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Hi Pisces welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To get you some important love messages That you need to hear today to book a Personal reading with me all information Is in the description box below today is The 8th of March 2023 time here in Marseille Francis 9 35 a.m all right now Let's get your reading started Space and Angels please show me Important love messages that Pisces need To hear today Please bear in mind that roles can be Reversed between you and the person whom You could be thinking about or dealing With This reading can resonate with you in The past currently or in the future for The Ace of Wands in Reverse at the Bottom of the deck Pisces there is a warning here for those Of you involved only for those of you Involved in a third-party situation if That's the case it's going to be found Out okay because we've got the judgment And the Moon in reverse because as Queen Of Wands someone is going to take Actions towards it someone is going to Take revenge over Being put in a third party situation or It looks very complicated to be honest Um Pisces unless you're not unless You're the victim Then

Victim as in you know I hate to say this But the Queen of Wands She's a homewrecker or he is a homework Or it doesn't matter it's not gender Specific okay so there is a homewrecker That is Going to do something About this third party situation okay You should know where you stand in the Storyline are you the homewrecker or are You the original partner where your home Is being wrecked by someone else Whatever the case is someone is going to Take revenge ten of Swords someone is Someone's someone's back is going to get Stabbed here King of Pentacles some of us to a point Where someone might lose their money or Family Business Reputation so Yeah when I say someone that means could Be you the other person or the third Party but I definitely see Secrets being Revealed here with the Moon and what Verse And someone's heart is gonna get broken Here with the queen of cups in one verse There'll be a lot of sadness a lot of Crying Justice here is a moral verse it Will cause a separation a divorce or Cause Somebody's money home again something That is valuable business can be

Anything so there is a big loss here in Terms of It's a repercussion from being in a Third party situation or getting oneself Involved in a third-party situation Again I don't know whether you are You're the third party you're the Homewrecker or you are the original Partner If you are the original partner you're Gonna hear something About the third party if your person is Cheating on you with someone else That someone else may talk to you may Tell you something that Um you may not know could be Secrets Being revealed again this person is out To take revenge okay so for most of you Pisces I feel like intuitively you Already know because the moon can Indicate intuition as well intuitively You may already know that there's Something funny going on okay Um with your person if you are The original partner but whatever the Case is see the nine of Cups here is a More verse it feels like if I can't have This nobody can have this if I'm not Happy nobody can be happy so there will Be this these repercussions where Somebody is going to One second Sorry I'm still I'm still kind of sick But anyway the lovers here is in reverse

So this indicates an affair as well I Feel like this reading is not for all of You Pisces only for those of you if you Do know You if you do know that you are involved In a love triangle situation see none of Cups and lovers I'm unhappy I want the Cake and eat it too but I can't so if I Cannot be happy you cannot be happy Nobody else can be happy so it looks Kind of dangerous to be honest somebody Is bound somebody's gonna end up losing Their money losing their status Reputation Um business I've got the Judgment here so Everything all the dirty laundry will be Aired yeah So there'll be embarrassment as well Wow I've never seen such spread to be Honest the only two cards three cards That are in an upright positions the Queen wants ten of swords and the Judgment hence it makes me feel like This queen of sorry not queen of souls Queen of Wands this makes me feel like The Queen of Wands is sitting in her Power and it's going all the way out To take revenge To end something to Defame somebody with the Judgment here Hmm Because for some reason the Justice cm Of verse this person may feel like they

Were not being Treated justly this is not fair or maybe This situation is unfair to you Pisces So be aware again you should know where You stand in this storyline I'm gonna Pull out a few of these romance Angels Here my nose is kind of still stuffy I was already a holistic before I Traveled I had to travel like 40 hours from Austria to France so I got Sicker and sicker because you know Everyone in on the plane was coughing Sneezing Let's see I'm also lack of sleep see Wedding it's in Reverse I rarely read Sometimes I do but this time I feel like Only because the Justice he is in love First One more So the wedding here is in Reverse I Rarely read Um Articles in Reverse but I somehow feel Inclined to read it in my verse because The justice is also in reverse so this Makes me feel that Pisces this is going To cause a connection to separate to Divorce because someone is out for Revenge here so it all started with Maybe just a flirt And then third party came in to the Picture calling in your soulmate it's a False soulmate or

Um somebody just say there's no such Thing as false so I mean I don't know It's my reading so for me intuitively I Feel it's a fossil so this is someone Very enticing right flirt Flirtatious enticing very magnetic very Attractive So this person may have made this person The other person to believe that they Are their soulmate so I feel like there's some deception here Yeah the moon him over someone's True Colors is going to be revealed once this Person takes revenge over what they can Have because there's some bitterness Here going on not some a lot of Bitterness new love Yeah it feels like This new love is this the party okay And worth waiting for children some of You this person has children or a child Excuse me or a person has a child Children with you or you have a child Children whatever the case is the Children will be involved in this whole Situation again Pisces I feel like this Reading is not for all of you so the Justice here in reverse It feels like someone will use that to Get the kids or Um You know just Justice kind of get caught As well so someone will use certain Evidence proof to go against the other Person

Anime involve children okay Someone might also threaten to take the Children away from them Oh gosh and then we've got let go of Control issues let's just see a little Bit more I'm kind of curious See let your friends help you so be be Aware I feel like this whole thing is Not being Done by one person let me know in the Comment box below if this resonates with You in some way shape or form because I Feel like again this this storyline is Not for all of you yeah it's very Specific it's only for some of you who Needs to some of you need to hear it so Some for some of you I feel like maybe Certain friends could be involved okay There's a plotting going on this sounds Crazy yeah some plotting going on see Attraction so this all started with Flirtatious someone flirting with Someone someone being feeling attracted To the other person and thinking this Person is just soulmate so there's Definitely a homewrecker here wedding in Reverse some of you if you do know if Your person has somebody very Good looking a very attractive around Your person is constantly there and if Your person always talks about this Person just just be aware this might Come up okay Um this seems to be like someone newish

Um yeah unless you are the third party Or the homewrecker I don't know take What resonates with you Pisces but just Be careful because It feels like whether it's you or this Person but somebody is out to It's gonna end up doing some things some Dirty laundry is going to be aired here With the Judgment all right Pisces is Your reading and I hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe I'm open For personal readings if you like to Book me my information is in the Description box below I'm gonna up uh Why do I keep saying that uh I always I Was gonna say I'm gonna upload why I've Been saying that for the last two days So weird but anyway Um yeah feel free to subscribe to both Of my channels Chelsea Love Tarot and Chelsea 2.0 take care Pisces hope to see You back here again later or tomorrow Bye

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