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Important love messages that Libras need To hear today Bottom of the deck is the nine of Wands Okay So I feel like this is a reading for Um okay four ones remember is ten of Cups in my first a separation trouble in Paradise in the past somebody from your Past could be thinking about returning I Feel like when that happens to a Pentacles business Spirits say to weigh the pros and cons Okay take your time be patient and don't Rush into making a decision whether to Return to somebody or accept this person When they return that's just for some of You okay But we've got the ten of Pentacles of Justice and the fool here more first the Fullest this communicates for me once uh Shame on use for me twice shame on me Kind of energy so space is not to make The same mistakes again Possibly with the same person uh or Don't make the same mistake again taking This person back or returning to this Person the Justice here it feels like if You were to make a very firm decision Um you may be able to Get the person to do what you want or Literally getting a connection that you Want which is the ten of Pentacles 10 of Our goals is a very good card for me This indicates uh this indicates

Longevity a long-term connection a very Balanced connection right next to Temperance here connection that is very Important the connection that is very Serious to the Pentacles and the Ace of Wands here and one first okay there's This energy of somebody if you have Another option or this person has Another option a choice is going to be Made here and it's a once in my first Rejecting a connection that is Um Fleeting fleeting or connection that you Know couldn't go anywhere because The ones indicates passion and desire so Somebody may choose to not just follow The passion and desire by choosing uh Longevity choosing a connection that is Sustainable unless this could be his way Of telling a Libra perhaps choosing Somebody or connection that you can see Having a future with rather than a Connection that can be very lustful or Attraction is super strong but then There is no future to it or that there's Uh there's no longevity to it or that It's kind of unsustainable that's one What I'm getting here Libra for those of You who are single I see you meeting Someone new Um Somebody who has money or their family Has money or they have a very important Career uh a big position that's what I'm

Seeing here and somebody very patient With the temperance a good person that's What I'm seeing here and this is Somebody who works a lot or somebody who Has a lot on their plate could also be a Divorce y'all have had at least a Long-term connection that didn't work Out in the past Um and this person may be a little bit Guarded with another ones here because Of failed relationships in the past or This could be you Libra okay All right this is your reading Libra I Hope you resonated in some way shape or Form if you did please hit like share And subscribe and thank you so much for Watching I'm gonna Um move on to the next sign which is Pisces thank you so much for watching Libra Hello Pisces I'm gonna shuffle your cards Three times before I start with the Reading Foreign Spirits and Angels please show me Important love messages that Pisces need To hear today Wants at the bottom of the deck the First message that I got from this bread Here Um Was Pisces don't say something that You're gonna regret okay because we've

Got the Leo energy your strength to Spread very carefully with a certain Person that's when I'm getting here this Person could be somebody like you want Pisces cancer or Scorpio could be a Leo Um A research tears Leo again with page of Wands here to stay what resonates with You this person can be any sign but Don't say something that you're gonna Regret Um take the high road that's what I'm Seeing here or just be quiet because We've got this Moon here not saying Something is it's actually saying Everything that's what I'm seeing here Or somebody may not be speaking with you Right now because to them they just Don't think it's the right time to say Something or they're afraid that they Could say something that they're gonna Regret okay that's Um again it could go vice versa like That just give me a second Pisces Wants this for me indicates somebody Will Speak with you eventually especially if This person is it's especially if this Person is a fire sign or a water sign Can be any sign okay but Two swords again feels like and it is a Sort them offers you may not have heard From this person in a in a while that's

Because maybe this person is going Through some issues uh emotionally okay Or that they could be feeling kind of Vulnerable fragile right now or it could Be you Pisces some of you may not want To speak to somebody right now because You could be feeling fragile you could Be feeling vulnerable and maybe it's Just not the right time to communicate With this person there's definitely Again a lot of holding back here and We've got the full and the Niner ones in One first yeah for some of you Pisces Spirit could be saying that Um the school go ahead and do your thing Explore go travel Um also something about burden Um for some of you If it's not your burden to carry you Don't have to carry it yeah and just Kind of like go with another ones here I'm up first and okay to be alone that's What I'm getting here because the fool Is one it's there is one person here That's just for some of you the tower in My purse somebody is unsure for those of You separated from your person someone Maybe when I see someone that means Could be you or the other person someone May be a little bit skeptical skeptical Or doubtful whether this connection can Be restored whether the damages that Have been done to this connection can Can it be restored that's that's what

I'm getting here can it be Can can they undo the damages that they May have done to this connection or to You again it could be you feeling this Way about this person we've got these Seven ones here For those of you dealing with a liar or Somebody who almost Um who is emotionally unavailable spirit Says to just cut this person off and Don't speak with this person and to Protect yourself with the seven-on-ones Because the tower in my verse it feels Like a delayed towel moment so this Person may repeat something that they Have done in the past yeah and it may be Hard Tenon wants to walk away from this Person but you know a better person is Coming along that's what I'm getting Here a better person where you might Just meet this person either while You're traveling or while you're Exploring uh something new okay Pisces The zero reading hope you guys need it In some way she perform if you did don't Forget to hit like share subscribe I'm Gonna move on to the next sign Um cancer Um yeah I hope to see you back here Again soon or tomorrow take care Pisces Foreign ER I'm going to shuffle your deck three Times Foreign

