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Morning Message: *Clearing Your Path* October 1 – Daily Tarot Reading


Morning Message: *Clearing Your Path* October 1 – Daily Tarot Reading

[ Music ] welcome in everybody. Welcome to friday. I hope the day finds you well no matter what time of day you’re watching this. Oh yeah, all right, let’s see where we go morning message for friday october, 1st um. If you were on the double live yesterday, that’s where the monthly messages are for each zodiac sign.

So you might want to check that out if you’re part of the pathfinders group or part of the seekers group check that out today at noon, i’m going to be live on youtube and we’re going to be talking about the new moon coming up october 6th i’m Going to also talk a little bit more in depth about all of the retrogrades that are going direct. I did a video the other night, just giving you the information. So, let’s talk about working with that information, a little bit [ Music ], let’s see where we go and back by popular demand next week, we’re doing the north node class. If you’re looking for your mission and your purpose, that’s a good place to start all right. Link is below all right.

Let’S see where we go saturday morning, a little treat for you all right go the distance, i’m going to make a post on saturday morning. I think you’ll like go the distance, buy the book thinker all right, something about buy the book. Like a lot of times, i’ll see this as a structure process kind of thing like it needs to be handled a certain way, but right now i’m hearing like buy the book buy, buy the book all right, there’s something uh, that’s a message for somebody that you Need to buy the book you need to get whatever the book is. I feel like this book is going to be helpful to you. It’S going to make a difference in how you live your life.

I was listening to the four agreements this morning, something like that. Eckhart tolle’s book about mindfulness there’s some book somebody is um, has been mulling about purchasing or they see it in a window or something like that. Do it by the book, it’s important step in your growth. Okay, i feel like. I also feel like this book is going to make you think it might shift your opinions about some things or how you’re acting in the world.

Okay, the first agreement is be impeccable with your word that can change everything. Look at that the word. This is the truth. This is the ace of swords being inspired the ace of wands wow, that’s masculine energy. These are very aquarian, so masculine, maybe an aquarius or maybe an air sign.

Uh energy hovering around this reading, seven of pentacles, ten of swords, king of wands. Three of wands hierophant page of pentacles, high priestess, two of wands ooh, look at that two in the three ace two, three, two of cups, so being impeccable with your word, we’re talking about speaking truth, we’re talking about being inspired and speaking from a place of inspiration. I do feel like you know, the seven of pentacles is an interesting card because you know sometimes you look at it. You see someone admiring their labors. Sometimes you look at it and you think wow.

This is a lot of work. I’M so tired from doing this, and in this instance i’m looking at this as like. Okay, you’ve done things by the book by buy the book and now it’s time to change course now, it’s time to do things a little bit differently. It’S not that it didn’t work before. Okay, because it worked like things, grew the the plant grew um, but now i feel like this has to do with um taking more action, so instead the action is a different action than what you were doing before so, for example, if you were [ Music ] Doing some kind of work in the world the time has come for that to end and a new.

I i definitely see more spiritual kind of work coming through here, uh, whether that means that’s your livelihood or not uh. I do feel like you might be learning from a teacher or learning from a mystical teacher, a mystical guide, all right, you’re, definitely learning something new by taking action buying that book or going to that conference or stepping out of your own um way. You’Ve been, i feel, like you’re, really going to um step into something brand new. This person that you’re dealing with, i just feel like this person’s a teacher. I don’t necessarily feel like you might, you might not even know them right.

You, like you, read the book and you know the four agreements and it changes your life right. You never meet the author. You never meet um. Necessarily, you could i mean i’m sure you could. But you know you don’t really it’s not really about that.

It’S about the perspective that they had changing your viewpoint, all right, so you see how the seven of pentacles is full frontal to the camera. Let’S say it’s a camera right, but look at that. You change your viewpoint considerably. I feel like this teacher is very inspirational to you and you know something is clearly gone. Some some!

It’S almost like. You read this book. You go to this conference. It changes your perspective on everything. It turns you around and brings you choices.

