirited Angels please show me for Leo Aries and Sagittarius What's the person's next action towards Them Please bear in mind that there will be a Lot of details in this reading that may Or may not resonate with you From the beginning till the end Eight of Pentacles at the bottom of the Deck hmm I see a person is holding back okay so I've got the strength here person is Gonna hold back your person's not gonna Do anything they're not gonna take any Actions as of right now at least not at Least not now at least not in the very Near future because look at the flower Swords here so it does feel like they Could be playing games or that they

Could be thinking you know uh I don't Want to be the first one to initiate any Conversation or to initiate any actions Okay whatever actions it could be if Somebody is conversation if some of you It's Doing something okay like little action We've got the strength here so your Person is going to be holding back So they are very they're treading Carefully they are wearing the pros and Cons There are Trying to show like they are in their Own power as in they're powerful Um this non-action is them trying to Show you or to prove to themselves that They are powerful or that they're in Control of the situation okay without Being the first to initiate without Being the first to ask So they are definitely holding back they Think this is a good strategy it is the Right strategy okay Look at the page of Swords here so your Person could be a Libra Gemini Chris Camille Leo can be a piece against Scorpio Virgo Capricorn Taurus Community Sign They're just watching so they're trying To play smart here right uh page of Swords so they've been Um just trying to you know page page Source is a very intelligent character

Actually although young but intelligent Inquisitive and also somebody who you Know collects information I don't want To like be Hasty I want to wait I want To wait and see I want to suss things Out first I want to be smart about this so I feel Like they your person may not take Actions towards you at least not going To be the first one at least not gonna Be anytime soon because I feel like Again they're still waiting still Collecting information still sussing Things out and they also believe that by Doing this by delaying it by not taking Any actions towards you and just wait And watch it's a it's a really it's a Really good strategy okay King of Cups here is the one first it's Not the same row as the Eight of Cups in My first so this for me indicates Um That This person's next actions towards you Is whether to come back or to also Either come back or stay okay unless if Both of you separated then maybe they Could be thinking I say thinking because There's a lot of holding back cards here So it feels like they are thinking about It they may or may not do it okay but I Feel like they If both is separated they could be Thinking about returning but not yet not

Right now at least not right now okay But the intention is there the thought Is there and the thought of also to be Vulnerable in front of you Um that's another thing that they could Be holding back from expressing to you How they feel and the empress here is in Reverse so this for me is an indication Of them also the next sections was used To want to see if you are good to them Or if you will be good to them or if You'll be good for them okay Some of you this could be a newer Connection but some of you this could be Someone you separated from okay so just Take what resonates with you if there's Someone new Then I think he or she could be Wondering if you could be the one for Them so in the meantime they're not Gonna rush I don't see them rushing at All whatsoever even if you're separated From this person you're not rushing Or whatsoever but they're definitely Keeping Taps on you because of the page Of Swords here now we've got the 901s Here and rub first Yeah they're just like kind of you know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do anything about this I'm Just gonna try and like Stay calm Strength be patient Channel Once in my verse yep it's like

Making you think they've they've given Up or making them making you think that They're not interested make it's like You know again the If I was saw to somebody who plays game Mind games so not a cops here Um the next action towards you is Non-action but it doesn't mean that They're not interested in you because it Looks like web page is sorts they're not Interested in you they wouldn't be Spying on you right the father swords Here if you're not interested in you They wouldn't think of this as part of a Strategy and the nine of Cups here is Like Yeah this is what I should do it's a Satisfy energy like I'm satisfied just Sitting here sitting down and look at Another cups this person sitting down Right Just sitting down I'm just waiting and Watch Like there are definitely contented that This is what this is the right thing to Do like this is the right thing to do This is what they want as well because They believe Non-action is actually going to yield Certain results or outcome that they Could be looking for in terms of this in Terms of this connection we've got the Eight of Pentacles here as well They could be focusing on work and then

Next sections towards you would be Maybe Telling you that oh I've just been busy Working Ace of Swords here and the ace Of cups in my version of 901 so this Your energy so the new energy is in the Right position so that means they want You to chase them I feel like you're a person's next Action towards you is wanting you to Chase after them I see a very passive Energy right here anyway so swords they Want you To know that this is what you want And then you chase after them you'll be The one to to to express to them what You're thinking you'll be the one who Says I want to work on this or I want This connection to work or I want to Invest in this connection they want you To be the first one to do that I don't Think they they they're gonna do it Themselves unless again we'll stop being Reversed here and ace of cups here is a More verse So they don't want to get rejected to Feel rejected if they were the ones to Like Be too How do you say be the one who seems too Desperate so to them it's like I don't Want to show any desperation because I Don't want to be rejected I don't wanna I don't think that's such a good idea

That's what I'm seeing here so they want You to chase after them and they want You to sit on a horse here and then like You know Carry them away unless again rules are Being reversed not the ones the Masculine energy but it doesn't matter We have both masculine and feminine Energy I saw it but I feel like the more Masculine energy is That person that's That needs to chase right So if you have the feminine energy you May be expecting the masculine and Energy to chase after you Unless again I don't know so vice versa You could be You could be a female and then you Embody more masculine energy but Let's see just a little bit more for our Signs Leo Aries Sagittarius And we've got the Queen of Swords your Person could be a Libra gemini or in Chris some of you may have multiple People in your mind right now If that's the case you know the messages Are going to be jumbled out like there's Gonna be some mixing here and there Again just take what resonates with you The lovers it's a choice so they're Gonna make a very conscious Choice like As though you know the Queen of Swords

Here like okay I'm sticking to What I believe Allah Chris Um Can be any signs so I'm sticking to Where I'm at Um I have my principles I've got my Boundaries I'm sticking to it and if you Want me you come and chase after me That's what I'm seeing here yeah so I Don't see them really taking actions Towards you they expect you to do that Instead Unless rules are being reversed all Right Leo a research Terrace is your Reading and I hope you resonated in some Way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below Don't forget to hit on the Bell Notification button if you like to be Notified every time when I post your Videos And feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot and Charles Tarot 2.0 which is my newest Channel Um take care Leo Erie Sagittarius hope To see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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