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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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High water signs Pisces Cancer and Scorpio welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea and this video we're going to Find out what's coming up for you within 24 hours to book a personal reading with Me all information is in the description Box below and today is the 5th of March 2023 time here in Marseille France is 1201 am please bear in mind that there's A collective reading for water signs and If you were to finally guided to watch This video this message is meant for you Even if you're dealing with the same Water sign all right now let's get your Reading started spiritual Angels please Show me for water science Pisces Cancer And Scorpio what's coming up for them Within 24 hours Page of swords at the bottom of the deck I see assessing something out here water Signs within 24 hours or longer please Bear in mind that in this type of Reading there'll be a lot of details From the beginning till the end and it's Not going to apply to you all of it okay Just maybe one or two we'll see but Queen of wants the Knight of Swords and The ace of cups Hmm There is an energy water signs someone Is going to if you're kind of connected With someone someone is going to try to Rush into things with you okay Uh it's it looks very desperate I feel

Like you're gonna feel the set of Cups Here you're gonna start to feel confused About this person if you should be with This person or if you should give this Person a chance because they seem very Desperate they seem very aggressive so Someone is going to be very aggressive Towards you in a sense where It feels like this person really likes You or really wants something from you Okay so it's gonna look like this person Is very desperate and it's this person Will put you off Quite a bit here okay Because this person really wants you or Wants to be a part of something that you Have or want something from you okay There's something here that they really Want it could be you or something that They want from you that you have or Being a part of your Social Circle it Could be anything but it's very enticing To this person right the Queen of Wands It feels like You could be embodying the Queen of Wands where Where you're very attractive You're sitting in your power I'm very magnetic net well it's the same As attractive but there's something that Is like someone is so drawn to you that Oh that they want something from you so Badly That they're gonna come across very

Aggressive okay And I think that's gonna make you think Twice in the cups here like do I even Want to be associated with this person Do or do I even want to be with this Person someone if this is a romantic Situation could also be a friend it Could be anybody but I feel it's going To make you think twice That's what I'm seeing here that's for Some of you because ace of cups say That's something that they want it could Be a new beginning Something that they Love they care about That is connected to you okay It's aggressiveness here that I'm Sensing and I feel like we're saying you Know it is a choice seven of cups that You're gonna have to make in regards to This person whether you want to give it To them or not or accept their offer or Not could be an offering love or an Offer of something that looks very Enticing okay So 1001 is full so yeah you're gonna end Up thinking about it But no rush we're saying do not rush Into making this decision and with the Thrill wants to just wait and see how Things are gonna pan out and we've got The eight of Swords here and well first Yeah I think you're gonna be overwhelmed Within 24 hours or longer in regards of

This decision that you are gonna have to Make And I feel like someone could be rushing You as well into I guess it's the same Person rushing you being very aggressive Like like asking you to make a decision Right now now now for some of you it's Something small someone is something big Right as we says with is a page of Swords here to actually Uh take your time get all the Information that you need in regards to This idea or this person or this offer Um To suss it out first okay because the Dust here in communicate maybe it's Gonna affect something Dramatically okay And also it can be an indication of how You may have to end something in order To make this decision to choose this Okay Some of you the queen of ones Channel Ones and where is four sorts in one Verse there is someone whom is going to Be upset with you because he or she Thinks that they're doing all of the Work Unless it's you you're gonna get upset With somebody because you think you're You're the one doing all of the work and It's not fair that's what I'm seeing Here it's a bit of a favoritism going on As well I feel for some of you you're

Gonna feel like someone is Practicing favoritism whether it's You are the favorite or somebody else Could be the favorite I don't know That's for some of you okay I'm just Hearing favoritism because some of the Cups here feels like there are multiple People involved And water signs ace of cups this is a New love beginning for some of you Within 24s or longer something is going To change yeah with the death card here Um If you're single I see you meeting Someone potentially seven of Cups one of Your options if you do put yourself out There you do have quite a number of Options in love I see with the three of ones here some Of you are gonna end up talking to Someone who lives overseas or lives far Away from you or okay And you're gonna start pondering if that Could be something for the both of you If this could turn out into something More Will this person visit you or will you Visit this person that's for some of you The death card can also indicate a Connection that has already ended right And I feel someone could be thinking a Lot about you someone you may have Released Wondering how you're doing or within 24

Hours or longer you are going to wonder About somebody whom you have ended this Connection with with the death card here Wondering how they're doing wondering if They have someone new ace of cups You're also going to be meeting someone For some of you they're obnoxious okay So very very obnoxious I don't know why I'm seeing someone Throwing up With another swords and the ace of cups Someone might throw up in front of you Or you might feel like you need to throw Up okay and it is a cup scan naked Pregnancy as well for some of you not Saying this for all of you either you're Going to hear somebody pregnant or You're gonna realize that you're Pregnant And the symptom would be throwing up Okay that's just for some of you They're going to be wondering if you are Pregnant So yeah you're gonna try and find out Page of swords If you're pregnant let's see more See ten of Cups children family That's just for some of you And for those of you what are signs who Drink if you do drink a lot alcohol Center cups You might Drink too much and be aware of somebody Putting something in your drink as well

That's just for some of you know all of You There's a seven of Cups looks like Either you're gonna over drink Or someone's going to put something in Your drink And make you hallucinate this is Obviously Very dramatic and that's just for some Of you That's Cartier makes me feel like some Of you are going to be so drunk That You're Gonna Knock Out And you're just gonna sleep or black out Okay death card here so be aware you're Gonna be drinking within 24 weeks or Longer just Try not to drink as much Be careful with the drinks don't leave It anywhere at the counter or in public Don't leave it anywhere Um always make sure you have somebody Next to you your friend that you can Trust okay The Wheel of Fortune 317 Cause some of you it could be someone From afar whom you may whom you may be Hearing from or you could be wondering How this person is doing or this person From afar could be spying on you okay This person may have been thinking a lot About you through your thoughts Yeah through swords for many kids maybe This person has hurt you before in the Past or you may have hurt this person in

The past But the reunion here 10 of cups with the Wheel of Fortune Some of you are going to be traveling Within 24 hours or longer or just going To see your family your friends reunion A gathering Or it could be an online reunion for Some of you Or there's someone that you potentially Could be meeting online that you are Going to fantasize if both of you will Have a future together okay Watch out for your heart to get through Your thoughts Those of you with a weak heart Don't get too angry not of thoughts Because it might trigger something that Has something to do with your heart okay I see a lot of online activities for Some of you I'm hearing Tick Tock some Of you are you are you a tick tocker Some of you if you are comment in the Box below that's just for some of you Okay well the science price cancer in Scorpio this is your reading and I hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like the book me my information Is in the description box below Um yeah don't forget to subscribe to Both of my channels Chelsea Love Tarot And Chelsea tarot 2.0 and Chelsea tarot

Chelsea Love Tarot is my original my First channel I post everything a mixture of Individual slime readings Collective Readings and Chelsea 2.0 I post only Individual sign readings take care of All the signs hope to see you back here Again later or tomorrow bye

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