Brings you new people new opportunities, so you might have stayed in one situation for a really long time and it’s not that it’s wrong. It was right at the time, but it’s yielded as much as as much as it’s going to yield. Whatever the situation is whatever uh this relationship or this work path or whatever it is, it’s you’ve gone as far as you can all right with that, and now it’s time to take action to learn something new and you may be inspired to a new truth. Okay, uh by someone who is a teacher healer guide, mystic shaman, opening you up to your own mystical gifts, and i do feel like some of you um. This person could shift your viewpoint on love or shift your viewpoint.

This person may become a partner or become a you know, a soul. You know not become a soul mate because you’re either a soul mate, but everybody’s a soul mate if they have any impact on your life at all. So i’m your soul, mate, hey! Okay! If i have any impact on your life at all right, if you’re watching then there’s a soulmate connection between us, this feels more personal um, two of wands three of wands like you’ve, manifested this opportunity, seven of wands knight of pentacles nine of wands hermit okay.

So this is a different kind of teacher. I feel like you’re manifesting teachers all over the place, teachers and guides and mystics, mostly because i think it’s about you stepping into becoming one of a healer, a teacher, a guide, a mystic and then you’re like on a different frequency. Like you get it, this person gets you um, there’s something very special about this connection i feel like you’ve put. This is like almost the preamble to this seven of pentacles. This is like okay, i’ve resisted letting go of old patterns, but i put a lot of work in this is virgo energy and then upper octave virgo about becoming the the um hermit hermit and hierophant uh spiritual masters.

Hierophant um can be fairly traditional kind of learning. The hermit is is a very spiritual kind of learning. You might be balancing and blending the traditional with the supernatural or the way you know most people go about learning, you’re, learning from a traditional sense and you’re also learning from a spiritual sense. Okay and what’s wanting to come in i’m going to look at what’s the page of pentacles clarify the page of pentacles for me, temperance wow, look at that four of swords, page of swords, the uh archangels, are trying to bring in this message message of healing. I feel like meditation, you could be going on some kind of meditation retreat you’re getting a message from meditation.

You don’t have to physically go anywhere to do this. You could be you know at home and you’ve bought some kind of meditation class or something like that. It doesn’t you don’t need physical journeying, but you could right. You could go the distance you could um. You know this is looks like desert to me right.

Both of these cards look a little bit deserty, so you could be going to some some place out in the desert. It could be an intellectual desert could be a spiritual desert. You know what i mean, so it could be any kind of desert, but um your job is to um take in the information. I think. First, you take it in in a kind of traditional way and then there’s something here.

That’S non-traditional at all the twos here, yeah eight of wands, three three of cups tower four of pentacles: hmm, something uh! I feel like you learned this message and it blows apart: yeah, okay, i gotcha oh good, we’re in leiber time um. I feel like you. Uh learn a lot from this person. It blows apart.

Your mindset around something could be a mindset around relationship or a mindset around money and your work. Something really changes, a big shift happening here, you’re, finally, allowing you’re, finally choosing or praying or meditating and you’re, allowing the message to come in so when something ends here or when something is no longer viable for you now. You understand why all right now you understand why uh this can happen over the next eight weeks. Seven, eight, nine! All right!

That’S a progression here and this might have felt really slow uh, but things come in during mercury retrograde. I feel messages. Mercury is um about communication all right, so some communication coming in here that will balance things out. I feel like you’re going to get some awareness around some previous hurt could be with a fire sign. You could you could have heard a fire sign or you could be.

You know, i see saggs here um and there could be some healing, so a small portion of you. This is, you know, not only a big spiritual like shift in your perspective perspective of life and where you’re going, but also shift in this relationship. That was bugging me someone at the door. That was bugging me. Okay, all right, so this is kind of interesting.

I i definitely feel like there’s messages coming through for you. It has to do with changing your ways from being, and you know not necessarily being um being too much in the world too much in your day-to-day. This is asking you to sort of spend more time in a spiritual practice: okay, because i think there’s something that wants to come in so libra sag, taurus cancer, virgo we’re going to look at those um. If you, oh, if you are those signs, we’re gon na get a little bit more guidance for those individual signs. Okay, you could be dealing with somebody of those signs, sun, moon, rising or venus.

If you want to go deeper into this, reading, link is below if you’re part of our pathfinder group rest of the reading starts right. Now: [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. You

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