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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Water science Pisces Cancer and Scorpio Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support and this reading we're Gonna find out how does a person feel About you since they last saw you and Today is the 4th of January 2023 time is 4 16 a.m here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Now please bear in mind that this is a Collective reading for water signs and If you were to finally guided to watch This video this message is this message Is meant for you even even if you're Dealing with the same water signs okay Now let's get your reading started it's Present Angels please show me for water Science Pisces cancer scorpio their Person how do they feel about water Signs since they last saw them Foreign Four Swords at the bottom of the deck Okay Since your person last saw you water Signs it feels like with the Tower page Of soul to my first two swords in my First it's almost like Either And they felt like their suspicion was Right or the suspicion was wrong either Or okay Because it's almost like you know with Pictures of something about them being Suspicious about something but the tower

Here indicates some sort of rap some Sort of a revelation so Something was being revealed Um not either it confirmed their Suspicion Whether Either you confirm the suspicion or that Didn't confirm the suspicion okay it Could go either way that's what I'm Seeing here so finally seeing something Very clearly with the two Soul team up First Um Also because I'm saying clearly because Next to the tower for some of you if the Last time you saw a person that was an Ending or a fight Tower or something that or an ending That was unexpected some sort of a Trauma red or something that was being Revealed Feel that yeah Ten of cups in love first The future The future doesn't look bright that's What I'm getting here eight of Pentacles A month first something about them Feeling maybe this isn't workable maybe There is no future Anymore if both of you are separated Right now at this moment the strength of My personal World Fortune my first maybe It's just something too big or too hard For them to handle or for them to deal

So this is stuck energy you will Fortune Them up first so it could also indicate Karma so Maybe for some of you if something had Happened between two of you since you Last saw your person It's almost like what goes around comes Around kind of thing either they felt Like You hit them with Karma or that you did Something that made them feel that that They deserved it or that they feel like Or that they felt like they They had to do something to shock you So that You could feel something Right a bit of a revengeful energy here For some of you only I think that part Of storyline is Very specific and that's just for some Of you okay hangman and reverse internal Tentacles is right here so this is why I Feel like you know the two tens here one Is in my version one is in an upright Position this is why I feel like for Some of you like 50 of you Um Whether you've broken up with this Person or not if you're still together With this person or not if it is someone Relatively new something about them Feeling that I was right or I was wrong yeah I could Go either way because the tower is right

Back in the middle now we've got these Two tons here one is in the upper and Oneness and my folks so It's either again Yeah I was right or no I was wrong but That didn't confuse you let me pull out A few more cards here We've got the Sun and we've got the Justice Another karmic energy I'm getting here See again either they felt like you Shocked them with something that made Them feel suspicious that maybe you did That to get back at them or you know Whatever however they treated you maybe You could be maybe you did the same Thing to them or you attempted to do the Same thing to them or it could be vice Versa that they felt like they had to Put you back in your place or let you Feel how they feel they felt Um something about tasting your own Medicine that kind of energy that I'm Getting get a Google vice versa Hmm So it kind of for me Feels like if this is someone relatively New okay water signs Uh the tower here is this summer Relatively new it could be feeling that Wow I can't believe this the tower is a Bit again unexpected so they an Unexpected energy so they could have Felt

Unexpected something about something in Regards to you maybe it has something to Do with your work the nature the nature Of your work or that if you're not Working at all with eight of Pentacles a Month first It feels a bit like an opposite again It's almost like This is some relative relatively new Um they thought you were gonna be a Certain way But it didn't turn out to be a certain Way it could be in a good way or in a Bad way okay Some are good some are bad I don't know Because we've got the sun here as well So Either it's a shock A shocking in a good way or shocking in A bad way for some of you okay 50 50 That's what I'm seeing you you should Know Um Funny how I I thought of This story just recently I was talking To a friend of mine and she was into This guy Uh whom we all have met before And at a party and she was like should I Pursue him I said no The guy really wants you He will pursue you and in fact I told Her you know this guy actually has told Me that night that he liked me

So I didn't want her to embarrass Herself by trying to pursue him and then He re and then he ends up rejecting her So That was also one of the reasons why I Was discouraging it but also generally I Feel that you know because no matter how What people say how it's it doesn't Matter it's equal men and women It's it's not really equal we have built Very very differently And I feel like I don't like to pursue any any guys I Don't I don't do the chasing at all Um if a guy really really wants you Really is into you they would do Something about it that's for sure Um so I told her don't do anything If he doesn't come to you if it doesn't Make any effort doesn't send you a Message doesn't get in touch with you or Anything that means he's not interested You know But anyway Um yeah What I'm seeing here water signs is that I kind of feel That if this is someone newish again Either you shock them in a good way or In a bad way I don't know I'm definitely Getting this energy that could go either Way and Eight of Cups here They could be feeling like and in the Sun okay I've already seen water signs

Um that I think maybe it could have a Future with a ton of Pentacles or maybe A wooden ten of cups in love first and This is why I feel like Google it could Be either either way right for some of You if you're separated from this person Again it does feel like there's Something about them [Music] Um They may have felt like you were trying To teach them a lesson Show them something very drastic And then walk away From them in a way where it feels a Little bit vindictive okay Or it could go vice versa all right Water signs Pisces cancer scorpio this Is your reading and I hope you resonated In some way she'll perform if you did Please hit like share and subscribe I'm Going to leave you with a couple of Playlists on the screen right now The first one is from my second channel It's a travel Vlog Channel and a second Playlist this one this channel has all The readings that I've done for you and For the rest of the signs for different In you know in different topics Different questions with different Topics different questions check them Out if you want to and upload them right Away so they are very very fresh and new And I don't repeat never I don't ever

Repeat or recycle any of my readings or Videos all right take care what a size Hope to see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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