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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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High water signs Pisces Cancer and Scorpio welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea in this reading we're going to Find out who's obsessed with you and why I just created a new channel and it's Called Chelsea tarot 2.0 this new Channel only does individual sign Readings feel free to subscribe link is In the description box below if you like The book a personal reading with me just Send me an email and today is the 17th Of February 2023 time here in Canberra Australia is 1109 a.m now um please bear In mind that this is a collective Reading for water signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same water sign I titled this reading individually so It's easier for you to for you to search For your particular sign all right what A signs let's get everything started Spirits and Angels please show me Who is obsessive over water signs right Now and why Seven of Swords so this person is not Just obsessive over you but could be Spying on you uh some of this was a very Sneaky energy deceptive energy Maybe this person has been deceptive Towards you in the past or you may have Been deceptive towards this person in The past it could also indicate that but It feels about a ten of Swords here both

Of you are no longer connected so this Is someone Uh where you and this person Are not talking with each other right Now or maybe yeah looks like it because Of the Moon here so it feels like maybe This is someone where you're not Speaking with currently there is an Ending between two of you a ten of Swords here And I feel like with the queen of cups In one verse an ace of cups in one verse You may have rejected this person I see You not actually emotionally invested on This person anymore perhaps in the past You did Or maybe this person wanted your love Want the attention one that you care but Couldn't get it didn't get it could also Be that unless you've had a history with This person and you may have ended up Deciding not to be with them anymore Okay and we've got the King of Swords Here may have cut this person off Um And maybe you've started a new chapter a New life on your own with the world and Ten of cups this could also mean that Maybe this person is obsessed over the Future obsessed over memories uh past Memories in regards to the Future okay We've got the star here maybe the Obsessed over YouTube because you're Better looking now or you've done some

Changes it could be the way you look or Who you are how you behave can be Anything but it looks like a renewal Kind of thing Um maybe you are a whole new person Water signs I'm supposed to be obsessed Over you right now because you have Changed your whole new person maybe You've already healed from them while They're still hurting with the Ten of Swords unless rules have been were first Here similar ones in my voice feels like You've already given up on this person Yeah I feel like you've given up on this Person you're like done you've closed This chapter with the world here and King so at least that's what you want Them to know I want them to see if That's not the case okay let's see more Water sign Page of Pentacles so this is obsess over Speaking with you communicating with you Thinking about communicating with you We've also got the Ace of Pentacles here Oh it feels like they could be planning Seven of swords in the Ace of Pentacles Here could be planning Something okay so this obsession is Going to turn into a certain action I Feel this person will be taking Most likely is I feel like these actions that this Person is going to be taking towards you Could be kind of sneaky okay

[Music] Um You're obsessed but they don't want you To know yeah seven of Swords here They're obsessed but they don't want you To know this could also be that energy Of someone who's Who just pretends to be like a friend to Pretend that they're you know that They're okay with a piece of Pentacles Here but actually they're not okay so There's a pretending energy here with The seven of swords I feel like they really don't want you To know that they're obsessing over you Obsessing over whatever that could be Going on between the two of you we've Got the nine of Pentacles here so this Person will be a Virgo Capcom or a Taurus Let's see more Yeah there's someone you no longer are Working on no longer focusing on don't Really speak to this person as much or No communication at all and we've got The Two of Pentacles and The Chariot you Know this person is somebody who travels Likes to travel or you may meet this Person while you're traveling or may Have something to do with a car Transportation some sort of a movement Two of Pentacles here It's supposed to be obsessing over over You right now because there are trying

To decide something yeah two Pentacles Trying to decide something here whether To move forward with you or to travel Towards you Hmm And a Pentacles Yeah it feels like water signs there Have been certain changes that you've Made to yourself to your life Um that's getting some respect from this Person so this person respects you now If they didn't respect you in the past They respect you now because it feels Like in the past they may this person May have doubted you in some way shape Or form We have doubted you about Just you about Also to be doubted their feelings Towards you or adults in regards of your Feelings towards them I just saw zero Six zero six check out your angel number If you want to water signs you can Google zero six zero six Angel Number there could be some other Import messages for you over there I'm Gonna pull a few of these oracles for You I'm gonna see more Okay I want to feel that way again so They could be obsessed with you because You both had a history together right I Feel like well we were happy at one Point in time or may have

Been in love or cared about each other If this is not a romantic Person romantic connection And we've got the I wonder if you're Happy without me yeah see there's not Somebody you're with right now Maybe you're happy maybe you're doing Something Really good Maybe you you have achieved something Not a Pentacles some sort of success Here so they could be obsessed with you Because you have changed your different Right And let's see we've got I remember every Detail of that day it's obsessive over The past over maybe time spent between Two of you or the separation how things End up between the two of you Maybe they're playing it over and over Again in their head hence they're Obsessive you and I were too young Maybe this is someone you've connected You connected with in the past long time Either it was a long time ago or that Maybe this person Is too is younger than you are you could Be younger than this person wrong time Wrong place kind of a situation for some Of you or maybe literally both of you Could have been too young Um This could be a sibling as well Um or a child of friends someone even

Known for a very long time okay it could Be that Um not not for all of you but my life is Not as together as it seems see this Person is obsessive over you because now Life isn't as good as yours right now This person isn't doing it well yeah So they could be watching you from afar Watching on your social media sneakily With some of Swords here feeling down Sad Because you're doing better than them I Keep getting this energy water signs That you could be doing better than this Person right now and maybe this is why They could be obsessive over you right Now And let's see I lost myself for a little While they're not doing well this person Finding out the truth crushed me so Finding out Certain things I believe it's you either Being in a new relationship or doing Better much more successful I actually Actually makes this person feels like S-h-i-t okay maybe your life is better Maybe you've healed from something as Well for some of you this person doesn't Seem like they want it the best for you Although there's a story so see you have Achieved something something that they Couldn't have Or doesn't have That

That you do have right now the tunnel Swords here they either feel betrayed or That they feel really low because you're Up there and they're down here okay and Let's roll something around first here Anyway water signs price against in Scorpio this is your reading I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like the book me my information Is in the description box below and Don't forget to um subscribe and watch The videos the individual sign readings On my second channel it's titled it's Called Chelsea Terror 2.0 on that Channel I only post individual sign Readings and on this channel Chelsea Love Tarot I own I will post a mixture Of everything okay Collective individual and what else Different topics different questions I Will experiment with new questions new Topics so Yeah feel free to uh feel free to Subscribe to both alright take care all The signs hope to see you here see you Back here again later tomorrow bye

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