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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi Pisces welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we are going To get you some important love messages That you need to hear today to book a Personal reading with me all information Is in the description box below today is The 17th of March 2023 time here in Genoa Italy is 2 31 PM all right now Let's get your reading started spirits And Angels please show me important love Messages that Pisces need to hear today The water is Getting in my way who are you for my mic Please bear mind that roles can be Reversed between you and the person whom You could be thinking about or dealing With This reading could resonate with you in The past currently or in the future There'll be details in this reading that You may or may not resonate from the Beginning till the end of the reading Okay We're also going to be pulling out some Oracles at the end of this reading And places I'm on a boat right now so if It moves you see the screen it's very Subtle I'm not sure if you can see it But In case you notice it Uh that's because I'm on a boat so we've Got the four of cups here at the bottom Of the deck Okay let's see

We've got an emperor and an empress both Are emerald first Both don't want to bend for those of you Currently in a connection where some Issues going on Or could be separated it could be an Indication of that or not speaking to Each other or not seeing eye to eye Because the emperor and the empress both Are in them first that means Five of Swords you know someone is playing games Or someone either playing mind games or Just don't want to bend one second Sorry that I'm coughing Sorry about that so I've been sick here By the way Oh gosh wait wait Sorry about that But anyway Again this could be an indication of a Separation but Five of Swords it just Feels like Both of you maybe he or she doesn't Matter like don't want to lose in this Game right 501s can also indicate a lot Of arguments or Drama again not seeing eye to eye Definitely say for those of you Pisces We are currently in a connection right Now it's like both of you don't want to Both of you don't want to admit each Other's fault that's what I'm seeing Here or if you're separated from your Person currently it feels like both of

You don't want to be either one of you Don't want to be this to be the bigger Person that's what I'm seeing here like I'm waiting I'm I'm not gonna you know If I was so it's I'm not gonna give in That's what I'm seeing here and eight of Pentacles here's the one verse if you're In a really good happy relationship Um this is definitely not the reading For you however if you are a single Pisces 501s candicate competition some of you You may end up Either liking someone or be attracted to Someone where this person has a lot of Competition like other people like your Person as well or this person will be Competing for your affection competing For your attention Okay and it feels Like if there is one person coming into Your life it would be someone whom is a Divorcee okay someone who has been Divorced before and the higher fund here Makes me feel like divorced but Ready Divorce but ready to get married again Or to commit again okay that's what I'm Seeing that's for some of you the store Can also indicate your wishes coming True so for those of you wishing for Marriage it looks like it is coming true But I still feel like it's with someone Who has been married before if this Person hasn't been married before that

Means They could have been in a very long term Serious relationship will at least have A child with someone else okay that's Definitely what I'm seeing here but it Is ultimately your choice with the two Ones here in my first but I see again Pisces someone doesn't want to give in Both of you may not want to give in To you know to this connection or to To see I don't want to compromise I see This energy like Both of you are standing your ground and Saying it's my way or a highway and full Of Cups here you know sense of the Satisfaction ignore like just ignoring Somebody Um this person could be ignoring you or You could be ignoring this person or Both of you could be ignoring each other Right trying to see who is going to be The one who's gonna cave in so there's This waiting game of somebody to cave in Both don't want to cave in that's Definitely what I'm seeing here Because the star here it feels like like You know the story can also indicate Somebody whom actually sees themselves As you know I'm up there I'm up there The stars all the way up up in the sky You can't even touch it right so I'm up there And I I'm the good one I'm the good one I didn't do anything wrong so both could

Be feeling this way okay that both Didn't do anything wrong hence it's not Gonna go anywhere if nobody is gonna Cave in that's definitely what I'm Seeing here I'm gonna pull out a few of These romance angels See more reconciliation yeah so the star Can indicate you know that's the Reconciliation and then we've got the Star here so that means that the chance Of renewal and this connection of Someone wants to renew this connection But doesn't want to say anything about It Doesn't want to do anything about it Release your ex so specifically Encouraging you to release your ex Somewhere maybe you've already released Your ex but not energetically okay maybe Physically but not energetically but if You're still currently connected with Someone where maybe there's just too Much fights like arguments and not Seeing eye to eye nobody is gonna Bend Nobody is gonna cave in nobody is gonna Take the high road nobody's gonna be the Bigger person then Maybe there will maybe this connection Will it's hard to resolve these issues Right unless both of you the higher font Here you click be an indication of Getting some sort of a counseling that's For some of you and for easy little girl Reconciliation there could be an attempt

Or somebody could be when I say somebody That means it could be you or the other Person could be feeling conflicted Whether you know whether we should Reconcile or not And this could be the one we've got very Soon and Make the effort some of you if you're Single Pisces and you're looking for the One species you can find the one very Soon only if you make the effort making The effort means going out putting Yourself out there or making the effort To you know put yourself together you Know Um First impression is very important right People are some people could be so Delusional saying that oh they should Love me for just the way who I am no we All pick and choose we all have eyes we All have nose we can smell we can hear We can see so these are the things you If we're not attracted to someone we're Not attracted to someone and don't Expect somebody to be attracted to us if If you're not if you're not if we're not Doing something I mean You know if you're not being presentable I'm not saying it's just the external Part also internally Um also being a bit more social more Friendly it could be anything I'm just Giving examples so basically making the

Effort or you could be perfect Nobody's perfect but it could be almost Perfect you may look great you may be Hot handsome beautiful but if you don't Make the effort to go out and you don't Mingle and if you don't socialize and You seem so closed off and that's like That's gonna deter people from Approaching us okay and I'm gonna pull a Few of these Articles love is articles look inside Yourself see examine what is causing you To feel this way And then let's see this one Embrace through each other you'll find The missing pieces So this could be for those of you if You're currently you know going through Some issues with a person and can't see Eye to eye specifically saying to Embrace each other's uh imperfections And to embrace The fact that not everything is perfect Yeah And to look inside yourself instead of Placing blames on each other to Actually Be accountable or reflect on ourselves Whether could it have come from us Because sometimes the way we speak to Somebody you know Um and it could be miscommunication but For some reason I feel like there's Something about you know most people

Like to say oh it's the other person's Fault but sometimes the way we speak to It somebody to us is normal but some People it may be wrong it seems harsh we May or may not even realize it I'm not Putting this I'm not saying you're like That okay Pisces could be the other Person if you don't think that's you and We're gonna see this the next quite Transformation your relationship with One another is about Too deep in love conquers and transforms All things Okay so if you're currently connected With someone maybe this connection is Being taken to the next level because of The harder threat here as well And perhaps there's a chance of healing Here Um also for some of you Connecticut Transforming the connection to becoming A better connection a deeper connection Where both of you will be understanding Of each other I still feel like a lot of Quarrels arguments here like if you're Currently connected with someone yeah But if both of you can Can meet in the middle I feel like it Could transform this connection to Becoming a better one okay Um take care of Pisces this is your Reading and hope you resonated in some Way shape or form if you did please hit Like share subscribe I'm open for

Personal readings if you like to book me My information is in the description box Below Um feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot and Chelsea Tarot 2.0 and I'm gonna be uploading This video to both of my channels just FYI and don't forget to hit on the Bell Notification button if you like to be Notified every time when I post your Videos take care Pisces bye

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