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Almost Daily Reading  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Pisces welcome to my channel and welcome To your bonus reading my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we're Gonna get you some important messages That you need to hear today and today is The 27th of December 2022 time is 11 23 A.m Kuala Lumpur Malaysia now let's get Your reading started Spritz and Angels Please show me important messages that Pisces need to hear today King of Pentacles at the bottom of the Deck we've got four Pentacles and the Four ones here number four indicates Stability so stability is coming your Way Pisces for some of you it's you Um Buying a house or just feeling stable in General or being in a stable Relationship which I feel like this Could be someone new Acer wants Um if you're single Pisces I feel like There could be a connection that's Coming in for some of you maybe you've Already met this person some of you Haven't yet if you haven't yet it's Coming in very quickly because we've got The United swords here Six of Pentacles This is somebody I feel very kind Somebody who is going to help you very Supportive energy very attractive person As well Attractive in your eyes Okay attractive

In your eyes for once and the lovers Here is in my first 80 once a month First yeah for those of you if you feel If you're single and you've been Thinking okay when am I gonna meet my My other half the lovers I do read it as Like the other half but it doesn't Matter I always say like you should be You should be full on your own you don't Need another half to complete you but What I'm seeing right here the loversimo Birds it's like the other your other Half okay somebody you can share things With share your life with Someone you could be physically intimate With I feel like finally this is happening And it's happening very quickly again That of Swords ASA wands new beginning That it happened it's gonna happen so Quickly that four Pentacles here makes Me feel like Oh I'm a little bit scared So it could be you or this person again Google vice versa something is happening Very quickly a relationship is going to Be taken to the next level very quickly Or that you're gonna meet this new Person very quickly and it feels like It's not just like some like a fling or Anything although it's the ones can Indicate a fling and for some of you it Could have been a fling that turned Serious very quickly okay either that or Not both of you might be very interested

In each other and then you know from the Either ones to the four ones from one to Four is pretty pretty quickly I Feel Again with another swords it's a very Fast energy so It's almost like one of those Um scenarios where you know you meet Somebody you're very attracted to this Person next thing you know boom we're in A relationship when we are moving in Together we are already living it feels Like that kind of energy where you meet That person you can't get enough of that Person and you want to see them every Single day and and they also want to see You every single day and then suddenly I Feel like either you or this person Gonna feel like oh my God is this Happening too quickly four Pentacles and The Justice similar verse am I making The right decision is this right for me Because something that happens too Quickly when you're in the moment you're Gonna feel as though it's right and then When reality sets in this is when Someone is gonna kind of like pull back A little bit and feel like oh is this Moving too fast but nothing to worry About I just feel like Maybe again another swords maybe it's Just happening too quickly for somebody To grasp to be able to grasp with that Idea of wait a minute wait a minute Let's slow down grasp with the idea of

Is this moving too fast or should I slow Down that kind of an energy And kind of can't believe you know that Um that is moving as fast as it you know As fast as it has been or will be in the Near future if this hasn't happened yet Okay King Of Wands in my virus indicates A fire sign so this person would be a Fire sign Aries Sagittarius or Leo could Also be a Libra gemini or a Chris 801 Some of the first some of you may also Hear from someone that you've been Trying to protect yourself from for Pentacles here in an upright position Maybe this person has been in and out of Your life maybe you don't really like This person anymore a knight of thoughts All that you may still like this person But you could still be upset with this Person with a nanosource so this person May want to try and reignite passion With you Ace of Wands may want to Reconcile with you but I think you're Not going to be 100 sure with the four Pentacles and the Justice some of us Whether if you should give this person a Chance or not unless rules are being Well first unless it's you Um asking someone to reconcile with you This person may be a little bit reserved With that idea and may take their time To consider okay whether Six of Pentacles it feels like this is going to Be an equal given takes sort of a

Relationship will this person treat me Fairly is this person still with Somebody else with the lovers and lovers Um are they sure I'm I'm the right Choice are they sure or are you sure if They're the right choice so that could Be some reservations in regards of a Decision that somebody is making or will Be making or has already made in the Past okay let's see more Well money for me Pisces boots could be Saying that four Pentacles if you save Your money if you're organized you're Organized or what's that word again we Manage your finances properly you know King of Pentacles it feels like Um I'm just giving an example it feels Like one of those you know if you put in Like uh if you have a piggy bank like if Since like since you were a child and You suddenly you're gonna notice wow I've saved this this much money so Um I don't know some of you might Suddenly see wow you've been saving so Much money Um if you're not saving money it's Basically encouraging you to save your Money for Pentacles because you know King of Pentacles is a king of money Um it's going to benefit you in the Future that you're going to be able to Buy a house you know do things that you Love ace of cups suddenly I'm seeing jet Skiing I don't know who is going jet

Skiing here Uh random images that I see sometimes Um jet skiing someone is jet skiing or Thinking about jet skiing or something To do with water okay water sports any Any water sports 10 of cups in the first Yeah some of you is this person whom you Could be separated from you may have Been married to this person in the past If not could have talked about marriage Or could have been engaged or could have Been in a serious relationship at one Point but this person could have been Feeding another person or just didn't Have much time for you or could may not Be prioritizing you it could be any of These things but I feel like this person Might come in and offer you love and Might come in and offer you commitment But Eight of Cups for some of you you May not accept if some of you may Consider it okay but it's a choice up to You one second Oh very good I just coughed one time Um you're my last two or three readings After all the reading so this is really Good that means I haven't been coughing As much as before Um yeah money looks good or will look Good if you were to manage it properly With a four Pentacles and save them Again it could save some money to buy a House or even have a child or children

Adopt a child or children or a dog pets Even two new beginnings two Aces here Pisces Huh It actually looks pretty good I feel Like it could be two different offers Coming in okay one is from an X maybe One is someone new this indicates a new Beginning I feel like for some of you You might choose the or specifically Encouraging and choose the newer the Newer energy the newer person because The key of particles is like sitting in Your future position so and the ace of Cups here feels like it's new so a newer Person this new person could be a Virgo Capricorn or a Taurus or this is Somebody financially stable or someone Stable in general uh financially Abundant uh somebody committed or loyal Okay Community loyal I guess the same Thing anyway Pisces is your reading I Just saw zero nine zero nine check out Your angel number if you want to It could be some other important Messages for you over there you can just Google it hope to see you back here Again later tomorrow and I'm Gonna Leave You with a couple of playlists on the Screen right now first playlist is from My second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it out if you want to and The second playlist is from this channel Has all of the readings that I've done

For you and for the rest of the signs With different topics and different Questions but these readings are still New so they're still relevant because I Post them every single day and twice a Day even so and I upload them right away And as you guys know I I um mentioned The time and the date in the beginning Of all the readings lately so you know That these readings are not being Recycled so they are absolutely new Fresh readings okay I hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow take Care Pisces bye

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