Started spirits and Angels please show Me important love messages that cancers Need to hear today Foreign First at the bottom of the deck All right cancer hmm Some of you could be dealing with a Pisces cancer or a Scorpio Virgo cap Contours Libra can be any fixed signs A lot of cards here are emerald first One two three four five six so there's Some sort of a delay can so somebody Made Be taking their time to understand you Maybe taking the time to Value you Because Empress here is in an upright Position but spirit says do not worry Because this person will see it Eventually when it's the right time Because the moon here also can indicate Maybe this person can't see it because Either Either because They have depression because I do see The moon here as some sort of depression Or inner conflict uh issues within Themselves Um that may or may not have anything to Do with you okay cancer so there's Something about someone being Emotionally unavailable maybe this Person could be stuck in the past Could still be going back and forth Between you and somebody in the past

India past that's just for some of you If you if you don't know that there's Somebody you could be currently Connected with it's it's having some Issues with an egg so it still is Contacting with it with the eggs or Still can't quite get over the X yet That's just for some of you so um it Feels like with a wheel fortune it's Like a pattern it keeps going On and on it keeps happening the same Thing over and over again and for some Of it cancer it could be you right it Could be you Um going back and forth between somebody And somebody somebody new and somebody From your past it could be that as well Again if it's not you then it could be Your person See the world here is in our verse so The cycle hasn't closed yet the chapter Hasn't closed yet because of the two of Swords here Either because there's there are two Person involved in this situation in This connection Or It's because someone is indecisive right That's an indecision energy here Somebody could be indecisive uh whether To close this chapter and move forward Move on or to stay but then there's a Lot of unhappiness with the moon here a Lot of doubts insecurities or

Uncertainties in regards to the future With this person but I like that the Empress at least is in an upright Position Um I don't know I'm getting a very specific Message here Um for some of you can see could be you Or this person if you're married to this Person and you have kids with this Person You may just you know Because the empress is some mother Motherly figure right a mother whom is Selfless someone who would do something For their children for the sake of their Children but not for the sake of like Themselves so someone may be sacrificing The fact that they have a child children With this person And that they would stay in that Marriage or stay in that connection Having to deal with this person Because of their children this is very Specific and again cancer it's not for All of you but I do see somebody it's Not seeing your worth and your value but This business in time this person will See your worth and your value okay Eventually but I just feel like with the Most the moon here again maybe this Person is insecure they may have they May still be going back and forth Between it could be Trauma from their

Past or someone from their past so they Still can't see it yet because the Energy is still stuck in the past unless This is you okay cancer thank you so Much for watching if you resonated and Some wish you perform don't forget to Hit like share and subscribe okay so I'm Gonna move on to Scorpio Um and I hope to see you back here again Tomorrow Foreign I'm going to um Shuffle your deck three times Give me one second Scorpio Spits and Angels please show me Important important love messages that Scorpios need to hear today Emperor in the first at the bottom of The deck Scorpio for some of you could be dealing With a fire sign Aries Sagittarius Leo Especially an Aries here can be any sign Or Libra Gemini Aquarius There is an energy Um For those of you dealing with somebody Who could be a player unless you and a Player okay King wants if a first Somebody whom is in and out Um of your life Couldn't commit I feel like with the 601s here and you you most likely you Know I feel like this reading is for Those of you involved in a third-party

Situation or that if you could or that You may be involved with somebody who Has uh who could be feeding another Person somebody who likes attention with The six of Wands or how or somebody who Has a lot of options but for some of you Scorpio that could be what you're doing Right now organic Google vice versa just Keeping your options open And wait and see with a page of Swords Here and what verse you know Um that who knows maybe Maybe if you keep your options open There could be one person eventually That you're gonna Choose You know to Commit to that's just for some of you Unless this is this one person here Scorpio I don't know why I just feel Like This is someone again with a Justice Here in my verse who didn't treat you Fairly who still doesn't treat you Fairly and the and the hermit here in my Verse Um it feels like this person is very Immature they're not wise they love Attention they like to be the center of Attention and the Seven of Cups here in Reverse Species to see clearly for what it is And to make a choice to A very important choice here with the Justice similar verse or decision To basically don't

Don't to not to not pay attention to This person because it's it's not a wise Thing to do it's not the right thing to Do either because this person is gonna Um Make you stress or make you feel stuck That's what I'm getting here and with The four cups here movers if you choose To let go of this person and no longer Paying attention to this person Eventually this person might see you as A missed opportunity But right now they can't see it eight of Swords because you still could be paying Attention to them 601 so giving them What they want they could be bread Crumbing you with the Six of Pentacles Unless rules are being reversed here Unless your breakup breadcrumbing Somebody okay And I think the way this person treats You unless it's vice versa the justice And lovers Um it is really unfair and just Justice Can get karma as well this person might Receive their karma in the future just Watch that's gonna happen with the page Authority of office unless if you're the One doing that just be a be careful of Uh Karma because be careful that you Know what goes around might just come Around Um hope you don't mind me seeing that Again it may not be you may be your

Person again it could go vice versa Thank you so much to Scorpio for Watching hope everyone's needed in some Way shape or form if you did please hit Like share and subscribe Um and I hope to see you back here again Tomorrow take care Scorpio bye

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